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Foreign investors remain confident about Vietnam's business environment
Foreign investors poured nearly US$1.7 billion into Vietnam as of January 20.
17:58, 2023/01/24
Vietnam’s tourism forecast to strongly rebound in five years
In 2024, Vietnam's tourism revenues are expected to reach US$11 billion, which will surpass the pre-pandemic amount of $10.8 billion in 2019.
11:16, 2023/01/22
Tourism firms upbeat about Vietnam's 2023 outlook
Local businesses are advised to be more creative, react faster, and have more resources to adapt to unforeseen changes by 2023.
23:12, 2023/01/21
Surge in travel demand in Vietnam's airports ahead of Tet
Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi has taken measures to prepare for a throughput of over 100,000 passengers per day during Tet holiday.
17:08, 2023/01/18
Hanoi to host AeroExpo Hanoi & Vietnam Aviation Forum 2023 in March
Leading firms from 15 countries will bring advanced products and technologies to the four-day event.
16:59, 2023/01/18
Vietnam, S.Korea eye US$100-billion trade turnover in 2023
South Korea is currently the largest foreign investor in Vietnam, with total FDI commitments of $80.5 billion, and the third trade partner with a total turnover of $88 billion in 2022.
14:05, 2023/01/09
[Infographic] Vietnam's tourism performance before and after Covid-19
Vietnam's tourism continues to demonstrate a strong and steady recovery from the pandemic's effects despite mounting economic and geopolitical challenges since its reopening to international visitors in March 2022.
20:38, 2023/01/08
5G to boost Vietnam's growth
The fifth-generation technology (5G) provides a high-speed Internet connection 100 times faster than 4G.
15:07, 2023/01/07
Vietnamese unicorn among 10 Asian companies to watch in 2023
With users in more than 130 countries, VNG aims to reach 320 million customers globally in 2023.
08:08, 2023/01/07
Hanoi to create breakthroughs for tourism in 2023
The city's tourism industry is designed to be professional and highly competitive thanks to increasing investment, incentive mechanisms, and digital transformation.
22:37, 2023/01/04
Hanoi plans to increase supporting firms
Hanoi hopes to strengthen local enterprises in ancillary industries and help them join global supply chains.
20:55, 2023/01/04
Mong Cai Bordergate City to drop crossborder Covid-19 test requirements
Mong Cai City is home to Mong Cai International Border Gate, one of the most important international border gates in the trade relationship between Vietnam and China.
15:16, 2023/01/04
Vietnamese Gov’t to prioritize capital market development in 2023
This is part of an overall plan for Vietnam to stabilize economic fundamentals, contain inflation, and boost growth.
17:04, 2023/01/02
Hanoi sets to welcome 3 million int’l tourists in 2023
Hanoi's tourism industry will continue to roll out initiatives to maintain its role as a tourist hub of the country and build the city's image as a safe and attractive destination.
14:17, 2022/12/30
Hanoi targets to attract US$400 million in industrial parks
Hanoi's industrial parks is home to more than 700 projects with registered capital of $6.3 billion.
15:30, 2022/12/29
Vietnam eyes policies to attract FDI in chip production
The country has gradually developed into a semiconductor manufacturing hub for the growth of the chip manufacturing sector.
12:52, 2022/12/28
Vietnam's tourism and aviation partner for travel development
The two sectors are expected to soon develop policies that will help their companies overcome the impacts of Covid-19, recover and thrive.
15:15, 2022/12/25
Vietnam positioned itself as more investor-friendly: Singapore businesses
Vietnam, thanks to its robust infrastructure development and favorable conditions for foreign investment, strategic location close to major Asia countries, and important shipping routes, has created a business-friendly environment.
22:33, 2022/12/23
Hanoi welcomes 18.7 million tourists this year
Tourism revenue is estimated at more than VND60 trillion (US$2.54 billion), up 5.3 times on year.
14:58, 2022/12/23
Samsung Vietnam opens largest R&D center in Southeast Asia
The new R&D center is expected to improve Vietnam's industrial competitiveness.
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