31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
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Travel + Leisure: Top 10 most beautiful luxury swimming pools in Vietnam
The renowned US-based travel magazine chooses the most beautiful hotel swimming pools in Vietnam for visitors to cool off in the summer.
09:27, 2022/06/25
Scuba tours in Nha Trang suspended to save coral reefs
Underwater tourism activities in areas that threaten coral reefs in the Nha Trang Bay, especially on Mun Island will be suspended from June 22.
08:20, 2022/06/25
Vietnamese list among most willing travelers
Vietnamese people are willing to travel and they are also very confident to welcome foreign tourists to their country.
15:08, 2022/06/09
Top five historic destinations in Vietnam
Embracing the gratitude spirit of the ongoing Hung King’s Temple Festival from April 08 to 11 this year, there are five most recommended historic destinations in Vietnam for heritage-loving travelers.
05:28, 2022/06/08
Vietnam nominated in 10 categories at World Travel Awards 2022
Vietnam-loving foreign friends are invited to vote for the country’s tourist destinations to win the World Travel Awards 2022.
15:39, 2022/06/06
Five destinations in Vietnam for Global Wellness Day
Admiring the majestic mountain scenery in the Northeast mountains or immersing in the silence of the ancient mausoleums in central Vietnam may help you release depression and find inner peace in mind.
15:16, 2022/06/03
Bat Trang pottery village creates attractions to lure tourists
The century-old craft village on the outskirts of Hanoi is now undergoing a facelift, ready for tours connecting the capital with surrounding areas.
15:28, 2022/04/24
Hai Van Pass and Ha Giang Loop amongst the most thrilling scenic drives in Asia
The picturesque road along the southern coast and the craggy high pass in the mountains of northern Vietnam capture the love of any genuine backpacker.
14:34, 2022/04/14
Son Doong – World's largest cave honored on Google
The world’s largest cave, which was formed several million years ago, stayed immaculate until 2008.
21:21, 2022/04/12
Strong recovery of domestic tourism
Vietnam sees a great recovery of domestic tourism while MICE services promise to be a profitable tourism business model in the coming time.
15:31, 2022/04/12
Hanoi to hold a series of attractive tourism events for SEA Games 31
The city is working to seize the tourist “golden opportunity” coming along with the regional sporting event.
20:06, 2022/04/11
Bustling tourism and aviation during Hung Kings holiday
It is estimated that millions of people travel on the anniversary of the Hung Kings.
20:18, 2022/03/29
Times: Extraordinary trips to Vietnam in 2022
Observing French colonial buildings, visiting Buddhist temples, and trying the tasty street food in Hanoi are among the suggestions of The Times to foreign visitors to Vietnam.
14:37, 2022/03/28
[Video] Latest tourism promo clip “Vietnam: Travel to Love” debuts
The nearly two-minute-length video clip takes the audience on a journey to discover and experience Vietnamese culture, nature, and beautiful landscapes.
11:32, 2022/03/28
Dalat ranks third in ‘World’s Top Flower Destinations’
Together with Amsterdam (Netherlands), Funchal (Portugal), Dalat (Lam Dong Province, Vietnam) is the 3rd most endorsed destination by travelers around the world.
11:03, 2022/03/23
The National: Five reasons for travelers to visit Vietnam now
Gorgeous landscape and marvelous ethnic minority villages are among the reasons that UAE suggests travelers visit Vietnam.
16:46, 2022/03/20
Singaporeans, Americans and Koreans are the most eager to visit Vietnam
As Vietnam reopens its border on March 15, international tourists plan to visit the beautiful country as soon as possible.
22:01, 2022/03/14
Vietnamese businesses urge concrete policies for welcoming int’l visitors
Ensuring uniform compliance with regulations on pandemic prevention and control is the top priority for localities and tourism businesses once the country fully reopens to tourism.
12:31, 2022/03/10
Con Dao Island and Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park among the best lesser-known destinations in Asia
Tourist attractions with unspoiled and charming natural scenery are worth for travelers to skip the big cities for.
21:48, 2022/03/03
Russia-Ukraine conflict may affect Vietnamese travel businesses
Many local businesses planned to expand their exploitation of the Russian market as tourist bookings surged after the Covid-19 pandemic.
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