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Len Men project celebrates vibrant culinary heritage of Hanoi and northern Vietnam
Khanh Khanh 14:49, 2024/07/09
The project is expected to inspire the next generation of Vietnamese food enthusiasts and establish Vietnamese gastronomy as a global culinary phenomenon.

The 'Len Men: Umami Unleashed' (Fermentation) project was launched on July 8 in Hanoi, signaling a turning point in Vietnam’s culinary narrative.

This initiative by the TUNG Group (T.U.N.G dining and Å by TUNG) delves into traditional cooking techniques in Hanoi and the northwest mountainous regions.

 The launch event for 'Len Men: Umami Unleashed'. Photo: TUNG Group

The project involves a number of activities, such as trips to the northern province of Lao Cai to learn about the customs and ingredients of this culinary region rich in culture. There will also be master classes in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City led by TUNG Group's celebrity chefs, exclusive dinners and an exchange event between the Group's chefs and KOTO's trainees, providing a platform for them to gain insights, skills and secrets from top culinary experts.

The group will also showcase moments of innovation and collective success as the chefs develop signature dishes that combine the sophistication of fine dining with the mastery of fermentation. Scheduled for July 13 in Hanoi and July 18 in Ho Chi Minh City, two master classes limited to 30-40 participants each promise to be transformative experiences, followed by two 6-hand dinners for each city.

Len Men is a global celebration of fermented foods, with the goal of enriching fine dining with indigenous flavors and improving food security.

 "We are immersing ourselves in the local culinary culture of Hanoi and the northwest mountainous region, focusing on traditional fermented foods and beverages. Our mission is to innovate recipes, refine processing techniques, and develop preservation methods that enhance the sophistication of fine cuisine," said Chef Hoang Tung of TUNG Group at the launch.

He added that the collaboration with Jason White, former Director of Fermentation at the internationally acclaimed NOMA, and Daniel Hoai Tien, Founder and CEO of Song Cai Distillery, represents a significant milestone for the company. It underscores the company's dedication to pushing culinary boundaries and celebrating Vietnam's rich gastronomic heritage, and embodies our commitment to innovation and community enrichment.

To support and inspire the next generation of chefs, TUNG Group will host an exchange session for KOTO trainees. This will allow them to learn from the group's seasoned chefs and experts. KOTO, founded by Vietnamese-Australian Jimmy Pham, empowers at-risk and disadvantaged youth to break the poverty cycle through education and skill development.

This initiative will provide trainees with valuable insights into traditional cooking methods, innovative uses of local ingredients, and the rich tapestry of Vietnamese culinary heritage.

As one of the key events of KOTO's 25th anniversary, the collaboration aims to develop highly skilled professionals and thereby strengthen Vietnam's tourism and hospitality industries. Jimmy Pham of KOTO emphasizes that this exchange event provides a platform for KOTO trainees to gain insights, skills and secrets from top culinary experts.

The project is expected to inspire the next generation of Vietnamese food enthusiasts and establish Vietnamese gastronomy as a global culinary phenomenon.

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