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Vietnam – India: Increasing trade and investment relations
Both governments are advised to take a proactive approach to trade and investment and realize this potential.
01:40, 2020/11/26
Vietnam promotes ASEAN Centrality amid global struggle for safety
ASEAN stays united with common efforts against the pandemic and consensus on recovery plans.
01:19, 2020/11/26
How Vietnam builds up soft power
Throughout recent decades, Vietnam has been making progress in accumulating soft power.
00:54, 2020/11/26
Overseas Vietnamese: Inseparable part of Vietnam
Immigrants have sent roughly US$75 billion in remittances to the country in the past five years.
13:00, 2020/11/25
VCCI names 3 pillars as driving forces for Vietnam economy
It is a miracle that Vietnam still maintains positive GDP growth in the current crisis, showing the country has succeeded in realizing the dual target of both containing the pandemic and boosting economic growth.
01:11, 2020/11/25
Vietnamese cultural diplomacy: Emerging strategy
Vietnam’s cultural diplomacy is aimed to enhance mutual understanding, trust and relationship-building.
15:32, 2020/11/24
Building back better on food and agriculture
The Covid-19 pandemic could push an additional 130 million people worldwide into chronic hunger by the end of 2020.
00:49, 2020/11/24
How US investors’ positive sentiment towards Vietnam grows stronger?
Vietnam has set to be a bright alternative in Asia for US businesses amid the unprecedented challenges.
16:52, 2020/11/23
Vietnam-US relations: A journey of 25 years
The two countries have made great strides in building a forward-looking and mutually beneficial partnership.
10:13, 2020/11/20
How Vietnam’s Covid-19 success supports its regional role?
Under the Vietnam Chair 2020, ASEAN has combated the pandemic in a cohesive manner.
22:37, 2020/11/19
Vietnam’s swift anti-Covid actions bolsters public, int'l confidence
Vietnam, in the eyes of the American writer, is strong-resilient with significant changes.
07:30, 2020/11/13
Uptick in Vietnam M&As in 2021 as Covid-19 under control
Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) provides an effective solution to several obstacles foreign investors face when they want to enter Vietnam’s market.
11:15, 2020/11/09
Public investment, exports to ensure Vietnam 2020 GDP growth at 2.5%: Expert
Domestic production and exports are key driving forces for Vietnam’s economy this year, state an expert.
09:52, 2020/10/16
Thang Long- Dong Do- Hanoi - the sacred Dragon's land
The capital has properly shown the spirit of Trang An people – elegant and love peace.
17:48, 2020/10/10
Towards 1010 years of Thang Long - Hanoi: Refining the quintessence, reaching the integration
There are many powerful nations in the world but not many capitals has a long history and rich culture as Hanoi.
16:14, 2020/10/09
Top leader demands thorough preparations to ensure success of upcoming Party Congress
Mr. Nguyen Phu Trong, General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam and State President, wrote an important article on thorough preparations for the congresses of Party Committees under the Central Committee towards the 13th National Party Congress.
10:13, 2020/09/30
Pandemic hastens digital economy
Automation could threaten jobs and reduce wage growth for low-skilled workers.
08:39, 2020/09/30
Pandemic helps build business resilience: Singaporean official
Businesses – the backbone of each country’s economy – have been advised to find proper ways to survive and thrive in the global health crisis.
17:22, 2020/09/29
Climate in the Covid era
Stocks of large companies with stronger environmental, social and governance (ESG) ratings have outperformed the global average by 4.7% since mid-December 2019.
10:51, 2020/09/29
What Indonesia does to mitigate impacts of Covid-19 pandemic?
Jakarta has imposed a wide range of support to fulfill a range of 1.1% contraction to 0.2% growth for 2020.
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