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Hanoi starts trial of urban administration model
The model is expected to be more expeditious and create more convenience for the people.
16:37, 2021/06/24
Voters hold high hope for Hanoi’s breakthroughs in upcoming development phase
Voters in Hanoi expect the city’s new administration to work on a range of issues, from training human resources to infrastructure and rural development.
12:10, 2021/06/17
Expats show positive sentiment on fight against Covid-19 in Vietnam
The brand of Vietnam was already very positive before the Covid-19 crisis and has only been further enhanced by how the country has handled the challenges
07:30, 2021/06/15
Vietnam engineers to receive world-class training at SEA’s largest R&D center: Samsung
Around 3,000 local engineers to be employed by the R&D center would lead the development of science and technology in Hanoi, a Samsung Vietnam’s senior official has said.
11:27, 2021/06/10
Health Ministry processes request for Covid-19 vaccines import in 10 days
For vaccines validated by the WHO for emergency use, the ministry would need only five working days to process the import request.
07:27, 2021/06/09
Digital economy - decisive factor to realize 6.5%-GDP growth target: Expert
During and after the pandemic, the digital economy should be at the center of economic policies for Vietnam in the post-pandemic period.
05:41, 2021/05/28
Hanoi makes efforts to protect the city’s "green lung"
Hanoi’s forest area is small, it plays an important role in regulating the city’s climate, contributing to socio-economic development, security and national defense. Le Minh Tuyen, Director of the Hanoi Forest Protection Department (FPD) shared with Hanoitimes about difficulties and challenges to fulfill the forest management and protection.
18:31, 2021/05/27
Why school closure is a last resort
Looking at ground reality, school closure does not mean children are quarantined all the time.
10:58, 2021/05/25
Hanoi's voters place trust in selected delegates for legislative bodies
Citizens, including those in disadvantaged positions, believe that their votes will help find outstanding, worthy, and qualified delegates.
09:25, 2021/05/22
Covid-19 vaccination - a must to survive businesses
Many Vietnamese businesses are seeking ways to access the Covid-19 vaccines, which is not only to survive the pandemic but also promote production and trade, say experts at a seminar co-held by Kinh te & Do thi newspaper and its partners on May 21 in Hanoi.
11:38, 2021/05/21
Three must-have qualities of a representative of the people
The worst thing for an elected representative is failing to keep a promise, says Nguyen Minh Duc, a candidate running for the Hanoi People's Council in 2021-26 term.
16:54, 2021/05/16
Building core competencies in the digital age
Digital banking is a journey, not a destination.
22:23, 2021/05/10
Building high-quality human resources for Vietnam’s digital economy
Vietnam should focus on building human resources capacity as a core component of the digital economy, local economist Assoc. Dr. Dinh Trong Thinh told Hanoitimes.
16:27, 2021/05/06
Vaccinations will not lead to vacations
The hope is that the vaccination will allow for a full return to economic activity and recovery. When it comes to international tourism, the prospects for a quick recovery remain very uncertain.
09:12, 2021/05/03
Vietnam needs focus on effective wage negotiation
Effective wage negotiation is key to expand the domestic market as engine for post-pandemic growth.
17:08, 2021/04/25
Vietnam health sector ready to respond to Covid-19 resurgence
Minister of Health Nguyen Thanh Long told local media about the current situation of Covid-19 globally and in neighboring countries, and preparations for preventing and controlling the pandemic in Vietnam.
15:34, 2021/03/15
Belgium investments focus on green technologies in Vietnam
Riccardo Benussi, Head of European Business Development at Dezan Shira & Associates, told Hanoitimes reporter Phi Nhat about investment trends of Belgian investors in Vietnam in 2021 and the coming years.
17:28, 2021/03/10
Gender equality needs active contribution and participation of men
Equality sometimes does not come from the big thing, but it comes from harmony, listening to understand feelings, emotions and desires from both sides.
11:07, 2021/02/28
How governments can use tax policy to speed economic recovery?
The COVID-19 pandemic has created opportunities for a fairer, more robust and more efficient tax revenue and spending system.
10:40, 2021/02/25
Government's 1.5-million enterprises target ambitious but feasible: Expert
If only 10% of current five million business households in Vietnam are formalized into enterprises, the task would become more feasible.
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