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Smart city development from international practices
International experts and business executives recommended measure to help the development of smart cities in Vietnam.
15:22, 2023/11/21
Green, smart transportation - a right direction for Hanoi
Green transport requires a change in the transport culture and attitudes of the community.
15:41, 2023/11/27
Vietnam get more to say at UNESCO
Vietnam's experience in managing, preserving and promoting cultural heritage can be shared with other countries around the world.
07:21, 2023/11/28
Vietnam advised to use cultural heritage as material for creative industries
Counsellor for Cooperation and Cultural Activities at the French Embassy said Vietnam has made significant progress in promoting sustainable development and green economic growth while preserving its cultural heritage.
22:34, 2023/11/28
Amended Capital Law unlocks new approach for urban railway development
Given the potential increase in property values when new roads and rail are built, the transit-oriented development model covered by the bill stands out as a highly promising and practical mechanism.
15:49, 2023/11/23
Amended Capital Law sets stage for Hanoi's more PPP projects
The amended Capital Law will pay off in terms of better preservation of Hanoi's cultural heritage, French specialists argue.
08:23, 2023/11/18
Amended Capital Law to boost urban ecological agriculture development in Hanoi
With agriculture as its main economic sector, Hanoi's agriculture serves as the core and driving force for regional and national development.
15:34, 2023/11/14
Talent attraction a focal point in amended Capital Law
A work environment that fosters creativity and innovation and provides opportunities for talented individuals to grow plays a pivotal role in building their loyalty and unleashing their potential.
14:22, 2023/11/10
Amended Capital Law to facilitate Hanoi's development
The draft amended Capital Law is being submitted to the National Assembly for consideration.
15:14, 2023/11/09
Amended Capital Law: decentralizing power and streamlining administration
After 10 years, the 2012 Capital Law has been a catalyst for robust growth in Hanoi, but it still needs to be improved.
09:55, 2023/11/09
New visa policy opens doors for longer and more interesting tours in Hanoi
Hanoi, the country's main tourist hub, is developing several attractive cultural and tourism activities to draw visitors, building on the relaxed visa policy.
15:37, 2023/11/02
Hanoi - flexible in the face of shortage of classrooms and schools
Overpopulation and high demographic density are challenging Hanoi to build new schools.
09:44, 2023/10/28
Vietnam can and will be a very important player in rare earth
The chief economist from the US Department of State commented on her trip to Vietnam – the last stop on her five-country tour last week.
22:04, 2023/10/20
Urban railway: Key to Hanoi’s vision of multi-center city
Planning for public transport-oriented development stands is a key solution to ignite the city’s breakthrough in socio-economic development.
21:35, 2023/10/17
Argentine flagship products promoted to Hanoi guests
The event is part of serial activities celebrating 50 years of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Argentina.
06:55, 2023/10/13
Vietnam could see strong US investment following upgraded bilateral status: HSBC
The elevation of the US-Vietnam relationship to a comprehensive strategic partnership signifies a deeper commitment to further boost trade and economic ties would lead to an increasing share of US investment soon.
13:53, 2023/10/12
Techfest Hanoi 2023: gathering entrepreneurship and innovation from capital region
Hanoi hosts Techfest 2023, promoting innovation and development in the Capital Region.
07:19, 2023/10/10
Hanoi businesses recruit large workforce to meet production demands
At this time, many businesses in Hanoi are recruiting a large number of workers to serve their production and business activities.
13:58, 2023/10/07
French government is Vietnam's development partner: Ambassador
Ambassador Olivier Brochet said Vietnam holds a unique position in the hearts of the French people, and the Government of France will support Vietnam's progress.
15:59, 2023/10/06
New agro-logistic infrastructure to improve Hanoi people's life quality
The Gia Lam District will be home to a modern wholesale market that will be up to international standards once the development plan is approved.
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