31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
PM requests to inoculate kids aged 5-11 against Covid-19 in second quarter
The vaccination for children aged 5-11 will begin as soon as the vaccines arrive in Vietnam.
18:43, 2022/43/26
Hanoi passes Covid-19 peak, return to school on consideration
The sharp decline in Covid-19 infections has enabled the city to build plans for in-person schooling.
15:11, 2022/11/25
Hanoi’s decrease in daily Covid-19 infections helps lure more tourists
Hanoi is aimed at welcoming 9-10 million visitors this year.
15:37, 2022/37/23
Vietnam to launch digital vaccine passport next week
To get a digital vaccine passport, people must declare accurate information which would be reviewed by immunization agencies based on the national database for authentication.
17:54, 2022/54/16
Hanoi opens food and beverage establishments after 9:00 pm
The capital city gets ready to welcome tourists from all countries.
18:19, 2022/19/14
Vietnam sets target to complete administering booster shots in March
Vaccines are still effective in reducing severity, mortality and hospitalization, even with the Omicron strain.
15:26, 2022/26/12
Hanoi enhances IT application for Covid-19 treatment at home
Districts in Hanoi need to focus on handling administrative procedures for Covid-19 patients treated at home by promoting information technology (IT) application.
20:14, 2022/14/08
KOICA gifts 9.45 million syringes to Vietnam for Covid-19 prevention
The syringes are to help Vietnam fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.
20:09, 2022/09/06
MoH proposes asymptomatic Covid-19 patients go to work
Asymptomatic Covid-19 people in self-isolation period can voluntarily go to work if they strictly follow the regulations of the health sector.
20:26, 2022/26/04
Vietnam receives more US’s ultra-low freezers for vaccine storage
The addition of these storage units will greatly improve Vietnam’s capacity and flexibility for distributing and storing Covid-19 vaccines nationwide.
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