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Vietnam sets corporate culture criteria
In recent years, many Vietnamese enterprises have made great efforts in building and forming a corporate culture, creating international Vietnamese brands.
17:59, 2021/07/09
Hanoi kicks off massive vaccination rollout
The capital city has urged residents to register for the Covid-19 vaccination before July 10.
21:47, 2021/07/08
Program seeks future policy leaders in Vietnam
The program will help successful applicants develop their skills, expand their networks and, ultimately, make a difference through policy change.
11:02, 2021/07/02
Vietnam kicks off online residence registration
It aims to ease the administrative burden in the country.
15:59, 2021/07/01
Vietnam plans another aid package for Covid-19-affected people
The second support package's procedures are expected to be clearer and simpler than the current ones.
17:21, 2021/06/30
New Zealand supports female workers in Bac Giang and Bac Ninh
This project demonstrates the strong partnership between New Zealand and Vietnam.
13:10, 2021/06/30
World Bank approves over US$320 million to support Vietnam’s recovery efforts
The support aims to improve urban management and promote a recovery, which is inclusive, digitally transformative, and sustainable.
13:05, 2021/06/30
Vietnam, Greece bid farewell to Kosta Sarantidis Nguyen Van Lap
The exemplary internationalist who has dual Greek and Vietnamese citizenship fought for the freedom of Vietnam.
06:25, 2021/06/30
Vietnam’s youth to plant a million trees in 2021-25 period
The campaign aims to respond to the Vietnamese Government’s project on growing one billion trees in the next five years.
19:55, 2021/06/28
Over 35,000 workers in Bac Giang back to work
The resumption of production activities will be organized on the principle of ensuring production and Covid-19 prevention and control.
14:07, 2021/06/25
Former Hanoi CDC director sentenced to 10 years for embezzlement
Former Director of the Hanoi Centre for Disease Control (CDC) Nguyen Nhat Cam and his accomplices have confessed inflating by three-fold the procurement price of medical equipment and supplies for Covid-19 testing.
20:36, 2021/06/23
Tzu Chi Foundation shares burden in Vietnam’s epicenter
The donation is of great significance in the face that the treatment of Covid-19 patients in Bac Giang remains a long way to go.
20:43, 2021/06/22
National population database to be operational on July 1
Once becoming operational, the system will help cut paper costs, reduce verification for authorities and travel time for citizens.
14:40, 2021/06/21
News media – Businesses represent win-win partnership
A healthy relationship between enterprises and the press would facilitate socio-economic growth.
10:52, 2021/06/20
Hanoi reduces plastic waste from small deeds
Plastic waste pollution has been one of the most serious growing global threats over the past few decades.
19:05, 2021/06/19
Vietnam's MIC issues code of conduct on social networks
The non-binding code is aimed at building ethical standards for behavior on social networks and creating a safe and healthy online environment.
11:54, 2021/06/18
Norway-funded project involves Vietnam’s waste management
The project illustrates the strong commitment and extensive collaboration between Norway and the UNDP to tackle the growing issue of waste management in Vietnam.
11:36, 2021/06/17
Hanoi's relocation of polluting facilities comes standstill
The capital city's authorities urged to push the removal of factories, hospitals and schools out of the inner city.
21:32, 2021/06/16
Design contest launched to spread hope and unity against the pandemic
The contest is aimed at promoting South Korea - Vietnam cooperation relationship.
16:24, 2021/06/16
People with disabilities in Vietnam get digital support
The digital platform has successfully supported people with disabilities in nine provinces and cities across Vietnam.
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