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Tracking Covid-19’s devastating toll on Asia’s remittances
An ADB research indicates that the global economy could lose more than US$100 billion in remittances. Governments need to act fast to protect the most vulnerable in society from this loss of vital income.
10:35, 2020/08/03
Vietnam steps up to take ASEAN leadership role
Hanoi’s strong position on China and Covid-19 success bolster its status.
10:13, 2020/08/01
The future of cash
As a result of the pandemic, fewer people are using cash and more have moved to a variety of digital payment options. But don’t count cash out yet.
23:43, 2020/07/30
Six ways young people are helping Asia through the pandemic
Young people have a unique perspective on international development. Here are examples of how they are helping Asia and the Pacific deal with Covid-19.
23:36, 2020/07/30
Artificial intelligence and machine learning in the time of Covid-19
Researchers are finding new uses for artificial intelligence and machine learning during the pandemic, but they are not a silver bullet.
11:24, 2020/07/30
Asia is cautiously getting back to business
Governments and the private sector are working together in Asia and the Pacific to chart a path toward re-opening businesses during the midst of the pandemic.
10:09, 2020/07/27
Five ways to stop corruption in its tracks
During the pandemic, corruption in projects could mean the difference between life and death for the poor and vulnerable.
15:47, 2020/07/26
What role does human capital play in innovation?
A well-trained workforce is more likely to spur innovation at companies. Firms that provide even minimal training to employees are nearly 8 percentage points more likely to introduce a new product and implement a new process.
11:15, 2020/07/25
Extraordinary policy responses are needed as pandemic’s economic impact is felt
How wisely governments cope with current and long-term economic challenges caused by Covid-19 will be an important defining factor for the prosperity of our and future generations.
09:39, 2020/07/25
For healthier cities, it's time we gave them some (green) space
During the pandemic, people in cities have seen how valuable green space is for mental and physical health. We should protect and expand green space and make its benefits accessible to all.
08:55, 2020/07/21
Strings attached: Financial education is needed to judge pandemic assistance
Households and small businesses are being offered a dizzying array of financial assistance packages to survive Covid-19, but many lack the financial skills to judge if they are right for them.
08:17, 2020/07/21
Covid-19 is a serious blow to the remittances that millions of families depend upon
The pandemic has created an unprecedented crisis for overseas workers and the remittances they send home. But with the right actions by governments, it could also be a chance for long-term change.
08:22, 2020/07/20
Reopening international flights during Covid-19: a new real-time big data dashboard applied to Vietnam
Opening economies during Covid-19 is obviously a quantitative but also qualitative challenge. While data should be an important element of decision making, the choice should ultimately reflect how a society can best save lives and bring economic gains.
10:38, 2020/07/12
Covid-19 projects and programs need careful oversight
Governments and organizations, including multilateral development banks, are funding tens of billions of dollars in development projects and programs to help countries respond to Covid-19. The evaluation and monitoring process should not be bypassed.
09:39, 2020/07/12
Night economy should be regulated cleverly: Vietnam CEO
Hoang Tung, CEO/founder of PizzaHome, shared with Hanoitimes his suggestions on how Hanoi and other provinces should fully tap into the potential of the night economy.
22:41, 2020/07/11
How Covid-19 could accelerate the digitization of the food supply chain
Digital technology is taking a growing role in the world’s food supply, from farm to fork. The right policies would ensure that the benefits are shared.
14:15, 2020/07/11
US companies continue to see tremendous investment opportunities in Vietnam
On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the US-Vietnam diplomatic relations, US companies shared with Hanoitimes their expectations about opportunities for their investment expansions in Vietnam.
17:29, 2020/07/10
Social analysis while social distancing
The Covid-19 crisis requires innovative thinking in conducting social analysis and assessments for development projects
12:16, 2020/07/10
Effective Covid-19 response will further boost Vietnam’s status as an attractive market: AmCham
On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the US-Vietnam diplomatic relations, Adam Sitkoff, executive director of AmCham Hanoi, has shared with Hanoitimes his thought about US-Vietnam relations and the outlook of economic ties.
01:12, 2020/07/10
What will it take to achieve Covid-19 containment and economic revival?
To understand which approaches have been successful and how these might help other countries and regions, we hosted a session with policy makers from Colombia, Ghana, South Africa, Vietnam, and Italy’s Veneto region.
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