31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
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The next stage of Vietnam’s development journey: World Bank
For Vietnam to achieve the transformation it aspires to, accelerating a shift to productivity-led growth will be essential.
06:47, 2022/04/11
Vietnam’s economic prospects remain bright despite global uncertainties: ADB Expert
The ADB forecast the country’s GDP growth to be around 6.5% in 2022 and 6.7% in 2023, a significant improvement from a modest 2.58% attained in the previous year.
23:02, 2022/03/30
Leave no persons behind, with or without disabilities
UNDP Vietnam is proud to walk the talk having persons with disabilities in its diverse staff.
22:43, 2022/03/23
Realizing flexible processes within businesses: RMIT
Flexible business processes allow businesses to choose from a variety of operating methods to meet different business scenarios.
18:10, 2022/03/07
Russian-Ukrainian armed conflict: A story of broken trust
Strategic trust could be built on the condition that both sides respect each other, and their aspirations.
17:09, 2022/03/07
Agrifood system in Asia-Pacific poised to transform through innovation and digital technologies
Advances in the region’s agri-food systems are changing how food is sustainably produced, marketed, and consumed.
15:37, 2022/02/07
Golf course - new product to boost Hanoi tourism
Hanoi has a great potential for golf tourism development.
15:10, 2022/02/06
“Antibodies” needed for Vietnam economy in face of future challenges: HSBC
Despite the risk of Omicron, Vietnam’s economy is expected to rebound strongly with a GDP growth of 6.5% this year from a modest of 2.58% in 2021.
09:52, 2022/02/06
Vietnam to improve transparency of real estate market in 2022
The development of a real estate database has not been in line with the market in Vietnam over the years.
09:28, 2022/02/06
Vietnamese Ambassador promotes local culture through food
The Ambassador chooses culinary as a funky and extensive way to introduce the rich culture of Vietnam to international friends.
11:37, 2022/02/03
Effective Covid-19 containment helps Hanoi maintain growth momentum in 2022: Mayor
Hanoi has set up 22 main targets for development in 2022, including a GRDP growth of 7-7.5%.
11:27, 2022/02/01
Greatness of culture can be found in festivals
Nothing seems to be more enchanting than wishing someone in their own tongue.
17:56, 2022/01/31
Foreigners excited to celebrate Tet holiday in Vietnam
Expats in the country believed that the health crisis is behind them and this new year will be a better one.
10:01, 2022/01/28
Vietnam economy set for U-shaped recovery: Expert
Vietnam, with a high vaccination rate and a flexible Covid-19 strategy, could see the economy rebound stronger in 2022 and the coming years.
17:34, 2022/01/26
Vietnam turns unprecedented challenge into an opportunity at UNSC
Vietnam engaged in multilateral diplomacy to considerable success. It has not been afraid to tackle difficult or contentious issues, using its rising diplomatic profile to seek constructive solutions to pressing issues.
10:49, 2022/01/04
AmCham Vietnam to promote increased trade and investment ties in Vietnam
AmCham will continue to work on lowering barriers to trade and creating a high-standard, transparent, and stable business environment in Vietnam.
17:13, 2021/12/14
G7 plays major role in reinforcing ASEAN centrality: Carl Thayer
The G7-ASEAN ministerial meeting forms a new framework for cooperation that is more efficient and capable of assisting ASEAN than either bilateral strategic partnerships or large multilateral institutions.
15:52, 2021/12/08
Building national and regional capacities for preventive control of transboundary plant pests and diseases
Vietnam is one of the 53 pilot countries of the Global Action for Fall Armyworm Control that provides a strong and coordinated approach to strengthen prevention and sustainable FAW control capacities.
21:43, 2021/12/02
Avoiding economic disruption key for Vietnam to stay competitive: JETRO
Prime Minister’s Pham Minh Chinh visit to Japan has been a timely assurance of the country’s determination to be a solid investment destination.
20:56, 2021/11/29
Businesses recovery vital for Vietnam’s economic prospects: Expert
The Government’s support program should not only be limited to “bailing out” the businesses but also laying the foundation for them to thrive.
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