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Hanoi teacher devotes life to teach students in southern battlefield
Pham Thi Hai Am realizes that the more thorny and challenging the path to happiness is, the greater and more sustainable the value of joy will be.
18:41, 2022/11/28
Hanoi meets yearly target of trained workers
Trade schools trained more than 245,000 students in the first 11 months of this year, exceeding the full year's target.
18:39, 2022/11/28
Hanoi kicks off action month on gender equality
Hanoi will focus on supporting victims of gender-based violence and disseminating communication on gender equality.
11:45, 2022/11/28
Young Vietnamese people run for zero violence against women and girls
The race helps improve public awareness and calls for social change to end violence against women and girls.
09:40, 2022/11/25
Housing solutions for people with disabilities in rural Vietnam
The technical guidelines have also been shared with local government, construction services and disability organizations throughout Vietnam, to help guide the future development of accessible and affordable housing countrywide.
19:24, 2022/11/23
Better Work Vietnam program to deploy in Hanoi and other localities
The program, launched in 2009, has joined the government, employers, workers and international buyers to improve working conditions and boost the competitiveness of Vietnam's garment industry.
15:01, 2022/11/22
Hanoi's firms struggle to seek workers at year-end
Trade, services, and manufacturing are among the sectors needing labor.
14:33, 2022/11/22
Hanoi undertakes communication training to enhance community tourism
Communication is believed to be important in improving tourist satisfaction and increasing the influx of visitors.
14:16, 2022/11/21
Shared commitment needed to ensure all children empowered: UNICEF
Collective commitment is essential to ensure all children in Vietnam are healthy, safe, educated, empowered, and reach their full potential.
17:06, 2022/11/20
Experts put forth solutions for bike-sharing services in Hanoi
Bicycle riders and transportation researchers outline some solutions for Hanoi authorities to foster bike-sharing services.
22:19, 2022/11/17
Hanoi suspends establishments for poor fire prevention
Fire prevention is a special job that requires both law enforcement and public engagement.
20:38, 2022/11/16
Vietnam to display birthplace information in new passports
The addition will not require further administrative procedures and will not entail any additional cost for citizens.
19:27, 2022/11/16
Hanoi to say no to plastic bags in wet markets from 2023
Hanoi will create a favorable environment for the capital’s potential enterprises to connect investment and business with those operating in the international supply chain network.
22:27, 2022/11/15
Hanoi’s university and VinFast cooperate to expand electric vehicle infrastructure
The cooperation between VinFast and the Hanoi-based University of Transport Technology is part of efforts to create a comprehensive electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem for Vietnam.
16:32, 2022/11/15
Hanoi details bike sharing plan
According to the Hanoi Department of Transport, the bike sharing service will enhance the quality of public transport and reduce environmental pollution.
18:53, 2022/11/11
Hanoi urged to take drastic measures to protect public parks
Park development is one of the critical tasks of local authorities to make Hanoi a "city worth living."
13:15, 2022/11/09
Hanoi-based firms win Women Empowerment Awards
The Hanoi-based companies are honored for their efforts in creating more gender-inclusive business cultures.
08:06, 2022/11/09
Hanoi promotes food safety in school kitchens
The move aims to ensure food safety and avoid foodborne illness among children.
17:42, 2022/11/08
US firm, NGO partner for better livelihood of Vietnam's rural smallholders
The program in Vietnam is expected to address the needs and challenges facing smallholders in Central Highlands.
21:57, 2022/11/07
Hanoi to raise tree coverage in urban areas
As the big old trees are the icon of Hanoi, the city will take care of them for preservation.
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