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Panoramic view of US$101 million military museum in Hanoi
The museum will be a place for learning, research, cultural enjoyment, and tourism for the people, the armed forces, and international tourists with various artifacts and information.
15:37, 2024/02/22
Hanoi in the midst of Spring festival season
The Sai Temple Festival is a unique celebration of the capital.
16:57, 2024/02/22
Hanoi: Unique fire-finding ritual for luck
Finding a lucky fire and bringing it home unquenched is said to be an ancient ritual of An Dinh villagers in Yen Nghia Ward, Ha Dong District.
10:30, 2024/02/17
Hanoi's Saint Giong Festival underway
One of Hanoi's most fascinating and historic events, the festival is a tribute to Saint Giong, one of Vietnam's four immortals.
10:32, 2023/01/21
Admiring 2,023 feline statuettes made by Hanoi artist
The collection took the artist two years of work and has no analogs.
15:25, 2023/01/19
Numerous people descend upon “Moc Chau persimmon orchard” in Hanoi
The ripened orchard in chilly winter weather is full of charm, as orange-red persimmons color the garden.
20:55, 2023/01/15
Spring Calligraphy Festival 2023 opened in Hanoi
This year's calligraphy festival will uphold the Vietnamese tradition of study and respect for educators.
12:25, 2023/01/15
Vibrant Quang Phu Cau incense-making village ahead Tet holiday
The splendid beauty of the trade village in Hanoi’s outskirts tinges Tet with colors.
13:29, 2023/01/10
Busy harvesting season at Hanoi's famous grapefruit hub
A week before the Vietnamese traditional holiday, farmers in Dien Village in Bac Tu Liem District, Hanoi, are busy harvesting grapefruits - local specialties.
11:22, 2023/01/07
Hanoi's downtown street decked out in red as Lunar New Year approaches
Hanoians are flocking to Hang Ma Street to purchase traditional objects and decorations for the Lunar New Year.
17:55, 2023/01/03
Phung Hung mural street revived
The Phung Hung Street wall paintings are being urgently restored ahead of the Lunar New Year or Tet holiday.
10:45, 2023/01/01
Hanoi peaceful on 1st day of 2023
The city returns to a peaceful atmosphere when people take a three-day holiday to go back to their hometown or travel.
00:19, 2023/01/01
New Year’s Eve welcomed in Hanoi
A number of places in downtown Hanoi join the world to welcome the new year with different activities that return the capital city to full capacity after two years of reduced festivities due to Covid-19.
07:16, 2022/12/24
Beauty of Vietnam through Dalat Yersin Photography Awards
Winning photos of the Dalat Yersin Photography Awards depict the simple yet amazing beauty of Vietnam's landscapes and people.
13:49, 2022/12/13
Hanoians enjoy snapping pictures of "giant" Christmas trees
Each Christmas season, pine trees in Hanoi are decorated with different concepts.
11:57, 2022/12/11
Locals in queue for Vietnam’s 1st International Arms Expo
The number of visitors surged on the last day of the exhibition which also fell on the weekend, marking the long queue amid cold weather in the capital city.
17:57, 2022/12/10
Hanoi’s incense-making village becomes tourism magnet
Incense from Quang Phu Cau village is available in Vietnam and abroad, including India, China, Malaysia, and other countries.
16:28, 2022/12/08
Vietnam holds 1st International Arms Expo
Vietnam said the expo helps it diversify defense equipment procurement sources to serve missions to protect the people and the nation amid security threats.
09:59, 2022/12/08
Hanoi’s Old Quarter streets sparkle and bustle ahead of Christmas
Stores on the Old Quarter streets at night glow with lights and decorations during the Christmas season.
17:11, 2022/12/04
Hanoians delighted to enjoy wild pear flower in early blooming
This is a good time for Hanoians to buy a branch of wild pear flowers for adorning the houses even before the traditional Lunar New Year festival.
21:02, 2022/12/01
Hanoians huddle against first cold spell of winter when going out
Hanoians have to don extra jackets and bundle up against the biting cold.
18:20, 2022/11/27
Hanoi's West Lake gets facelift
Covering more than 500 hectares with a perimeter of around 15 kilometers, West Lake is famous for its serene and tranquil beauty, the density of solemn historical relics, pagodas, and rows of restaurants and coffee shops.
14:44, 2022/11/25
Lively Black Friday atmosphere on the streets of Hanoi
As Black Friday this year falls on November 25, many clothing and electronic stores in the city have run their discount campaigns in advance.
15:25, 2022/11/24
Young people eagerly enjoy marvelous tithonia diversifolia in Hanoi
Tithonia diversifolia, the flower that gives a sense of warmth to passersby, is said to have been brought to Ba Vi Mountain by the French in the 1930s.
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