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Panoramic view of US$101 million military museum in Hanoi
The museum will be a place for learning, research, cultural enjoyment, and tourism for the people, the armed forces, and international tourists with various artifacts and information.
15:37, 2024/02/22
Hanoi in the midst of Spring festival season
The Sai Temple Festival is a unique celebration of the capital.
16:57, 2024/02/22
Hanoi: Unique fire-finding ritual for luck
Finding a lucky fire and bringing it home unquenched is said to be an ancient ritual of An Dinh villagers in Yen Nghia Ward, Ha Dong District.
10:30, 2024/02/17
Hanoi's Saint Giong Festival underway
One of Hanoi's most fascinating and historic events, the festival is a tribute to Saint Giong, one of Vietnam's four immortals.
16:19, 2023/08/07
Beauty of an old Vietnamese communal house on the shore of Hoan Kiem Lake
The century-old community house is a must-see destination for visitors exploring Hanoi's iconic lake.
14:06, 2023/08/04
Ha Dong District after 15 years of administrative boundary adjustment
Ha Dong District aims to become a fast, comprehensive and sustainable developing urban area.
20:22, 2023/08/02
“Cu Lao Cham: Island of Life” new short documentary released
Amidst difficult climate change and industrialization, Vietnam’s Cu Lao Cham archipelago is unspoiled.
21:28, 2023/08/01
Resolution 15 outcomes: Hanoi's suburbs “dress up in new clothes”
The countryside on the outskirts of Hanoi has become more modern 15 years after the capital's boundary expansion, which falls on August 1, 2023.
05:57, 2023/07/25
Valuable artifacts inside Hanoi's military-themed museum
The newly opened General Nguyen Chi Thanh Military Museum is expected to become an exciting place for those interested in history in Hanoi.
17:23, 2023/07/18
Beauty of France-designed barrack's gate in Hanoi
The historical site associated with the legendary August Revolution in Hanoi has regained its marvelous inherent beauty after restoration.
16:38, 2023/07/14
Romantic Hanoi in Dracontomelon harvest season
The Indochina dragon plum, a historic tree in Hanoi, is revered for its ability to shade pathways, create magnificent carpets of leaves and flowers, and bear delicious fruit.
18:04, 2023/07/12
A glance at Ho Guom Opera
Ho Guom Opera is equipped with a sophisticated digital signal processor and a world-class loudspeaker system.
19:22, 2023/06/26
Haedong Yonggungsa Temple: Attraction for culture lovers
Haedong Yonggungsa Temple is one of the three sacred sites related to Goddess Buddha of Mercy in South Korea.
21:46, 2023/06/04
Breathtaking lotus pond outside Hanoi
Visitors are amazed by thousands of beautiful lotuses in Hanoi's suburbs in early summer.
23:03, 2023/05/31
Hanoi charms as city of red phoenix blossom
Every year around the end of May and the beginning of June, the phoenix flowers bloom on the streets of Hanoi, a kind of flower typical for summer.
16:39, 2023/05/21
Unique collection of 14th century Bat Trang ceramic artifacts on display
This exhibition, featuring a collection of glazed ceramics rich in historical, cultural and aesthetic value, will raise public awareness of the importance of preserving Vietnam's cultural history.
15:04, 2023/05/21
Hanoi streets livened up by Osaka blossoms
Every year in late May, the streets of Hanoi are bathed in the brilliant yellow of Osaka blossoms.
14:38, 2023/05/19
Red flags and banners decorate Hanoi's streets to honor Ho Chi Minh's birthday
Flags, flowers and banners have been unfurled throughout the capital to celebrate the 133rd birthday of President Ho Chi Minh (May 19, 1890 - May 19, 2023).
16:26, 2023/05/11
Beauty of Mu Cang Chai's flooded rice fields
Tourists are won over by the beautiful scenery in the northern Vietnamese hilly region.
07:13, 2023/04/29
Hanoi puts up decorations ahead of Reunification Day
Iconic buildings and streets in downtown Hanoi are decked out in red to celebrate one of the nation's biggest festivals: the 48th National Reunification Anniversary.
18:20, 2023/04/23
Vibrant festival honors ancient Thang Long Citadel protector
The Quan Thanh Temple Festival aims to promote the value of local cultural heritage among locals and visitors to Hanoi.
08:18, 2023/04/22
A taste of yellow leaves on Hanoi's most romantic street
The yellow of the leaves evokes many emotions in Hanoians and serves as a distinguishing element of the thousand-year-old capital.
14:32, 2023/04/19
Various activities celebrate Vietnam Ethnic Groups’ Cultural Day in Hanoi
Once a year, ethnic minorities from all parts of the country gather at the Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism to celebrate Vietnam Ethnic Groups' Culture Day, which field on April 19.
22:10, 2023/04/16
French delegation enjoys tour to Trang An beauty spot
After the success of the 12th Vietnam-France Decentralized Co-operation Conference, the French delegation had a tour to discover the northern mountain province of Ninh Binh.
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