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Vietnam International Travel Mart 2019 opens in Hanoi
More than 18,000 tour packages and 40,000 air tickets with special discounts will be offered at the 2019 Vietnam International Travel Mart (VITM).
19:26, 2019/03/23
First-ever Singapore Festival opens in Hanoi
The festival aims to introduce to Hanoians the image of the neighboring nation and the Singaporeans.
09:38, 2019/03/20
Vietnam among most active countries to join Gout de France
The annual event aims to introduce the beauty of French cuisine, a culinary art has been declared a “world intangible heritage” by the UNESCO.
16:48, 2019/03/18
First-ever Singapore Festival to be held in Hanoi
The festival is the best chance to expand cultural exchanges between Vietnam and Singapore.
15:38, 2019/03/18
Ao Dai Festival Ho Chi Minh City attracts over 100,000 visitors
The festival aims to honor and promote the beauty of Vietnam`s Ao Dai, contribute to preserving and promoting traditional values of the nation.
13:03, 2019/03/17
Ban Flower Festival 2019 opens in Dien Bien
The festival aims to honor and protect cultural heritages and introduce Dien Bien Phu land and people to domestic and foreign friends so as to promote local tourism.
09:04, 2019/03/15
Italian Design Day aims to give new ideas to Hanoi architecture
The Italian Design Day with theme “Future City and Heritage Preservation” will be held this month, focusing on design and sustainability.
17:37, 2019/03/14
Fireworks to light up Ho Chi Minh City’s skies marking Reunification Day
Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee has issued a plan on the celebration of 44 years of the National Reunification Day (April 30, 1975) and the 133rd May Day (May 1, 1886).
17:38, 2019/03/13
Vietnam International Travel Mart 2019 expects to welcome over 85,000 visitors
More than 18,000 tour packages and 100,000 air tickets with special discounts will be offered at Vietnam International Travel Mart.
16:48, 2019/03/12
2019 Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa Sea Festival expected to boost local tourism
Khanh Hoa province People’s Committee has approved the plan for the organization of the 2019 Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa Sea Festival, which is scheduled to take place in the central province from May 10 to 13.
10:23, 2019/03/12
First-ever Ban Flowers Festival to be held in Hanoi
The first Ban (Bauhinia) Flower Festival in Hanoi is expected to welcome 300,000 visitors.
11:58, 2019/03/11
Boisterous Japanese Culture Festival in Da Nang
Da Nang has been the favourite site for the annual Vietnam - Japan Culture Exchange since 2012.
15:30, 2019/03/09
Vietnamese Culture Festival in Hanoi to honor traditional values
The unique festival aims to preserve traditional Vietnamese culture and build international cultural friendships.
11:58, 2019/03/07
Vietnam promotes tourism at world-class fair in Germany
The Vietnam booth at the 2019 International Tourism Exchange in Berlin (ITB) drew attention from thousands of visitors.
17:47, 2019/03/06
First-ever Vietnam Travel Fest expects to welcome 40,000 visitors
The first ever Vietnam Travel Fest aims to create a platform for travel lovers from Vietnam and abroad and meet the increasing travel demand.
17:04, 2019/03/05
Pac Bo Festival to be held for first time
The festival is designed to raise public awareness about the country’s revolutionary cause and history, as well as honor traditional cultural values and promote local tourism.
15:02, 2019/03/04
More than 3,000 participants at mass parade in 6th Ao Dai festival
The festival aims to honor Vietnam’s traditional costume and promote Ho Chi Minh City’s tourism to domestic and foreign visitors.
17:34, 2019/02/20
Hanoi enjoys Vietnam Airlines Festa
The event is organized by the Hanoi People’s Committee in coordination with national flag carrier Vietnam Airlines.
11:38, 2019/02/18
Int'l sailing tournament - the Vung Tau Marina Cup attracts 48 racers
The winner of the race will receive prize money worth VND100 million (US$4,300).
10:10, 2019/02/17
Over 700 racers to attend the Dragon Boat Racing in Hanoi
The race is part of activities to realize a cooperation agreement on cultural and sport development in the city between the Hanoi People’s Committee and national flag carrier Vietnam Airlines.
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