31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
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Hanoi forecasts to need 100,000 laborers in Q1/2022
The labor market has started recovering since last December thanks to the capital city's speedy vaccination rollout.
21:05, 2022/03/01
Women, girls should be center of natural disaster policies
Women should be empowered to meet their own needs and help others cope with natural disasters and climate change.
21:03, 2022/02/28
UNDP partners with Vietnam towards goal of poverty eradication
The Vietnamese Government will strengthen bilateral/multilateral cooperation with international partners to realize multidimensional, inclusive, and sustainable poverty reduction.
15:06, 2022/02/28
At least 16 tourists died in tragic boat accident off central Vietnam
All victims are tourists from Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and the southern province of Binh Duong.
15:51, 2022/02/24
Social dialogue promotes decent work, inclusive growth
Swedish experience in social dialogue is believed to inspire policymakers and local businesses to promote such in the workplace.
14:50, 2022/02/24
Vietnam to receive WHO’s mRNA vaccine production technology transfer
Vietnam will be able to mass produce the mRNA vaccine, not only for domestic consumption but also for other countries in the region and the world.
21:38, 2022/02/23
Vietnam deploys electronic identification accounts for citizens from late February
People using electronic identification accounts will save a lot of time and costs.
12:21, 2022/02/21
Frost blankets mountainous areas of Vietnam
A mass of cold air sweeping through North Vietnam has brought heavy rain and frost at high altitudes over the past weekend.
16:26, 2022/02/19
NGO returns pangolins to nature on World Pangolin Day
Rescuers engaged in the journey of nearly 1,500km to the release site and eight months of rehabilitation.
15:39, 2022/02/19
Four other nations recognize Vietnam's vaccine passport
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is actively working with overseas representative agencies of Vietnam to persuade other countries to officially recognize Vietnam’s vaccine passports to facilitate people’s travel.
16:39, 2022/02/17
Hanoi holds exhibition on plastic waste reduction
The exhibition is expected to give the audience a panoramic view of the current status of plastic waste in Vietnam, thereby inspiring them to take action for a better environment.
15:55, 2022/02/16
Electric bus is to roll in HCMC within this quarter
It is the first of the five electric-bus lines to be piloted in the southern economic hub for two years.
20:42, 2022/02/15
Ending child marriage towards a world where girls are free to dream: UNFPA Vietnam
Child marriage is a human rights violation, threatens girls' lives and health, and limits their opportunities and future prospects.
16:59, 2022/02/15
Vietnamese youth join Asia-Pacific for a better post-Covid world
Plan International’s “Imagine” and “Better Today” help reduce the impact caused by prolonged lockdowns and pessimistic prospects facing young people.
11:14, 2022/02/14
Haiphong’s proposal for new int'l airport approved
The project is expected to help Haiphong City to realize its target of becoming one of the most developed cities in Asia.
15:42, 2022/02/13
Some 1.3 million Vietnamese to become jobless in 2022: ILO
Employment opportunities for laborers have become slimmer than ever.
05:45, 2022/02/11
Healthcare master-plan helps improve height and fitness of Vietnamese students
The healthcare master-plan includes specific goals for physical education activities, school nutrition, and communication on school-based healthcare.
18:02, 2022/02/09
Motorbike taxi services resume in Hanoi after six-month hiatus
Motorbike taxi drivers must be fully vaccinated against the novel coronavirus and comply with all current regulations to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 disease.
10:25, 2022/02/09
Vietnam’s labor supply gradually recovers after Tet
Recent forecasts about industries showed a strong demand for recruitment after the Lunar New Year, especially in the first quarter of 2022.
18:10, 2022/02/08
Vietnam sets target to provide health insurance for 95% senior citizens by 2025
All senior citizens in Vietnam will have access to necessary health care services when they are sick.
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