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Dan Phuong District: Each village, one culinary specialty
The famous century-old dishes of Hanoi's countryside conquer the hearts of diners.
21:44, 2023/12/02
Hanoi culinary festival 2023 opens
The festival promotes Vietnamese food culture to the international community and develops relations with other countries.
18:29, 2023/11/23
Student project done to promote Hue cuisine
Both local and international travelers have expressed positive feelings about the app, which makes it easier to find restaurants in Hue.
20:13, 2023/11/20
One-Word Cream Cake for teachers on Vietnam's tradition
Teenagers in Hanoi have started the trend of painting a word on cakes for their loved ones.
21:51, 2023/11/15
Hanoi specialties wow French Ambassador
French Ambassador Olivier Brochet shared that Hanoi's specialties of banh cuon and bun cha are wonderful dishes, while the ca cuong is "scary but has a good taste".
17:46, 2023/10/28
Vietnam-Azerbaijan Food Day 2023 opens in Hanoi
At the Food Day, guests enjoyed signature Azerbaijani foods such as mutton, barbecue, or salads.
21:06, 2023/10/23
Culinary show in Hanoi hosted by award-winning Austrian chef
For the first time, diners in Hanoi had the opportunity to enjoy a luxurious six-course menu prepared by Chef Stephan Zoisl of the award-winning "Chef's Table by Chef Stephan", Singapore.
07:44, 2023/10/11
Cold snail vermicelli soup: simple but quintessential Hanoi snack
Using simple ingredients, Hanoians of old created “Bun oc nguoi,” which has captivated diners for decades.
08:16, 2023/10/01
Four Hanoi delicacies listed among Vietnamese typical dishes
The first typical delicacies in the list of 1,000 iconic Vietnamese dishes have been announced in an attempt to create an online map and online museum of Vietnamese cuisine.
14:47, 2023/09/28
Mooncake market: Vast selection, low sales
Despite the variety of designs and flavors on shelves, sales of this year's moon cakes have been low.
21:41, 2023/09/26
Typical Hanoian autumn snacks
Vong Village's green rice flakes or egg coffee are among snacks that make autumn in Hanoi even more unforgettable for its dwellers.
22:43, 2023/09/25
Vejo: A vegan restaurant inspired by international gastronomy
Located in the center of Hanoi, Vejo is a vegan restaurant serving dishes influenced by the cuisines of Vietnam, Japan, Thailand, China, and Malaysia.
16:02, 2023/08/26
Hanoi amongst culinary gems of Asia-Pacific
Vietnam's capital, with its sumptuous delicacies, is one of the top five destinations for food enthusiasts worldwide, according to
15:08, 2023/08/19
Unique delicacies from Hanoi’s countryside
Experienced local chefs can create some delicious and distinctive dishes from the unusual food resources found in the outskirts of Hanoi.
14:28, 2023/08/18
Hanoi culture-inspired mooncakes hit the market
Folk paintings, ca tru singing, and traditional lacquer art of Hanoi has become the inspiration for artisans to make mooncakes for Mid-Autumn Festival this year.
13:36, 2023/08/16
Hanoi Cuisine Space 2023 to take place in September
Pho, street food and Michelin-starred restaurants will be the highlights of the Hanoi Cuisine Introduction Space 2023, which is scheduled to take place in the capital city starting on September 29.
16:35, 2023/07/01
Cau Go braised fish - the quintessence of Hanoi’s cuisine
Hanoi’s traditional braised fish grabs the hearts of discerning diners.
18:31, 2023/06/15
Gastronomy - key to attracting international tourists to Hanoi
The richness of Hanoi's cuisine and the city's reputation for healthy eating have contributed to making Hanoi an attractive destination in Asia.
22:13, 2023/06/13
Top 10 Vietnamese street food voted by India gastronomic site
Renowned Indian food site Slurrp recommends a fascinating culinary adventure with the top 10 street foods in Vietnam.
16:44, 2023/06/13
Michelin Guide unveils the riches of Vietnamese cuisine: RMIT experts
The Michelin Guide would positively impact the country's tourism as the culinary landscape evolves and establishments diligently preserve the authenticity of traditional Vietnamese cuisine.
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