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Hai Duong to return to new normal from April 1
A total 95% of businesses in Hai Duong, home to many industrial parks and foreign-invested firms, have reestablished operation.
15:53, 2021/03/29
First heat wave to hit Hanoi this week
Temperature would be particularly high in the capital city of Hanoi, with approximately 38 degrees Celsius on April 2.
17:21, 2021/03/26
Flight attendant to stand trial for spreading Covid-19 infection
The Vietnam Airlines attendant breached Covid-19 regulations while undergoing self-isolation at home, leading to an outbreak in late 2020.
15:17, 2021/03/25
E-cigarettes must be banned in Vietnam: policymakers
E-cigarettes, called Vape or new-generation cigarettes, will cause serious harm to young generation in Vietnam.
17:48, 2021/03/24
Vietnam makes great strides in combatting tuberculosis: WHO expert
The Ministry of Health has been taking practical measures to reduce fatalities and prevent tuberculosis (TB) in the community to end the disease by 2030.
14:08, 2021/03/22
Vietnam moves up four spots in World Happiness Report 2021
Vietnam even surpasses China that ranks 84th, and other Southeast Asian nations.
10:01, 2021/03/20
MoLISA proposes US$260 million to train workers affected by Covid-19 pandemic
Each worker will receive around VND1 million (US$ 43.56) each month for six months for their vocational training.
13:38, 2021/03/17
Hai Duong begins easing social-distancing restrictions on March 18
Factories in the northern province of Hai Duong, Vietnam's Covid-19 hotspot, can resume work provided that the owners sign commitment to Covid-19 safety with the local authorities.
15:13, 2021/03/11
Japan to fund Vietnam’s super-cold freezer for storing Covid-19 vaccines
This aid is aimed at delivering vaccines to every person in all corners of the country.
20:30, 2021/03/10
Ho Chi Minh City takes stringent action against noise pollution this year
Legal instruments will be devised to deal with noise violations in the largest and most populous city in Vietnam.
16:22, 2021/03/09
Work on Phan Thiet joint-use airport to begin this month
The construction is expected to be completed in 20 months and operational in 2022, serving both military aviation and civil aviation.
15:10, 2021/03/09
Ho Chi Minh City reopens non-essential services
Bars, dance clubs and karaoke parlors in Ho Chi Minh City will remain closed until further notice.
21:16, 2021/03/06
Hanoi to relocate polluting factories from downtown in 2021-25
Hanoi has set up a list of 90 industrial establishments that have to be moved out of the inner city.
18:11, 2021/03/03
Vietnam Airlines attendant prosecuted for spreading Covid-19
The Vietnam Airlines attendant breached Covid-19 regulations when making contacts with others while undergoing self-isolation at home.
16:27, 2021/03/02
Vietnam to upgrade three provinces into centrally-run cities
The centrally-run cities are major cities being in charge of driving the development of the whole country.
09:29, 2021/02/26
Youth4Climate unlocks Vietnamese youth potentials in climate change target
In Vietnam, the Youth4Climate Initiative aims to strengthen the capacity of existing youth representatives and networks to advance climate actions at national and international forums.
13:03, 2021/02/25
Hanoi to experience cold and rainy weather in coming days
Due to the impacts of cold air, it turns cold with rain at nights and early mornings in Hanoi and northern provinces from February 26.
09:50, 2021/02/24
Hanoi expects to receive 1,500 blood units from donors in February
The National Institute of Haematology and Blood Transfusion needs an average of 700 units of blood to supply to hospitals in 25 provinces and cities.
21:47, 2021/02/20
Hanoi responds to program of planting one billion trees
Hanoi plans to grow more than 400,000 trees from February 17 to 23.
21:55, 2021/02/18
Women and girls: Center of post-Covid-19 recovery
Participants explored how to embed better policies and practices, both within their organizations and in their programmatic work.
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