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Southern traditional cake festival showcases 100 signature kinds
Tuyet Nguyen – Linh Pham 17:20, 2023/05/02
Traditional cakes are made from local ingredients by both bakers and residents whose receipts are handed down through the generations.

The 10th Southern Traditional Cake Festival held in Cantho City from April 28 to May 2 displayed around 100 distinctive savory and sweet types from southern Vietnam and other regions.

Hundreds of exquisite traditional cakes are made mainly from rice and sticky rice, wrapped in leaves, and flavored with distinct flavors.

The week-long event featured traditional cakes made by both bakers and locals who inherited receipts from their ancestors.

The annual Southern Traditional Cake Festivals help to preserve and spread these traditional culinary values across the globe.

Food at the yearly event is prepared using regional ingredients in age-old and customary ways which have been kept for generations. The traditional variety of cakes is praised for health benefits.

At the festival, typical southern cakes are on display such as banh da lon (steamed tapioca layer cake), banh xeo (sizzling rice pancake), banh khot (deep-fried shrimp pancake), banh it tran (sticky rice dumpling), banh lot (rice pasta dessert), banh bo (steamed rice cake), banh la mo (Paederia foetida steamed rice cake), banh chuoi hap (steamed banana cake).

Primary components of Vietnamese desserts are rice flour, sticky rice flour, puréed mung beans, tapioca starch, coconut milk, banana, durian, taro, and colored with pandan leaves, red dragon fruit, purple sweet potato, among other things.

Notably, more than 100 artisans participated in a cooking competition and gave cooking demonstrations to festivalgoers.

The event also covered a wide range of activities, including children's cooking classes, traditional games, and a food court serving additional southern province specialties.

One million people were anticipated to attend the festival over the course of five days.

Given close proximity to Ho Chi Minh City, Can Tho gathers exotic Vietnamese dishes with authentic flavors. 

 The 10th Southern Traditional Cake Festival takes place in Cantho City on April 28-May 2. Photo: Tuyet Nguyen/Mekong Environment Forum (MEF)
 The festival showcases typical kinds of cakes in Southern Vietnam and some other parts. Photo: Tuyet Nguyen/MEF
 Baker prepares for the best served at the festival. Photo: Tuyet Nguyen/MEF 
 Some bakers join a cooking competition and present their dishes. Photo: Tuyet Nguyen/MEF 
 Distinctive kinds that are only found in the south. Photo: Tuyet Nguyen/MEF
 Decoration rich in southern culture. Photo: Tuyet Nguyen/MEF
 Cakes displayed in boat-shaped trays, some implication for the southern region. Photo: Tuyet Nguyen/MEF
 Various kinds in different shapes. Photo: Tuyet Nguyen/MEF 
 Main ingredients of Southern traditional cakes are rice flour, beans, and coconut milk. Photo: Tuyet Nguyen/MEF

Banh da lon or steamed tapioca layer cake, a kind listed in the world's famous experiential travel online guide for traditional food TasteAtlas. Photo: Tuyet Nguyen/MEF

 Those are very eye-catching. Photo: Tuyet Nguyen/MEF
 Cake wrapped with coconut leaves - a favorite kind in the south. Photo: Tuyet Nguyen/MEF
 Banh xeo or sizzling rice pancake, a very popular kind in the region. Photo: Tuyet Nguyen/MEF
 Banh tet or sticky rice cake with various fillings, some sweet and some savory. Photo: Tuyet Nguyen/MEF
Cakes in distinctive shapes and colors for children. Photo: Tuyet Nguyen/MEF
 More options for festivalgoers. Photo: Tuyet Nguyen/MEF
 The festival is also home to fruits. Photo: Tuyet Nguyen/MEF 
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Southern traditional cake festival showcases 100 signature kinds
Traditional cakes are made from local ingredients by both bakers and residents whose receipts are handed down through the generations.
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