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Bringing smart farming closer to Hanoi farmers
Joining the digital society, building smart agriculture and a digital marketplace are requirements for all farmers today.
08:23, 2024/02/22
Vietnamese agriculture needs proper branding strategy: business insiders
About 90% of Vietnam's agro exports are low-value-added commodities.
15:25, 2024/02/09
Vietnam to grow one million hectares of low-carbon rice
The plan matters a lot to Vietnam as the country pursues climate change targets and promotes rice trade with strategic partners amid global food concerns.
21:16, 2024/01/30
A new vision for Hanoi agriculture in 2024
Overcoming many difficulties and challenges, Hanoi's agricultural sector grew by 2.74% in 2023.
10:11, 2024/02/24
Over 100 agricultural stalls at OCOP fair
The fair runs from February 22 to 25 at Va Temple, Trung Hung Ward, Son Tay Town, Hanoi.
13:06, 2024/02/20
Hanoi to support OCOP entities export in 2024
In 2024, Hanoi will continue to support One Product One Commune (OCOP) entities to standardize production processes for export.
07:34, 2024/02/08
Hanoi Cooperative Alliance boosts Tet product consumption
Hanoi Cooperative Alliance has organized exhibitions and showcases to increase the consumption of Tet products made by the collective economy.
11:17, 2024/02/05
Less-emission production fuels Vietnam’s sustainable agriculture
The innovative approach enables Vietnamese farmers to produce high-quality products while contributing to the country’s green growth toward low-carbon pathways.
08:43, 2024/02/04
Hanoi's flower regions to bloom as ecotourism hotspots
With just over a week to go, Hanoi's vibrant flower villages are buzzing with farmers busily tending and harvesting a wide range of flowers in preparation for the bustling Lunar New Year market in 2024.
07:40, 2024/01/30
Trade and tourism promotion fair for OCOP products underway in Hanoi suburb
The fair is open to visitors from January 26 to 30.
23:51, 2024/01/17
Hanoi boosts agricultural exports
Hanoi has drawn up a plan to develop Japonica rice production and high-quality rice to meet export standards.
19:14, 2024/01/17
Vietnam steps up efforts to boost OCOP exports
By the end of 2023, Vietnam had 11,054 One Commune One Product (OCOP) items, exceeding the 10% target set for 2021-2025.
17:04, 2024/01/10
Over 1,000 agricultural products showcased at OCOP trade fair in Hanoi suburb
The fair aims to contribute to the development of the agricultural economy, the construction of new rural areas and the preservation of community spaces in rural villages.
13:21, 2024/01/08
Vietnamese livestock exports to reach $3-4bn by 2030
The plan seeks to enhance livestock processing methods, bolster food safety measures, diversify product offerings, and broaden market and export prospects.
16:32, 2024/01/06
Hanoi to host peach blossom and kumquat festival
The event aims to honor the artisanal villages specializing in peach blossom and kumquat cultivation in Tay Ho District and Hanoi.
12:04, 2024/01/04
Hanoi's agricultural sector aims for 3% growth in 2024
The city continues to increase the number of safe agricultural production-consumption chains to 159, including 53 for meat products and 106 for plant-derived products.
15:34, 2024/01/03
Hanoi artisanal villages raise position, disseminate values
Fairs, competitions and festivals have also been organized both domestically and internationally to celebrate the products of craft villages.
15:57, 2023/12/29
Hanoi Agricultural Products Festival 2023 to boost local economy
The Hanoi Agricultural Products Festival 2023 will be held from December 27 to 31 at Splendora Urban Area, An Khanh Commune, Hoai Duc District, Hanoi.
21:54, 2023/12/18
Hanoi to set up 10 creative design centers to boost tourism
The centers are designed to increase the capacity of local artisans for creative design aimed at tourism.
21:11, 2023/12/14
Thriving against the odds: Vietnamese farmers prosper on arid and challenging land
Once a barren land where locals faced numerous challenges in their struggle to make a living and overcome poverty, it has undergone a remarkable transformation, thanks to flourishing asparagus farming.
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