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Vietnam regains its position as most ideal investment location: foreign expert
Dr. Oliver Massmann, General Director of Duane Morris Vietnam LLC, told The Hanoi Times about his views on expectations of foreign companies investing in the long term in Vietnam as the country reopens the economy.
11:00, 2021/10/04
Vietnam's tourism likely to take off in 2022
The tourism industry will have a chance to recover in the last months of 2021 and early 2022 when the Covid-19 pandemic is partly controlled.
09:43, 2021/09/24
Hanoi's agriculture sector eyes 2.5-3% expansion in 2021-2025
The agricultural sector has always been seen as a pillar of Hanoi’s economy.
21:50, 2021/09/22
Hanoi-based firms ensure safe production in new normal
Hanoi-based enterprises and experts shared with The Hanoi Times about their initiatives to ensure smooth operation with anti-pandemic prevention measures in place.
15:32, 2021/09/18
Hanoi takes right direction in accelerating economic reopening: Expert
Hanoi has come up with an economic recovery plan in line with the progress of the vaccination program.
09:28, 2021/09/03
Solidarity – bright spot in Vietnam’s fight against Covid-19 pandemic: ADB Country Director
Vietnam’s remarkable achievements were due to extraordinary levels of cooperation and unity.
09:15, 2021/09/03
Expats support Vietnam towards achieving growth and development goals
Since the fourth wave of Covid-19 is considered the most serious and damaging that has ever hit Vietnam so far, foreign businesses and experts have highly spoken of the efforts of the Government and people of Vietnam, especially Hanoi in fighting the pandemic and developing the economy.
11:13, 2021/08/25
To address climate change, look to nature first
An integrated nature-based approach that uses biodiversity and ecosystem services will help people adapt to the adverse effects of climate change.
22:30, 2021/08/24
Harris visits Vietnam: What to expect?
Vaccines, regional security, and climate change are expected to be discussed during the trip.
13:53, 2021/08/24
Four possible outcomes from Harris visit to Vietnam
Kamala Harris's trip to Vietnam is expected to support Vietnam in building up its maritime security capacity.
15:49, 2021/08/19
Vietnam expected to be a link of global vaccine supply chain
Joining the global vaccine supply chain will help Vietnam enhance its ability in countering current and future pandemics and achieve a number of its strategic goals, experts said.
20:30, 2021/08/11
Bond markets and borrowing: How Asia’s developing countries are managing the pandemic
The pandemic has shown central bankers and public debt managers that innovation and creativity are needed to maintain borrowing opportunities and keep local currency bond markets functioning.
17:44, 2021/08/06
Fighting traffic gridlocks: Hanoi needs more than one hero
Expertise from both Vietnamese and Norwegian specialists helps find solutions for Hanoi’s urban mobility challenges, which has been labelled self-evidently complex.
17:14, 2021/08/03
EVFTA boosts trade exchange between EU and Vietnam: Vietnamese ambassador
Vietnamese businesses need to invest in improving competitiveness of their products in both quality and scale to penetrate the European market.
21:28, 2021/07/31
Kamala Harris' Southeast Asia visit to feature larger cooperation agenda: Carl Thayer
Kamala Harris will become the first US vice president to visit Vietnam.
18:04, 2021/07/31
Ending monopoly in fuel imports key to boost petroleum market competitiveness: Experts
The participation of new players in the petroleum market would create benefits for businesses and customers.
18:29, 2021/07/19
Vietnam economic recovery depends on vaccination drive
The vaccination drive is to help manufacturing and tourism industries to resume operations, contributing to Vietnam’s economic growth.
12:00, 2021/07/19
Local businesses in need of their own support package
Under the latest support program, only enterprises without bad debts could apply for loans at a 0% interest rate. In reality, however, not many have a healthy credit record at the moment.
18:36, 2021/07/10
High expectation for Vietnam’s US$1.1-billion social relief package
Workers forced to take unpaid leave from 15 days to below one month would receive VND1.85 million ($80.4) per person, and VND3.71 million ($161.23) if taking an unpaid leave of over one month.
14:15, 2021/07/05
Piloting urban administration model in Hanoi – major step in administrative reform
Hanoi has made significant improvements in administrative reform, which has been demonstrated by the growing satisfaction of the people and businesses in realizing administrative procedures.
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