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Vietnam emerges as a strategic location for tech giants
Building high-quality data centers is currently one of the key focuses of Vietnam's digital transformation, in line with its strategy to develop a digital economy and a digital nation.
11:52, 2023/12/05
Hanoi Grand Sale 2023: Over 12,000 promotions worth US$1 billion
Hanoi's retail sales of consumer goods and services reached VND567.5 trillion (US$23.4 billion) in the first 10 months of 2023, up 28.8% year-on-year.
12:30, 2023/11/30
Smart city development emphasizes people as priority: Hanoi vice chairman
The growth of every city hinges on environmentally friendly and sustainable development, with a focus on people-centered approaches.
21:59, 2023/11/27
Vietnam and Belgium enhance trade and investment cooperation
The Belgian companies have shared a common desire to explore and pursue opportunities to co-operate with Vietnamese.
17:29, 2023/12/03
Vietnamese youth trained to raise community awareness of online safety
Vietnam Youth Federation and Google empower youths with digital transformation skills.
18:09, 2023/11/30
Hanoi named Attractive City for Innovation and Startups
"Smart" is the keyword in Hanoi's capital planning for 2021-2030, with a vision for 2050.
20:55, 2023/11/26
Record turnout for Hanoi Midnight Sale 2023
The Hanoi Midnight Sale, combined with Black Friday and other events in the Hanoi Promotion Month program, will be the starting point for the development of the city's night-time economy.
11:43, 2023/11/24
Trading scheme – steppingstone to Vietnam’s carbon neutrality: OECD
Experts argued that the carbon market in Vietnam needs the engagement of different stakeholders, the determination of the government, and the support of international partners.
21:21, 2023/11/23
Vietnam's green hydrogen export potential reaches 23 million tons: Experts
Vietnam's orientation is to focus on offshore wind power in combination with other renewable energy sources to produce new energy for domestic demand and export.
18:20, 2023/11/23
FDI into Vietnam remains steady amid global uncertainties: WB
Manufacturing continues to be the main sector attracting FDI into Vietnam.
18:26, 2023/11/15
Hanoi calls for support in tourism infrastructure: Vice Chairman of Hanoi
At the virtual conference chaired by Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh today, experts urge visa waivers and simplified procedures to boost tourism.
20:35, 2023/11/13
Hanoi paves the way for enhanced Vietnam-China economic cooperation
The signing of this agreement between the provinces and cities of two countries demonstrates the will and determination of the localities to build a prosperous and sustainable economic corridor.
13:30, 2023/11/10
Uniqlo opens another store in downtown Hanoi
It's Uniqlo's 10th store in the capital city.
14:35, 2023/11/09
“Pioneer the Possible”: Swedish expertise for Vietnam’s engagement in co-innovation
The model from Sweden with support from leading Swedish companies helps foster collaboration to inspire the next generation in Vietnam who will pioneer positive change.
09:55, 2023/11/09
New visa policy opens doors for longer and more interesting tours in Hanoi
Hanoi, the country's main tourist hub, is developing several attractive cultural and tourism activities to draw visitors, building on the relaxed visa policy.
08:52, 2023/11/09
Vietnam’s ambitious offshore wind targets magnetic to foreign investors
An ambitious target with support from the government would help channel foreign investment, including investors with experience and technologies in renewables like world-class energy developer Equinor.
07:48, 2023/11/09
Investment and infrastructure: key to revitalizing Hanoi rural tourism
Rural areas are likened to a "gold mine" for Hanoi's tourism industry to extract diverse products and draw tourists, provided policies encourage people and businesses to invest in rural tourism.
07:42, 2023/11/09
Hanoi team wins at Hack A Day 2023
Vietnam successfully occupied seven positions in the top 10 out of 61 teams participating in Hack A Day 2023 with the Capture The Flag competition, which aims to raise cybersecurity awareness and nurture young Vietnamese tech talent.
21:41, 2023/11/08
Vietnam strives to achieve over 5% GDP growth in 2023: Prime Minister
The Government is prioritizing solutions to boost three main sources of growth: investment, consumption, and exports.
15:28, 2023/11/08
Vietnam-Korea IT Cooperation Alliance promotes cooperation in digital transformation
A partnership representing information technology companies in Vietnam and South Korea has been formed to help companies access and penetrate each other's markets.
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