Hanoi streets livened up by Osaka blossoms
Jenna Duong - Duy Khanh 15:04, 2023/05/21
Every year in late May, the streets of Hanoi are bathed in the brilliant yellow of Osaka blossoms.

Flowers are like mirrors to the seasons in Hanoi, reflecting the passage of time, along with the red of flamboyant, the purple of Lagerstroemia, and the Osaka tree dressing up all over the street with their brilliant yellow in Summer.

Being planted extensively in countries in Southeast Asia, Osaka has the Vietnamese name of "Muong Hoang Yen". It is also called Cassia fistula tree or lantern flower, water scorpion, yellow scorpion, and others.

 In the flowering season of Osaka, which usually falls in late May and early June, Hanoi's space seems to be spread with an iridescent, glittering, and brilliant yellow color.
 Osaka grows best in full sunlight and good drainage, so although there are many in Vietnam, the northern part of the country is best suited for this plant.
 The beautifully tiny, bright flowers help soften the rough lines of Hanoi's glass skyscrapers.
It also contributes to the millennia-old beauty of the city.
 The trees are laden with hundreds of tiny yellow flowers, bringing a sense of tranquility and joy to visitors to the iconic West Lake.
 Osaka yellow flowers grow in clusters. These magnificent flowers have five small petals that look like tiny lanterns hanging overhead.
These beautiful flowers last only about a month and a half.

Many Hanoians enjoy strolling around West Lake, which is bathed in shimmering yellow flowers.

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