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Khau Vai Love Market becomes National Intangible Cultural Heritage
The market, the biggest festival of the northwestern mountain tribes, is expected to attract more tourists after the Covid-19 pandemic.
18:31, 2021/04/25
Sam Son beach tourism season begins
The 2021 Sam Son Beach Tourism Festival began one week earlier than usual with high hopes of luring a large number of domestic tourists this summer.
12:00, 2021/03/26
Quan The Am Festival recognized as a National Intangible Cultural Heritage
Hundreds of thousands of Buddhist monks, nuns and followers across the country attend the festival celebration every year.
05:16, 2021/03/16
“Hanoians travel in Hanoi” to boost the city’s tourism
The Hanoi Tourism Stimulating Festival 2021 aims at introducing tourism products, tour combos and accommodations to Hanoi travelers.
13:54, 2021/01/16
Hanoi lists outstanding cultural and sports events in 2020
The successful organization of cultural shows to welcome the country and the political events of the city ranked first among the most outstanding sporting and cultural events of 2020.
15:34, 2021/01/13
Hanoi Ornamental Creatures Festival 2021 underway
Apart from bonsai showcasing and trading activities, there will be also various cultural and artistic performances to entertain visitors as well as celebrating the 13th Party Congress.
09:28, 2020/12/27
Ha Giang province cultural and commercial space attracts Hanoi visitors
The cultural space of the northernmost province successfully closed on December 27 after two days of running.
08:32, 2020/12/23
Incense offering to commemorate Tan Vien Son Genie
The spiritual activity aims to pay tribute to the Tan Vien Son Genie, highlighting the Vietnamese tradition "When you drink water, think of its source."
20:01, 2020/12/20
International Friendship Art Festival 2020 opens in Hanoi
More than 300 professional and amateur artists from various organizations and countries perform at the festival.
06:06, 2020/12/16
Lai Chau culinary, agricultural specialties on display in Hanoi
Visitors will have the opportunity to experience the cultural space and local products at Hanoi's Hoan Kiem Lake on December 18.
17:35, 2020/12/07
Diplomatic missions in Hanoi join int’l cuisine festival 2020
The festival was aimed at helping enterprises and localities to promote their brands and specialties.
09:15, 2020/12/03
Wide range of cultural activities to be held in Hanoi to celebrate new year 2021
The activities are aimed at creating a jubilant atmosphere to welcome the new year 2021.
18:35, 2020/11/30
Ao dai festival lures visitors in Hanoi
The festival was an activity within the framework of the "Hanoi Connect - Reach More" program of the Hanoi People's Committee.
22:21, 2020/11/19
Cultural quintessence of Japan, South Korea presented to Hanoi people
The capital’s visitors will have a chance to explore the culture beauty of South Korea and Japan.
19:57, 2020/11/18
Vietnam International Tourism Mart 2020 opens in Hanoi
Vietnam International Tourism Mart 2020 will last until November 21 at the Hanoi International Center for Exhibition.
16:44, 2020/11/07
Hanoi to cooperate with central region to promote domestic tourism post Covid-19
A tourism development forum with the participation of Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and major provinces/cities in the central region, is slated to take place in Quang Nam province on November 27-28.
18:16, 2020/11/04
November cultural activities highlight Great Unity – National Root in Hanoi
The activities aim at attracting visitors to the Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism.
15:46, 2020/11/03
Hanoi’s enterprises join hands to launch “Tourism Promotion Day”
Along with the capital city, some provinces have also joined the promotion program to encourage Hanoians to travel.
16:10, 2020/10/29
Hanoi to host BridgeFest Music Festival 2020
The fifth edition of BridgeFest aims to celebrate diversity and equality, inspire thousands of young adults to spread civic values and engage in their communities to make meaningful contributions to society at large.
14:40, 2020/10/28
Hanoi to host Charming Autumn program to stimulate domestic tourism
The Vietnam Airlines Festa themed "Charming Autumn" is organized as part of a series of programs on tourism, cultural and social development cooperation between Vietnam Airlines and the Hanoi People's Committee.
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