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Vietnam warned of lagging behind in economic recovery
Enterprises need the resources to restructure operations and improve their corporate governance capabilities to not only survive but thrive.
18:01, 2021/07/31
US removes anti-dumping duty on Vietnam's OCTGs
Oil country tubular goods (OCTGs) are essentially tubes that are used in oil and gas production.
14:59, 2021/07/30
Vietnam expects no trade barrier in export to US: Trade Ministry
Vietnam would stay active in cooperating with the US to address the latter’s concern in a comprehensive way to ensure a balanced trade relationship.
10:02, 2021/07/30
Vietnam exports surge over 25% to US$186 billion in 7-month period
The current Covid-19 outbreak has inevitably caused a sharp drop in consumer spending and a potential rise in living costs, but exports remained a driving force for growth with consistent performance.
21:42, 2021/07/29
Exports remain key role in Vietnam's economic growth
The pace of export will depend on the recovery of the global economy and the competitiveness of Vietnam’s export staples.
11:04, 2021/07/28
IMF maintains Vietnam GDP forecast at 6.5% in 2021
Vietnam remains on track to be the fastest-growing economy in Southeast Asia.
16:55, 2021/07/27
Hanoi has over 8,000 essential goods outlets during social distancing period
The city’s authority is cooperating with relevant units to ensure the supply of essential goods.
14:37, 2021/07/26
Australian consumers enjoy Vietnamese dragon fruit at trade fair
A program to introduce Vietnamese dragon fruit will last until August 10 in Australia.
15:10, 2021/07/25
Hanoi retailes committed to ensuring goods supply at unchanged prices
To ensure the supply, the city has allowed the operation of delivery services but banned freelance shippers.
12:47, 2021/07/24
USTR confirms no trade action against Vietnam
The US highlighted Vietnam’s commitment to addressing US concerns, which in turn, set an important example for the Indo-Pacific region.
21:42, 2021/07/21
Vietnam's transport authority proposes cutting flights from southern localities to Hanoi
The proposal stems from the Hanoi People’s Committee’s concern about the high risk of infection.
16:58, 2021/07/21
First rail freight service from Hanoi to Belgium
As international sea transport is facing difficult times, there are a surge in demand for international goods transport from Vietnam to the EU.
14:26, 2021/07/21
Vietnam-EU trade turnover grows strong one year since EVFTA
For the first six months of 2021, Vietnam-EU trade turnover rose by 18.4% year-on-year to US$27.67 billion.
11:35, 2021/07/21
Vietnamese Gov’t maintains constructive dialogue with US over economic relations
More opportunities are arising to strengthen cooperation between Vietnam and the US in finance- and monetary related issues to boost their respective economic recoveries in the post-Covid-19 pandemic.
17:41, 2021/07/19
Hanoi ensures goods supplies amid social distancing
Hanoi's authorities advise people against stockpiling goods and gathering at supermarkets and stores to avoid disease transmission.
08:54, 2021/07/19
Domestic retailers to cement dominant position in Vietnam
Local businesses have promptly applied omni-channels to adapt to the new normal situation.
18:22, 2021/07/15
Vietnam may consider licensing new airlines after 2022
The aviation industry needs to prioritize recovering the domestic and international air transport market in the short term.
13:52, 2021/07/15
Vietnam eyes formation of large scale corporations in retail sector by 2030
Such a large corporation would serve as a market-leading player and reduce the dependence of foreign firms or multinationals for distribution.
22:43, 2021/07/14
Vietnam committed to strengthening economic cooperation with partners
Japan, Singapore, and New Zealand reaffirmed their commitment to boosting cooperation with Vietnam.
18:31, 2021/07/14
Quality talent - a key for Vietnam's aviation recovery
Once the Covid-19 pandemic is over, the aviation industry needs to be well-prepared for taking off.
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