31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
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Vietnam reaches Covid-19 vaccination for 70% of population
Vietnam's vaccination speed and quantity are higher than that of regional countries, including Thailand, Laos, the Philippines, India, and Indonesia.
08:06, 2021/12/31
Joint action needed to prevent and respond to child abuse and neglect
UNICEF believes that exercising zero tolerance requires a strengthened protection system staffed by trained social workers and efforts to raise awareness of children's safety.
05:16, 2021/12/27
Defeat in semifinal second leg, Vietnam become former AFF Cup champions
Vietnam had a good start and performed well amid excellent defensive Thailand at the match which is called El Clásico.
13:24, 2021/12/24
Vietnam lose 0-2 to Thailand in controversial match
The defeat ended Park Hang-seo’s 35-match unbeaten record against Southeast Asian national teams for the past three years.
17:49, 2021/12/23
Prime Minister demands investigation of Covid-19 test kit case
Lawmakers questioned the role of the Ministry of Health in the case, saying that anyone who backed the wrongdoers must be strictly punished.
18:13, 2021/12/21
Practical experience – boosting connection among ASEAN women
Visiting craft villages and cultural heritages is an annual activity of female ambassadors and spouses of ambassadors in ASEAN for further understanding of one another.
13:01, 2021/12/18
Plastic and Health Action Partnership to address Vietnam’s environment challenges
Connecting networks and initiatives on plastic and health will help mobilizing technical and financial resources, policies related to plastic and health issues.
20:29, 2021/12/16
Vietnam, Japan beef up environmental cooperation
The Vietnam-Japan Environment Week will open up opportunities for the two countries’ businesses to carry out fresh projects in the field of natural resources and the environment.
20:04, 2021/12/16
ILO, the Netherlands promote Vietnam's garment skills
The two-year project will start in January 2022.
12:44, 2021/12/16
Tropical storm Rai forecast to hit Vietnam on Dec.18
Rai may interact with an enhanced cold front in northern Vietnam, thus its route will be unpredictable.
16:08, 2021/12/13
New technology improves livelihoods for Thai women
Local stakeholders are working together to preserve traditional brocade weaving of Thai ethnic groups, upskill and improve the livelihoods of ethnic minority women.
06:13, 2021/12/11
Corporate responsibility in the time of climate change and sustainability development in Vietnam
Organizations will be willing to invest much more than today in addressing climate change over the next three to five years.
18:19, 2021/12/09
ASEAN youth come together for Covid-19 response
Many new solutions and initiatives will be widely deployed by ASEAN youth to repel the Covid-19 pandemic.
06:33, 2021/12/08
Vietnam joins efforts to empower women in global peace
Vietnam said the UN member states should have proper national action plans to realize its international commitments on women empowerment.
17:56, 2021/12/07
People with disabilities must be top priority within aid packages
Public trust and confidence underpin success in the Vietnamese Government’s Covid-19 responses, according to UNDP.
17:45, 2021/12/06
Vietnamese businesses encouraged to develop corporate culture
The effects of acculturation can help businesses overcome difficulties and thrive during and after the Covid-19.
21:32, 2021/12/03
Vietnam applies satellite data to air quality monitoring
Researchers highly recommended application of multi-source approach and computational model data from satellite images to monitor air quality.
22:39, 2021/11/30
Foreign laborers in Vietnam to have 11 days off for 2022 New Year
In Vietnam, any holiday falls on the weekend, people will be entitled to a substitute day.
09:14, 2021/11/27
“Girls Deserve to Shine”: gala concert series help boost gender equality in Vietnam
The art performances held under the support of UNFPA, embassies of Italy and Norway in Hanoi, deliver a strong message on gender equality in Vietnam.
10:17, 2021/11/26
Vietnam joins the world to end violence against women
Some famous landmarks in Vietnam have been selected to light up in orange to commence the international day against violence.
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