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Vietnam spends US$9 billion on oil imports in 2022
South Korea was the largest petroleum supplier of Vietnam, with 3.22 million tons, up 96% year on year.
20:05, 2023/01/26
Vietnam set for robust economic growth in 2023: Experts
The country’s economic performance next year will remain solid despite strong headwinds.
12:00, 2023/01/22
Hanoi eyes comprehensive development in 2023: Mayor
In 2023, the city is determined to successfully implement its yearly socio-economic goals and realize part of the 2021-2025 key development tasks.
14:45, 2023/01/19
Vietnam calls for int’l support in green development
Vietnam would not sacrifice social advancement, equality, and the environment for economic growth.
13:45, 2023/01/17
Switzerland to support Vietnam’s transition to green economy
Vietnam encourages Swiss investment in high-priority fields such as finance banking, insurance, manufacturing and processing, pharmacy, renewables, and tourism.
16:27, 2023/01/12
Vietnamese Govt to restructure real estate, bond markets in 2023
The main objective for Vietnam in 2023 remains to ensure stable macroeconomic fundamentals, contain inflation, and boost growth.
14:41, 2023/01/10
Vietnam strives to become developed country by 2050
The average GDP growth should be around 7% for 2021-2030, and GDP per capita would reach US$7,500 by 2030.
21:55, 2023/01/06
Vietnam targets GDP per capita at US$32,000 by 2050
The country by 2030 will become a developing country with modern industrial sectors and reach the upper-middle income status.
11:56, 2023/01/06
Fresh Vietnamese longan to land in Japan this week
Vietnam exported fresh longan to this tough market for the first time after six years of negotiations and preparations.
11:07, 2023/01/06
Vietnam to benefit from China’s reopening
China's border reopening will positively impact many Vietnamese enterprises' business activities.
17:59, 2022/12/29
Vietnam’s GDP growth hits 12-year high of 8.02% in 2022
The country is listed among outperformers in Asia thanks to lingering re-opening tailwinds.
14:37, 2022/12/28
EVFTA remains untapped for Vietnamese businesses
Vietnam's exports to the EU accounted for only 2% of the bloc's total imports of US$2.5 billion annually.
14:59, 2022/12/27
Hanoi to build digital trade promotion ecosystem
The authorities would organize a series of training courses and conferences on software applications and digitization for those directly involved in the trade promotion ecosystem.
14:28, 2022/12/27
Vietnam among top economies with highest trade revenue in 2022
The country recorded a trade surplus for the seventh consecutive year of almost US$11 billion.
21:15, 2022/12/24
HSBC raises Vietnam’s GDP economic prospects
Vietnam is likely to remain one of the outperformers in Asia.
06:40, 2022/12/23
Setting up economic corridors a key part of Vietnam 2021-2030 master plan
The overall target of the master plan is for Vietnam to become a modern industrial country with upper-middle income status by 2030.
12:26, 2022/12/19
Vietnam's rice exports break price records
The market will remain favorable for Vietnam's rice exports through the first quarter of 2023.
15:28, 2022/12/15
Vietnam's turnover to hit record high of US$700 billion in 2022
This showed a big leap in Vietnam’s trade performance over the past two decades, starting at a modest $30 billion in turnover in 2001.
14:10, 2022/12/14
ADB forecasts Vietnam's economy to grow 7.5% this year
Vietnam remains one of the world's fastest growing economies this year, despite the gloomy global outlook.
13:55, 2022/12/09
Vietnam sees relations with France as part of independent foreign policy: Party chief
Both sides should take the partnership to a new level to generate mutual benefits for the people of the two countries, contributing to peace, cooperation, and development in the region and the world.
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