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Vietnam imposes $300 fine for face mask littering
The fine is expected to stop littering used face masks on the streets.
13:25, 2021/06/10
Separation of plastic waste challenging Vietnam
Local businesses and consumers are urged to sort plastic waste that is seen as an effective solution for waste treatment.
21:39, 2021/06/09
A foreigner was found growing cannabis in Hanoi
A 55-year-old French national was found to have grown cannabis in 3,000 squared-meters on the alluvial islet in the Red River’s section running through Ngoc Thuy Ward, Long Bien District, Hanoi.
12:14, 2021/06/09
Hanoi faces waste management during Covid-19 outbreak
Waste from medical service and takeout are head aching local authorities to push up measures to protect the environment.
17:55, 2021/06/08
World Oceans Day 2021 calls for stopping plastic pollution
This is the second year the World Oceans Day is held fully online due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has hit the world since late 2019.
16:43, 2021/06/05
World Environment Day 2021 stresses importance on ecosystem restoration
World Environment Day 2021 calls for urgent action to revive the damaged ecosystems.
16:34, 2021/06/03
Child care highlighted amid the Covid-19 pandemic
Vietnamese educators have activated Children's Action Month 2021 to implement children’s rights and protect them during natural disasters and pandemics.
14:57, 2021/06/02
Border guards detect 1,800 illegal immigrants in May
In early May, the Ministry of Public Security has ordered a national crackdown on illegal immigration in Vietnam.
14:21, 2021/06/01
Coronavirus lowers the toy trade on children's day
On Happy International Children’s Day, which falls on June 1, many stores in Hanoi launched a series of promotions with discounts of up to 50% on toys and children's clothing.
22:25, 2021/05/27
Free ‘Rice ATMs’ set up in Bac Giang
A rice dispenser or free ‘Rice ATM’ has been installed in Trung Dong village, Van Trung commune, Viet Yen district, Bac Giang province, providing free food for workers in the pandemic area.
18:02, 2021/05/27
Thousands of medical staff and students sign up to help Bac Giang
Rapid transmission of Covid-19 in Vietnam’s northern province of Bac Giang makes testing and isolation a vital task.
15:21, 2021/05/25
Hanoi aids 500,000 people hit by Covid-19 pandemic
Most of the aid recipients said they were grateful to the Hanoi government’s timely support.
12:16, 2021/05/23
Heartbreaking photos taken in Covid-19 hotspot of Bac Ninh
Working in harsh weather with four-layer protective suits, numerous health workers in the Covid-19 hospot of Bac Ninh were exhausted.
22:55, 2021/05/22
South Korea to resume hiring Vietnamese laborers
South Korean businesses are expected to hire more Vietnamese workers this year.
18:32, 2021/05/20
ILO, Vietnam join hands to promote int’l labor standards
Vietnam will make its best efforts to promote international labor standards and improving the national labor legal system.
18:09, 2021/05/20
Vietnam to support workers infected with coronavirus
Each worker is entitled to benefit from the support only once.
07:18, 2021/05/18
Danang suspends transport service due to community infection of Covid-19
Amid the fourth wave of Covid-19 pandemic in town, Da Nang has banned cars and motorbikes from transporting passengers and the delivery services.
16:13, 2021/05/14
Man arrested for smuggling foreigners into Vietnam
The man confessed to own three companies sponsoring the entry of foreigners in Vietnam as experts.
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