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Vietnam envisions low-carbon agricultural sector
The country called for support from the global community in enhancing climate resilience capabilities for the Mekong Delta region, eventually contributing to national and regional food security.
13:17, 2022/05/14
Vietnam seeks sustainable partnership with US in agricultural production
Businesses from the two countries signed four memorandum of understanding (MoU) in facilitating trade and agricultural production.
21:13, 2022/05/05
Vietnam negotiates new markets for local farm produce
During the first four months of 2022, total exports of Vietnam’s farm produce rose by 15.6% year-on-year to nearly US$18 billion.
09:43, 2022/04/11
Int’l agritech helps solve Vietnam pressing challenges in agriculture
The first AgriTech landing pad program provides entrepreneurs 1-on-1 tailored support in a Vietnamese market hungry for transformative solutions.
15:46, 2022/03/29
Vietnam joins Australia's new visa program for agricultural workers
Around 1,000 Vietnamese workers will be allowed to go to Australia to work in the agricultural sector each year.
15:35, 2022/03/23
Digital transformation creates breakthrough for Hanoi farming
The success of digital transformation requires the drastic involvement of departments and levels, especially state management agencies and the media.
16:17, 2022/03/19
Hanoi to pilot agricultural and rural tourism models this year
The models include agriculture, rural areas, community tourism, smart villages, and craft villages.
18:00, 2022/02/23
Hanoi prioritizes sustainable development of agricultural production
The development of large-scale concentrated cultivation areas would help Hanoi meet growing demands for high-quality farm products in the domestic market and abroad.
10:13, 2022/02/21
Vietnam announces strategy to become world’s major farm producer by 2030
Vietnam’s agricultural production will focus on competitiveness and market demands.
11:21, 2022/02/17
Bringing farm produce abroad: Role of overseas Vietnamese is significant
Vietnam’s agricultural products are expected to succeed in choosy markets one day with combined efforts of overseas Vietnamese.
17:40, 2022/02/08
Vietnam targets green and climate-resilient agricultural sector by 2030
The income level of farmers is expected to rise 2.5-3-fold against 2020, along with the reduction of the multidimensional poverty rate by 1-1.5%.
17:01, 2022/02/08
Hanoi to make OCOP product brands stronger
The capital will cooperate with relevant ministries and departments to organize the International Forum on OCOP products, safe agricultural items, and handicrafts in 2022.
09:33, 2022/02/04
Hanoi agriculture to achieve growth of 3% this year
The farm industry will continue to face many challenges in the context of the persisting pandemic.
15:28, 2022/01/19
Asia biggest rice mill inaugurated in Vietnam
Vietnam is currently the world’s second largest rice exporter, shipping more than six million tons/year.
18:24, 2022/01/13
Vietnam urges China to open doors to farm produce
Volume shipped to China accounts for almost 20% of Vietnam’s total agricultural exports.
10:46, 2022/01/03
Hanoi completes classification for 595 OCOP products
With the classified 1,054 OCOP products in 2019-2020, Hanoi is the leading locality in the country in the total number of OCOP rated items with 5,105 products.
18:07, 2021/12/22
OCOP Vietnam Craft Villages and Products Fair underway until January 2022
The fair displays and promotes handicraft and agricultural products under the One Commune One Product program (OCOP).
18:42, 2021/12/13
Hanoi Agriculture Fair 2021 to promote OCOP products
The event will run from December 16 to 19 in Hanoi.
17:38, 2021/12/13
Vietnam's farm exports set to hit record in 2021
Such positive results come from the sector’s restructuring process that aims to meet the demands from export markets.
21:16, 2021/12/06
Hanoi takes action to promote handicrafts and OCOP products
The exhibition will run until December 8.
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