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Vietnamese Gov’t cuts taxes, fees worth US$9.4 billion in 2022
The cut is necessary to help citizens weather inflation and support socioeconomic recovery.
20:49, 2022/10/26
Hanoi to join OCOP Vietnam Craft Villages and Products Fair
The fair is part of many activities promoting consumption of products under the National One Commune One Product (OCOP) program.
20:30, 2022/10/26
Vietnamese Gov’t approves national planning for 2021-2030
The planning would serve as the basis for Vietnam to become an upper-middle-income country by 2030.
18:03, 2022/10/25
Vietnam’s prospects remain reassuring amid global uncertainty: Foreign experts
An export-oriented manufacturing and inbound foreign direct investment drive Vietnam's economic growth.
21:02, 2022/10/24
Hanoi's retailers stimulate shopping demand by the year’s end
The city will continue to roll out promotional programs from now until the end of the year.
17:03, 2022/10/24
Vietnam needs to have market leaders in logistics
The Government would continue to support local logistics firms in improving their competitiveness and allocate funds for transport infrastructure development.
17:17, 2022/10/21
Hanoi, Athens discuss bilateral relation development
Athens is known as the European Capital of Culture with a long history of more than 3,400 years.
10:47, 2022/10/21
Hanoi continues strengthening food safety control
Enhancing post-inspection sanctions for agricultural products and foodstuffs has been identified by Hanoi authorities as an important measure to deal with food safety violations.
20:30, 2022/10/20
Hanoi Gift Show 2022 kicks off
The four-day event kicked off on October 20 and will run until October 23.
06:58, 2022/10/20
Vietnam reviews progress on sustainable development goals
Sustainable Development Goals have become a key priority in Vietnam’s development strategies at every level to ensure that “no one is left behind.”
16:48, 2022/10/18
Hanoi’s K-Expo Vietnam 2022 connects South Korean and Vietnamese firms
The expo aims to boost cooperation between Korea, Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries.
16:26, 2022/10/18
Hanoi's exporters outperform FDI firms in Jan-Sep
Between January and September, Hanoi's domestic companies earned a total of US$7.1 billion from exports, while FDI firms sold $6 billion worth of products to overseas markets.
15:37, 2022/10/18
Vietnam-Singapore work toward digital, green economy partnership
Vietnam and Singapore remain each other's top partner in the region and are committed to further strengthening the partnership.
20:08, 2022/10/17
Vietnam among most dynamic investment destinations for European businesses
A worsening global economic environment is taking its toll on the optimism amongst European business leaders in Vietnam.
17:52, 2022/10/13
No petrol shortage for domestic use: Trade ministry
The Ministry of Industry and Trade is committed to ensuring sufficient supplies of petroleum products for the domestic market.
16:31, 2022/10/12
Vietnam set to be ASEAN’s fastest growing economy in 2022
The country’s positive outlook is bucking the slowing trend of the region.
13:17, 2022/10/06
Vietnam’s economy stands firm in rapid recovery path: AMRO
The country’s economy is predicted to be among the fastest-growing in the region.
07:14, 2022/10/06
Hanoi a top destination for ASEAN investors
Many ASEAN companies in recent years have found Hanoi a top choice for investment as the city is in good shape in terms of manpower, political stability, and business environment.
20:12, 2022/10/05
Macro stability considered key for Vietnam’s growth in remaining months: Gov’t
Stability is essential for Vietnam to mantain growth amid growing global uncertainties.
15:23, 2022/10/04
Local firms urged to stay proactive in intellectual property protection
Vietnamese companies have enjoyed fruitful opportunities in an open digital economy. However, weak management of intellectual properties has hindered their chance to be more competitive in the global market.
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