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Construction of Hanoi’s Ring-road No.4 set to begin next June
Ring-road No.4, one of the nine projects of national priority, is expected to create driving forces for Vietnam’s socio-economic recovery.
14:32, 2022/07/25
PM to lead Steering Committee on national key transport projects
The Steering Committee is tasked with pushing for the implementation of six transport projects of national priority.
15:10, 2022/07/22
Work kicks off on Vong Xuyen Industrial Cluster
The capital city has identified infrastructure development as a focal point for its economic growth, in which industrial parks are the center.
14:24, 2022/07/21
Hanoi has new high-tech oncology hospital
The hospital will apply high technology and new therapies in treatment.
17:47, 2022/07/18
Will office rental demand in Vietnam drop as hybrid working gets trendy?
In the next few years, Gen Z will be the main trend-setter of the workplace of the future.
12:05, 2022/07/15
Transport ministry approves 12 sub-components under North-South expressway projects
The construction phase is set to start on December 31, 2022.
12:00, 2022/07/15
Removing barriers to boost real estate development in Vietnam
The Ministry of Construction will submit to the National Assembly for approval of regulations and laws related to real estate.
14:11, 2022/07/13
VinFast raises $4 billion for its plant in US
Vietnamese electric-vehicle maker VinFast has signed agreements with Credit Suisse and Citigroup to raise $4 billion globally to fund its Carolina-based EV plant.
13:06, 2022/07/13
Hanoi to build regulations on renovating and rebuilding old apartments
The study of the situation of the old apartment buildings in Hanoi will conclude in the third quarter, laying the groundwork for the issuance of regulations on renovating and rebuilding such constructions.
17:44, 2022/07/10
Vietnamese urban architecture: Opening doors for living spaces with past-future harmony
The future profiles of Vietnamese big cities and surrounding areas from the perspective of local urban planners.
15:14, 2022/06/21
Urban planning essential for Hanoi to realize economic potential: Experts
Effective urban planning would help Hanoi better utilize urban economic models for sustainable development.
12:13, 2022/06/11
Ring road No.4 – an urgent project for growth
The project is a transportation corridor and economic engine for the growth of the Red River Delta.
10:59, 2022/06/04
Hanoi tightens management over old French-style villas
By 2025, Hanoi aims to renovate 60 villas and other structures under the management of the municipal authorities and the Vietnamese Government.
20:56, 2022/05/03
PM sets up task forces to accelerate public investment in 2022
The responsibilities of the task force groups are to identify bottlenecks and difficulties facing ministries, central agencies, and provinces during the implementation of public investment.
11:38, 2022/04/19
More than 360km of North-South expressway to be completed this year
The Eastern North-South expressway project is of national priority, for which an acceleration in construction progress should not undermine the quality of the project.
20:17, 2022/04/05
PM urges localities to prioritize infrastructure development
The Vietnamese Government is working on the construction of over 1,900 kilometers of expressway with total investment capital of over VND500 trillion ($22 billion).
13:44, 2022/03/28
Hanoi to build culture and tourist park on alluvial islet in Red River
Hoan Kiem District’s authority plans to build a recreational area in the alluvial islet in the Red River.
16:27, 2022/03/25
Vietbuild Hanoi International Exhibition 2022 attracts 1,000 booths
Vietbuild 2022 is taking place until March 27.
12:31, 2022/03/14
Policies required to promote urban underground construction in Vietnam
It's necessary to have legal frameworks for underground construction that is booming in Vietnam.
18:30, 2022/03/11
Vietnam car sales rise 34% in two-month period
An improved Covid-19 situation in Vietnam and ongoing Government support policies for the car market would lead to stronger growth in car sale figures in the coming months.
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