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“Vietnam - Go there to experience” to kick off for domestic travelers
The tourism authority will implement stimulus programs for domestic tourism in 2020 which are expected to help the industry recover.
12:58, 2020/05/09
Hanoi hosts expo to mark President Ho Chi Minh’s birthday
On display are nearly 250 photos of Uncle Ho and materials showing his life events and political career that made him Vietnam's National Hero.
14:32, 2020/02/03
Series of New Year festivals suspended due to coronavirus epidemic
The coronavirus epidemic has affected the cultural and religious life in Vietnam.
18:08, 2020/01/17
Bidding farewell to the Kitchen Gods, Vietnamese people offer them red carps
Fire is set in stoves across the country to burn joss paper, votive boots, hats and other offerings for the Gods while living carps are released to ponds and lakes.
14:52, 2020/01/09
“Balade en France” – French cuisine festival in the heart of Hanoi
The visitors may grab chances to taste some classy dishes by chefs from French restaurants in Hanoi with affordable prices.
01:02, 2019/12/24
Vietnamese traditional Tet recreated in Hanoi’s Old Quarter
The most significant ritual of the New Year event is the Neu pole raising ceremony at the Ngoc Son Temple’s gate by Hoan Kiem lake.
13:50, 2019/12/13
First-ever folk culture festival to be held in downtown Hanoi
This is an occasion for Hanoi to honor and promote the rich and long-standing cultural and intellectual values as well as the humanistic culture of the land of the Rising Dragon.
09:10, 2019/12/13
International Food Festival: Where warm hearts shine
Many embassies participate in the event for charitable work.
14:24, 2019/12/11
Upland market recreated in Hanoi to welcome new year
The activities taking place at the Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism in Son Tay district of Hanoi.
14:56, 2019/11/13
World-famous French wine Beaujolais Nouveau 2019 to be held in Hanoi
Visitors to the event will be served the imported Beaujolais wine as well as tasting the special dished from the five most popular French restaurants in Hanoi.
08:53, 2019/11/06
Hanoi to host serial activities to honor Vietnamese ethnic groups’ cultural quintessence
The event introduces several folk dances, folk singing, cuisines, and local products, which show the Vietnamese ethnic groups’ cultures and customs.
14:58, 2019/11/05
Tasting South Korean foods right at the center of Hanoi
This year's event will mark the participants of some renown artists from Vietnam and South Korea namely Ha Le, Min, Kim, Dong Joon, Dynamic Duo, among others.
13:50, 2019/09/11
Hanoi celebrates Mid-autumn Festival with love and sharing
Kind-hearted people have made efforts to help disadvantaged children enjoy cheerful atmosphere of the Mid-autumn Festival.
11:49, 2019/08/27
Celebrating Vietnam’s Independence Day at Culture Village in Hanoi
The event will involve around 300 artists from 15 ethnic minorities, including Mong, Kho Mu, Thai, Tay, Muong, Dao, Ta Oi, Co Tu, E-de, among others.
08:20, 2019/07/15
Artists live up carnival in celebration of Hanoi’s City for Peace recognition
20 years ago, Hanoi was honored by UNESCO with the title during a ceremony held in La Paz, the capital of Bolivia. Hanoi remains the only capital in the Asia-Pacific region being conferred the recognition.
16:49, 2019/07/11
Hoi An Lantern Festival to light up Wernigerode
In 2013, Vietnam’s Hoi An city and Germany’s Wernigerode town signed an agreement, marking the debut of a sisterhood between two cities.
15:20, 2019/07/11
Nearly 10,000 people to join walk to mark 20th anniversary of Hanoi's recognition as City for Peace
Hanoi People’s Committee will organize many activities to mark the 20th anniversary of the city’s recognition as City for Peace by the UNESCO General Assembly.
13:40, 2019/07/08
Finland’s team wins Da Nang International Fireworks Festival 2019
The festival has made Da Nang one of Vietnam’s top tourism destinations for summer.
11:37, 2019/07/02
Vietnam – China extend culture and tourism cooperation
The exhibition consists of four thematic sections on ethnic culture, municipal culture, historical culture and landscape culture.
16:39, 2019/06/28
South Korea anounces welcome week for Vietnamese visitors
The meeting between Vietnamese and South Korean ministers of Culture, Tourism and Sports Nguyen Ngoc Thien and Park Yang-woo aims to strengthen cooperation in the fields of culture, sport and tourism between the two countries.
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