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Covid-19 has created digital opportunities in the Pacific
The pandemic is changing consumer behavior and expectations in the Pacific, particularly when it comes to using digital tools for financial transactions.
16:45, 2020/07/08
Exploring new ways to manage the devastation caused by floods
In many countries, new approaches to flood management are replacing traditional reactive measures.
15:55, 2020/07/08
How to help women workers affected by Covid-19
The pandemic’s long-term effects on how we work and live could accelerate the progress made in recent years on gender equality.
16:00, 2020/07/01
Covid-19 in Vietnam - the fear, the tears, the pride and the debt
I owe a debt to Vietnam. Maybe I can give something back. Maybe I can just be better.
22:12, 2020/06/30
How has the pandemic affected COC negotiations?
No meeting regarding to Code of Conduct in the South China Sea has been held since the beginning of this year.
15:47, 2020/06/30
The internet is coming – with risks and benefits – to new areas in APAC
New digitized financial services are coming to previously poorly connected areas in Southeast Asia and the Pacific. It should be inclusive and cost effective, and serve the interests of people at large.
13:00, 2020/06/30
We need to do whatever it takes to improve air quality
Now is the time to take advantage of the clean air being experienced in many cities across Asia. We must not support a “quick and dirty” post-Covid-19 recovery plan that returns pollution to the region’s skies.
12:11, 2020/06/30
Keeping Asia and the Pacific fed during the pandemic
The Covid-19 crisis should be used as an opportunity for developing economies to implement reforms that help ensure food security.
07:56, 2020/06/30
Vietnam's success in containing Covid-19 offers roadmap for other developing countries
Era Dabla-Norris, Anne-Marie Gulde-Wolf, and Francois Painchaud, staff at the IMF Asia and Pacific Department, have offered their analysis of Vietnam's success in fighting Covid-19.
12:04, 2020/06/28
It's matter of time more European investments will come to Vietnam
Representatives of European organizations explained to Hanoitimes what the future holds for Vietnam–EU business cooperation on the sidelines of the “Hanoi 2020 – Investment and Development Cooperation” conference on June 27.
08:37, 2020/06/28
Vietnam’s economic development is remarkable: Polish diplomat
The diplomat believes that Vietnam has positioned itself to benefit from numerous trade agreements.
18:01, 2020/06/26
Effective EVFTA, EVIPA to bring about more opportunities for Hanoi: AHK
Marko Walde, chief representative of the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Vietnam, spoke with Hanoitimes about opportunities from a trade deal with the EU and what needs to be done to make use of it.
15:57, 2020/06/25
Winning Covid-29 battle, Vietnam creates a league of its own
While not a huge economy, Vietnam’s rapid recovery offers valuable insights for a world struggling with how to engineer an urgently-needed growth revival.
14:39, 2020/06/25
Water, sanitation and hygiene key to Pacific’s ongoing Covid strategy
Pacific island nations have been among the top performers worldwide in controlling Covid-19. A greater emphasis on water, sanitation and hygiene practices will help continue that success.
21:50, 2020/06/24
After Covid-19: The coming upheaval in higher education
Universities that adopt quality online learning, forge significant partnerships, and demonstrate results in preparing students of all ages for work in a technology-driven economy, stand the best chance of thriving after the pandemic.
00:22, 2020/06/24
Blending education and technology to help schools through the pandemic
Here are five key areas where EdTech solutions can help countries transition their short-term education solutions to the medium and long-term.
15:23, 2020/06/17
Rebooting the economy: restoring travel and tourism in the Covid-19 era
A harmonized set of industry-wide health and safety protocols are necessary for travel and tourism to recover.
06:04, 2020/06/12
Back to blue: Let’s value our oceans again
Blue credits offer an innovative financing approach for attracting private capital to oceans health improvement projects.
17:41, 2020/06/10
How should governments regulate technology in a post-pandemic world?
A flexible regulatory regime that can balance consumer protection with an openness to innovations that benefit consumers is key to regulating new technologies.
22:26, 2020/06/09
Reform state-owned enterprises to avoid a Covid-19 debt and investment crisis
State-owned enterprises supply energy, transport, and water to millions in Asia and the world. Managing them better will help consumers and governments alike.
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