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Enjoying Hau Giang's specialty
​Nature has particularly bounteous in Hau Giang province, providing water loaded with minerals that is home to the most delicious "thac lac" fish (clown knife fish). The flesh is fragrant, firm and crisp-skinned.
16:10, 2018/01/04
Vietnam's Pho among 20 must-eat foods from around the world
Besides Pho, Travel Channel also names Japan’s Ramen and Thailand’s tom-yum.
16:47, 2018/01/02
Four breakfast cuisines sold out in a few hours in Hanoi
Instead of sleeping until noon, why do you think about getting up early and having breakfast with friends? There is a good list of delicious breakfast dishes around the center of Hanoi that is only sold in a few hours.
12:24, 2017/12/10
Banh mi Hoi An among world's Top 10 sandwiches
Banh mi Hoi An (Hoi An sandwich) has been listed among the world’s Top 10 sandwiches by Austrian travel website Traveller, together with well-known American cheeseburgers, English bacon butties, and Japanese Katsu Sando.
15:11, 2017/12/05
Food Fest 2017 to be held in Ho Chi Minh City
The 2nd Food Fest 2017 is set to transpire on December 8 - 10 in Ho Chi Minh City where guests can indulge their palates with as many as 1,500 types of food and drinks prepared by leading cuisine experts.
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