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Hanoian writer Do Phan: After living in Hanoi a while, you will realize your true “stature”
From the city to the people, from culture to literature and art, painter and writer Do Phan, a Hanoian, shares his interesting view about Hanoi with Van Nghe (Arts & Literature) weekly newspaper.
11:38, 2021/02/17
Hanoi to boost 4G and 5G deployment for digital economy
Hanoi continues to promote infrastructure development for 5G network in the coming years as 5G is an indispensable foundation for the digital economy.
15:37, 2021/01/27
Delegates believe in success of the Congress
Delegates are excited about the ongoing Congress with its organization work, document drafting process and personnel preparations.
17:45, 2021/01/23
Urgent conservation of old French villas in Hanoi - Part 3: Difficulties from regulations to funding
Many French villas have fallen into serious degradation, but in order to have a specific assessment of the degradation level, they had to hire specialized units to evaluate each project which needs hundreds of millions of VND for restoration.
16:41, 2021/01/23
Hanoi completes preparation work for 13th National Party Congress
The city has got new facelift with colorful flowers and flags. All people are ready to ensure safety for the largest political event of Vietnam.
07:20, 2021/01/10
Urgent conservation of old French villas in Hanoi- Part 2: Challenging conservation
People who live in old insecure French villas are mindful that these works are rotten and unsafe, but they could not afford to relocate to another place so that they have no other choice but to stay.
09:47, 2021/01/09
Innovation – a key for sustainable development: Vietnam Deputy Minister
The Vietnam International Innovation Expo 2021 (VIIE 2021) held on January 9-10 is a major turning point and the result of a series of efforts by the Ministry of Planning and Investment in promoting innovation in Vietnam.
06:25, 2021/01/07
Urgent conservation of old French villas in Hanoi - Part 1: A series of works damaged
The French- built villas is a legacy that makes Hanoi's urban elegance and beauty unique in South East Asia.
15:00, 2020/12/31
New monitor promises data on Mekong depredation
Open data access from satellites and smartphones will build record of environmental change.
13:59, 2020/12/30
Vietnam to be economic benefactor thanks to successful crisis management
Vietnam is seen to be one of the world’s most attractive emerging economies.
14:46, 2020/12/28
Entrepreneurs and their responsibility to build a strong country
Mr. Nguyen Dang - General Secretary of Hanoi Young Business Association told Hanoitimes when talking about the role and mission of businesses and entrepreneurs in the country's construction.
20:34, 2020/12/26
The search for happiness
A British man, who went through a rough patch, has found love of his life and settled down in Vietnam for more than a decade.
17:32, 2020/12/26
Private economy - pillar of the country’s development
Government should take measures to protect private enterprises in key economic sectors to enhance their international competitiveness.
09:18, 2020/12/26
Korean investors see Vietnam as an attractive investment destination
In addition to the fields of manufacturing, real estate, startups, South Korean companies want to invest more in the financial sector mainly through mergers & acquisitions.
21:34, 2020/12/24
2021 Lunar New Year bonuses: Vietnam employees should accept bonus in kind
Deputy Head of Labor Relations Department, the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor (VGCL) Le Dinh Quang told Hanoitimes that the agency is working with relevant units to monitor the 2021 Lunar New Year payment of salary and bonus as well as industrial relations at companies.
17:16, 2020/12/24
Central bank’s policies conductive to FDI, economic resilience: HSBC
The central bank has taken both monetary and fiscal policies all together to ensure macro and social stability.
08:35, 2020/12/17
Covid-19 becomes catalyst for ASEAN defence cooperation: Carl Thayer
The pandemic has prompted joint efforts under the Vietnam’s Chairmanship in the course of unprecedented challenges that threat the 10-nation region of 622 million people.
06:41, 2020/12/16
Vietnamese collectivism during challenging time inspires foreigner
The collectivism that manifests in the cultural surface becomes strong in defeating a common enemy.
09:33, 2020/12/14
Urban administration requires decentralization
The decentralization will make obligations and responsibilities more clear for the new administration model.
14:55, 2020/12/05
How to spur credits for enterprises?
Up to now, the number of businesses who can access preferential loans is very small. Many enterprises have been craving for banks’ loans to hold out until the pandemic is over.
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