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Transitioning Vietnam’s economy from emergency response to recovery
The Vietnamese government is recommended to consider applying AMRO’s “4C and 4R” framework on policy design toward robust economic recovery and sustainable growth.
16:33, 2020/09/21
Vietnam advances greatly in gender equality, but remains far from full equality: UN Women
In a recent interview with Hanoitimes, Mrs. Elisa Fernandez Saenz, Head of Office, UN Women in Vietnam, highlighted the achievements of Vietnam in promoting gender equality in recent years, and suggested the pathway to full equality of rights and opportunities between men and women.
15:32, 2020/09/16
ASEAN’s post-pandemic opportunity
The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) governments need better coordination and closer integration to thrive in a post-Covid world and avoid a weaker and more protracted recovery.
17:14, 2020/09/13
Poverty reduction in ethnic minority and mountainous areas: Leaving no one behind
The average incomes of ethnic minority households dropped by 75% in April 2020 compared with the end of 2019.
23:55, 2020/09/06
Violence by an intimate partner: A public matter
As we go back into our routines, let’s reflect on the fact that a true free, peaceful and prosperous society is not possible until we end the violence within our homes, our mind and our hearts!
00:34, 2020/09/04
Private debt, a hidden menace to Asia’s financial stability
Asian regulators and policy makers should undertake prudential financial supervision and regulation to improve the quality of private debt and reduce the risk of financial instability in the future.
16:34, 2020/09/03
Vietnam - An economic miracle in Asia
Recent years have seen growing reputation, prestige and presence of Vietnam in the international arena.
15:05, 2020/09/03
Vietnam-US makes remarkable steps: James Borton
The relations between the two former foes have inspired a story of typical normalization and moving forward.
07:51, 2020/09/01
Vietnam: A bright star in Asia
Continuing the success of the August Revolution, the Vietnamese people then recorded significant victories in the resistance wars against the French and Americas as well as in the Doi Moi economic reform.
17:30, 2020/08/29
Why Vietnam is the star of Southeast Asia
Emerging markets should be a good source of income in the years ahead, with emerging Asia looking most appealing, and Vietnam the standout performer.
17:48, 2020/08/27
Rebooting the economy: The global race to develop and deliver a Covid-19 vaccine
Developing a vaccine for Covid-19 within one year is a herculean task. Getting the vaccine to the hundreds of millions if not billions of people who need it—especially in poorer countries—may be even harder.
16:54, 2020/08/25
Protecting the remittance lifeline from Covid-19’s economic fallout
Families throughout Asia and the Pacific rely on money sent by relatives overseas. These remittances are threatened by the pandemic but policy actions can help.
23:38, 2020/08/24
Quickly getting food to the hungry is vital while battling Covid-19
In Timor-Leste, an opportunity to explore innovation and best practices in distributing food during a pandemic.
10:07, 2020/08/22
Reimagining retirement amid Covid-19 pandemic
What should you do if you plan for retirement when the Covid-19 pandemic is wrecking havoc on the global economy? An HSBC expert will give you some ideas.
00:32, 2020/08/18
Reaching for the stars in the fight against Covid-19
The pandemic has highlighted the importance of technology in managing the crisis. Public-private partnerships, coupled with global cooperation, could help us explore technological solutions beyond the earth.
21:48, 2020/08/13
Learning from the past for a bright post-pandemic future
Carefully evaluating development projects, and learning from success and challenges of past efforts, is more important than ever as governments fight Covid-19.
01:13, 2020/08/11
Vietnam must boost new drivers of growth to avoid the Covid-19 economic trap
Looking ahead, Vietnam’s economy remains vulnerable to new waves of coronavirus outbreak and, even in their absence, it could be stuck in what we can label as the “Covid-19 economic trap.”
06:34, 2020/08/10
Covid-19: There’s an app for that
In Asia and the Pacific government and private companies are using digital platforms to address the pandemic. They should also use them to speed their economies into recovery.
23:21, 2020/08/09
The pandemic’s economic impact will be deep, but proactive policies will help
To mitigate the damage, governments should focus on containing the pandemic, helping families and supporting businesses.
15:35, 2020/08/05
Two ways to help revive tourism in Asia and the Pacific
Promoting domestic travel and using “travel bubbles” will help throw a lifeline to the region's struggling tourism industry.
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