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Bucida molinetii greening Hanoi's corners
The poetic beauty created by the young leaves of the Bucida molinetii tree provides green and romantic moments for Hanoians.
20:59, 2024/04/21
Experience long-established cafes in Hanoi's Old Quarter
The cafes have made a name for themselves in the capital city, thanks to the tranquillity they offer in the middle of the bustle of Hanoi.
14:49, 2024/04/15
From Sweden to Vietnam: Renowned chef's passion for Vietnamese cuisine
The well-known chef opened the door for a broader appreciation of foreign flavors in Sweden in the early 1990s by bringing Asian cuisine, particularly Vietnamese nem cuon and banh mi, to the Nordic country.
19:32, 2024/04/14
Foreign diplomats explore Xu Doai culture
Foreign diplomats appreciate Vietnam's ability to preserve its distinct culture and the connection that the program fosters.
06:33, 2022/10/20
Bustling Quang Ba Flower Market before Vietnamese Women’s Day
The beautiful flowers are ready to be handed-over as gift for the upcoming Vietnamese Women’s Day.
15:34, 2022/10/19
Romantic Aster amellus flower adorns Hanoi's autumn
The Aster amellus flower was brought to Vietnam in the early twentieth century and has become one of the typical flowers in Hanoi's autumn.
09:01, 2022/10/17
Ten thousands of passengers ride Hanoi’s Skytrain per day
The ridership of the Hanoi Metro line had increased 2.5 times compared to when the service opened last November.
21:21, 2022/10/09
Unique garden of Thymophylla attracts numerous Hanoians
This flower gives people a feeling of relaxation and stress relief because its scent is gentle and mild.
13:18, 2022/10/09
Hanoi autumn captivates people
Autumn in Hanoi always captivates people with its poetic natural scenery and pleasant weather.
10:07, 2022/09/24
Romantic West Lake in the fall
West Lake, Hanoi is more charming with spectacular sunset scenes in autumn.
11:02, 2022/09/22
Ripening rice season in Mu Cang Chai
The yellow of ripe paddy fields tinges the space in the mountainous area of Mu Cang Chai in autumn, drawing a wonderful picture of nature.
20:42, 2022/09/07
Hanoi artisan revives traditional toys
Exquisite animal toys made of colorful powder may help light up Hang Ma street on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival.
11:41, 2022/09/02
Joyful rhythm of life is back in Hanoi
As the Covid-19 pandemic is well contained, pace of life in Hanoi is once again joyful and bustling.
08:03, 2022/09/02
Hanoian woman makes traditional mooncakes in unique ways
Breathing new life into traditional mooncakes is the way that a Hanoian woman keeps the city’s traditional culture and cuisine alive.
07:41, 2022/09/02
Flag-raising ceremony in Hanoi marks National Independence Day
The flag-raising ceremony at Ba Dinh Square becomes one of the symbols that every Vietnamese expects to witness once in their life.
22:25, 2022/09/01
Noi Bai Airport crowds on first day of National Day holiday
Vietnamese people enjoy four days from September 1 to 4 during the National Day holiday.
18:20, 2022/09/01
Hanoi’s main thoroughfare becomes green again
Pham Van Dong Street is one of the coolest streets in the capital city.
20:45, 2022/08/24
Hanoi's streets brightly decorated for National Day celebration
Red flags, banners, slogans, posters, and big panels have been coloring the streets of Hanoi on August Revolution Anniversary and National Day.
18:52, 2022/08/21
Hang Ma Street gets hectic as Mid-Autumn Festival nears
Hang Ma Street is a sales hub of decorations. After a year of closure due to Covid-19, the street is glowing again with various colored lanterns.
18:31, 2022/08/16
Hanoi's students participate in fire safety knowledge training
The program aims to raise students’ awareness of fire prevention and fighting.
23:04, 2022/08/15
Vietnam, Qatar eye free trade agreement
The countries attempt to strengthen relations on politics, economics, energy, tourism, and manpower to tap potential of both.
20:29, 2022/08/11
Prices of flowers and fruits for July full moon day up in Hanoi
The capital city's markets for the full moon day are more vibrant and diverse than in previous years.
19:47, 2022/08/11
Hanoians lay flowers in memory of deceased firefighters
In the past few days, many Hanoians have come to the People's Police Monument to lay flowers in memory of the three firefighters who died in the line of duty to save others.
12:46, 2022/08/11
[PHOTO] Bird release: Hanoians’ good habit in Vu Lan Festival
Ultimately, releasing birds to their habitat is a way for local people to engage in a spiritual extension of acts of charity to wandering and homeless souls.
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