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Gender equality in Vietnam: H’Mong ethnic women operate tourism businesses
Thanks to the support of a program, ethnic minority women in Vietnam have gained control of their own lives and contributed to the local economy.
08:31, 2022/06/03
Necessity to amend Law on Domestic Violence: UNFPA
There was little change in violence against women in Vietnam over the past 10 years while the law has got no amendment for the past 15 years.
15:11, 2022/06/01
UNFPA supports Vietnam in addressing gender-based violence
Violence against women is a violation of women's human rights that exists in many countries around the world, including Vietnam.
17:34, 2022/05/30
Vietnam responds to World No Tobacco Day 2022
Vietnam needs to issue stronger tax policies to build a smoke-free environment and promote communication to raise public awareness.
21:30, 2022/05/26
UNI APRO, Vietnam exchange experience in trade union activities
International experiences contribute to building harmonious and stable labor relations, protecting the legitimate rights and interests of employees in Vietnam's retail industry.
16:42, 2022/05/25
JICA supports Vietnam in enhancing disaster and climate change countermeasures
The project will help Vietnam reduce risks for and respond to disasters and climate change.
15:25, 2022/05/25
UNDP supports flood-resilient houses for Vietnam coastal residents
It’s estimated to cost US$330 million to provide housing for climate-vulnerable in 28 coastal provinces in Vietnam.
13:30, 2022/05/24
Vietnam allocates over US$3.9 billion to three national target programs
The Vietnamese Government will implement solutions to ensure the efficient management and use of the funds.
14:28, 2022/05/20
JICA launches project on production of protein-free natural rubber in Vietnam
The project focuses on developing advanced technologies to establish a large-scale production process for protein-free natural rubber in Vietnam.
16:25, 2022/05/11
EC recognizes Vietnam's Covid-19 digital certificates
Passengers from the three countries are permitted to enter the bloc under the same rules as those who hold “EU Digital COVID Certificates”.
18:00, 2022/05/10
Australia shares 7.2M Covid-19 vaccine doses for Vietnam children
The vaccines are among 15 million doses that the Government of Australia has donated to Vietnam.
17:36, 2022/05/02
Field trips help raise student awareness of nature protection in world biosphere reserve
The tours nurture children’s love for nature and wild animals and encourage them to join conservation activities in the future.
15:10, 2022/05/02
UNFPA promotes comprehensive development of Vietnam youth in US$3M project
The five-year project for 2022-2026 will help boost the participation of young people, mainly vulnerable ones, in youth law enforcement.
09:53, 2022/04/27
Vietnam's climate change strategy plays a key policy instrument
The strategy aims to realize the country's commitment to climate change response and policy on attracting investments in cooperation areas towards building a green economy.
20:10, 2022/04/21
Hanoi tightens food safety inspection post-Covid-19
Hanoi will keep enforcing regulations on food safety in production establishments to ensure local residents’ health and safety.
16:40, 2022/04/21
USAID-MPI agreement expands support to Vietnam
The agreement reflects the United States’ continued commitment to supporting Vietnam’s efforts to become a more open, innovative, and inclusive economy.
20:27, 2022/04/20
Vietnam’s social protection system needs further reform
Reforms need to be aligned with the reality of Vietnam’s socio-economic context and build on the success of the progress made over the past decade.
16:38, 2022/04/18
Associations propose postponing minimum wage rise
Increasing the minimum wage is expected to help workers offset the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic.
09:41, 2022/04/16
Accessibility Design Competition to support people with disabilities in Vietnam
The nationwide design competition highlights innovative ideas in the form of design or prototypes to promote inclusiveness for people with disabilities in the workplace.
17:07, 2022/04/15
Vietnam begins rolling out vaccine passports today
Vietnam's vaccine passport will be used in conjunction with other personal identification documents like identification cards.
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