31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
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Kamala Harris' Southeast Asia visit to feature larger cooperation agenda: Carl Thayer
Kamala Harris will become the first US vice president to visit Vietnam.
18:04, 2021/07/31
Ending monopoly in fuel imports key to boost petroleum market competitiveness: Experts
The participation of new players in the petroleum market would create benefits for businesses and customers.
18:29, 2021/07/19
Vietnam economic recovery depends on vaccination drive
The vaccination drive is to help manufacturing and tourism industries to resume operations, contributing to Vietnam’s economic growth.
12:00, 2021/07/19
Local businesses in need of their own support package
Under the latest support program, only enterprises without bad debts could apply for loans at a 0% interest rate. In reality, however, not many have a healthy credit record at the moment.
18:36, 2021/07/10
High expectation for Vietnam’s US$1.1-billion social relief package
Workers forced to take unpaid leave from 15 days to below one month would receive VND1.85 million ($80.4) per person, and VND3.71 million ($161.23) if taking an unpaid leave of over one month.
14:15, 2021/07/05
Piloting urban administration model in Hanoi – major step in administrative reform
Hanoi has made significant improvements in administrative reform, which has been demonstrated by the growing satisfaction of the people and businesses in realizing administrative procedures.
14:00, 2021/07/01
Hanoi starts trial of urban administration model
The model is expected to be more expeditious and create more convenience for the people.
16:37, 2021/06/24
Voters hold high hope for Hanoi’s breakthroughs in upcoming development phase
Voters in Hanoi expect the city’s new administration to work on a range of issues, from training human resources to infrastructure and rural development.
12:10, 2021/06/17
Expats show positive sentiment on fight against Covid-19 in Vietnam
The brand of Vietnam was already very positive before the Covid-19 crisis and has only been further enhanced by how the country has handled the challenges
07:30, 2021/06/15
Vietnam engineers to receive world-class training at SEA’s largest R&D center: Samsung
Around 3,000 local engineers to be employed by the R&D center would lead the development of science and technology in Hanoi, a Samsung Vietnam’s senior official has said.
11:27, 2021/06/10
Health Ministry processes request for Covid-19 vaccines import in 10 days
For vaccines validated by the WHO for emergency use, the ministry would need only five working days to process the import request.
07:27, 2021/06/09
Digital economy - decisive factor to realize 6.5%-GDP growth target: Expert
During and after the pandemic, the digital economy should be at the center of economic policies for Vietnam in the post-pandemic period.
05:41, 2021/05/28
Hanoi makes efforts to protect the city’s "green lung"
Hanoi’s forest area is small, it plays an important role in regulating the city’s climate, contributing to socio-economic development, security and national defense. Le Minh Tuyen, Director of the Hanoi Forest Protection Department (FPD) shared with Hanoitimes about difficulties and challenges to fulfill the forest management and protection.
18:31, 2021/05/27
Why school closure is a last resort
Looking at ground reality, school closure does not mean children are quarantined all the time.
10:58, 2021/05/25
Hanoi's voters place trust in selected delegates for legislative bodies
Citizens, including those in disadvantaged positions, believe that their votes will help find outstanding, worthy, and qualified delegates.
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