31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
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Hanoi to pick up stray dogs for rabies prevention
The dogs will be fed and taken care of after that.
21:21, 2022/04/12
Vietnam protects children from cyberspace risks
Local experts said children should be active participants in decision-making, not just a subject protected by adults.
13:55, 2022/04/05
South Korea removes quarantine and extends labor contracts for Vietnamese workers
This is the third consecutive extension since April 13, 2021, which is considered one of the solutions to the labor shortage in South Korea amid the serious impacts of the pandemic.
21:06, 2022/04/04
Vietnam to issue vaccine passports
The vaccine passport will be used in conjunction with other personal identification documents like identification cards.
18:32, 2022/03/31
Youth Forum 2022 seeks solutions to raise quality of young labor force
It’s time to solve issues to ensure workforce supply for socio-economic recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic.
21:28, 2022/03/30
Vietnamese Ancestral Day to be commemorated online in 42 countries and territories
Since its inception in 2005, apart from the commemoration of Hung Kings, a range of social and charitable activities have been held in Vietnam and several countries.
17:12, 2022/03/26
Vietnam’s exhibition “Shape the Future” marks Earth Hour 2022
The exhibition is aimed at seeking new solutions and utilizing new technologies in the communication work, towards a sustainable future.
20:53, 2022/03/25
Vietnam's social insurance law revision should provide workers with stronger protection
Workers voiced their views during consultations on the law reform organized by the ILO and the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor.
21:35, 2022/03/24
More efforts needed to address domestic violence in Vietnam
As much as 90.4% of gender-based violence survivors did not seek help from the authorities and half of them never told anyone about the violence.
11:22, 2022/03/24
Laundry shop in Hanoi helps deaf people find joy and confidence in life
The most meaningful thing which the laundry shop gained is changing many people’s stereotypes about people with disabilities.
16:27, 2022/03/23
Manulife Danang International Marathon returns with message of hope and healthy living
An increasingly health-conscious population has begun building new and healthy habits due to the pandemic, which has continued to spotlight the value of healthy living.
15:37, 2022/03/23
Vietnam to launch digital vaccine passport next week
To get a digital vaccine passport, people must declare accurate information which would be reviewed by immunization agencies based on the national database for authentication.
15:06, 2022/03/23
Recruitment demand of Hanoi tourism and services surges in Q2/2022
The recruitment activities of Hanoi’s enterprises at the moment are very exciting with demand continually rising.
16:06, 2022/03/19
Francophonie join hands to push back misinformation
The Francophonie highlights the role of media and GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon) in the fight against disinformation.
09:24, 2022/03/19
South Korea still lucrative for Vietnamese workers
South Korea is currently one of the key labor export markets for Vietnam.
20:09, 2022/03/18
Some 3,000 journalists to operate in SEA Games 31
The SEA Games 31 will feature 40 sports with 526 medal events and expect to attract around 10,000 athletes and officials from 11 Southeast Asian countries.
18:15, 2022/03/16
Vietnam determined to keep petrol prices lower than in global market
Vietnam plans to build another oil refinery plant to avoid dependence on petrol imports in the long term.
17:58, 2022/03/09
First Vietnamese origin awarded Czech Republic’s first-class order
Czech Republic’s first-class order is award to those who made important contributions to the European country in the past two years.
16:11, 2022/03/08
Stronger multi-sectoral cooperation needed for gender equality in Vietnam
It requires all parties concerned in the drive to bring down Vietnam’s sex ratio at birth, which is the highest in Asia.
18:29, 2022/03/07
Vietnamese UN peacekeeping doctors train South Sudanese women on personal hygiene
South Sudanese women are expected to have a clearer view and are more concerned about their own health, especially vaginal health.
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