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Four best Hanoi Street dish
The best Hanoi dishes are inexpensive yet tasty treats that can be found within Hanoi Old Quarter’s narrow alleyways and bustling street markets.
21:24, 2017/04/16
Spare rib porridge – A delicious food for morning
Waking up in the early morning and going out, you suddenly remember that it is a long time you do not enjoy rib porridge, and you feel hungry. Then, you decide to go for rib porridge.
14:42, 2017/04/13
Delicious Rice noodle soup (Pho) "often hides" in the alley
In Hanoi, there are many nice and beautiful noodle soup restaurants,... on the new streets, but strangely, the delicious ones must be around in the old streets.
12:14, 2017/04/11
Vietnamese cuisine in impression of foreigners
To Vietnamese people, dishes like Vietnamese sandwich (Banh Mi), bun cha, bun oc... are very familiar. However, as for foreigners, these dishes are very strange and unique.
21:24, 2017/04/03
Food Fest 2017 to be held in Hanoi
The International Culinary and Music Festival (Food Fest 2017) will take place for the first time in Hanoi from April 7 - 9.
20:13, 2017/04/02
The noodle dishes bring the breath of Hanoi
Bun Cha, bun Thang, bun Oc… the noodle dishes when eat, you’ll remember about Hanoi.
09:58, 2017/03/17
24 restaurants nationwide to join Gout de France 2017
The Gout de France/Good France 2017, a global event on the French gastronomy in Vietnam with the participation of chefs from 24 restaurants in Hanoi, Hoi An, Da Nang, Hue and HCM City will be held on March 21.
20:06, 2017/02/16
10 most unique and strange restaurants in Hanoi capital
The cuisine of Hanoi city has been famous throughout the world for a long time. When visiting the capital of Vietnam, tourists could enjoy delicious foods at the 10 most unique and unfamiliar restaurants introduced as below:
07:21, 2017/01/29
“Giò” – Vietnamese dainty morsel in traditional Tet
On the Tet traditional tray of food according to Vietnamese culture, with traditional dishes such as "Chưng" Cake, chicken meat, spring rolls and so on, “giò” is one of the dainty morsels. Today, when “giò” almost become daily food and there are more various and attractive dishes on the tray, delicious dish of “giò” cannot be missed...
16:22, 2017/01/28
Spring roll - the most popular traditional Vietnamese food in Tet Holiday
Spring roll ("Nem rán" in the North or “Chả giò” in the South) is one of the most popular traditional Vietnamese food in Tet Holiday, literally meaning minced pork roll.
10:26, 2017/01/27
“Mứt Tết” and “Ô mai” – very delicious preserved nosh in Lunar New Year
In Vietnamese New Year party, beside traditional dishes, no family can forget to make a tray of "Mứt Tết” and “Ô mai”, a cup of tea, betel and areca ready to entertain their visitors.
12:24, 2017/01/26
"Chung" Cake - the soul of Vietnamese Tet Holiday
"Chung" Cake is a traditional and irreplaceable cake of Vietnamese people in Tet Holiday and Hung King’s anniversary (10th of Lunar March). For the Vietnamese, making "Chung" Cake is the ideal way to express gratitude to their ancestors and homeland.
10:06, 2016/12/11
Hanoi to host food festival gathering delicacies from many countries
The flavours of international cuisine and entertainment activities will be offered during the annual food festival held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
15:37, 2016/12/07
Australian website places Vietnam's Pho bo vien among best street foods in Asia
Pho bo vien thap cam (Vietnamese noodle soup with mixed beef meatballs) in Ho Chi Minh City has been named the most delicious street food in Asia by Traveller website of Australia
12:10, 2016/06/08
Hanoi’s sticky breakfast guide
Alongside the traditional ‘pho’ and world-renowned ‘banh mi’, ‘xoi’ (sticky rice) has long secured a concrete position on the intangible breakfast map of anyone who claims Hanoi as their home.
17:50, 2016/05/26
Promoting Vietnamese cuisine culture in Germany
On the occasion the on-going 11th Asia-Pacific Week Forum held in Berlin from May 23 to June 3, the Embassy of Vietnam in Germany organised a workshop in Berlin on May 24 to introduce Vietnamese food culture and promote tourism in the country.
18:32, 2016/05/22
The seven most famous Vietnamese dishes
Pho (Vietnamese noodle), bun rieu cua (crab soup with vermicelli), and bun cha (grilled pork & noodle) are street food dishes that captivate thousands of international visitors. Here are the seven dishes and drinks that have made Vietnam an attractive spot on the culinary world map.
09:37, 2016/05/04
Banh giay of Nung ethnic people in Lao Cai
In the cold of the northern upland, tourists to market sessions of ethnic minority communities in Bac Ha District, Lao Cai Province may be attracted to hot round cakes in green, black and white.
10:09, 2016/05/02
La Vong fish
"Cha ca" is a favourite dish of Hanoian. Located in Cha Ca street, Cha ca La Vong ("cha ca" means grilled fish) is the famous restaurant to many Hanoian as well as visitors from all over the world.
09:29, 2016/05/01
Ministry to host Japanese cuisine class
The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan will host Japanese Cooking Seminars in Ho Chi Minh City on May 4-5.
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