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Fascinating look at Hanoi in black and white photo collection
In the photographic works of the late 103-year-old photographer, Hanoi is poetic, ancient, and full of nostalgia.
16:23, 2023/03/20
Bombax ceiba tree blooms in streets to herald Summer in Hanoi
With the fresh flowers blooming in all parts of Hanoi, Hanoians often remind each other that Summer is just around the corner.
21:11, 2023/03/18
Bucida molinetii with small green leaves, amazingly photogenic corners in Hanoi
Poetic beauty is created from the young green leaves of the trees, creating an attraction in the transition from spring to summer.
17:23, 2023/03/08
Vietnamese female photographer wins international photo award
A photographer from Vietnam has beaten out 60,000 entrants to win a $15,000 photography prize.
20:23, 2023/02/26
Hanoi coated with charming vibrancy of brilliant yellow flowers
Yellow flowers (Tabebuia aurea) thrill Hanoi residents in a profuse display of color amid partly cloudy weather during the seasonal change.
10:37, 2023/02/25
Docynia Indica blossoms brighten Vietnam’s northwest region
Admiring the blanket of white flowers of Dosia Indica covering the mountains of Son La province.
11:37, 2023/02/22
Hanoians enjoy stunning beauty of Sua flowers
The white flowers of Sua (Dalbergia tonkinensis), which look like fluffy clouds of white cotton covering the trees, have created a dreamlike scene for old but charming Hanoi.
19:08, 2023/02/20
Explore Tibetan pagoda in Hanoi
The small yet charming pagoda in Hanoi’s outskirt features architectural traits of Tantric Buddhism.
08:16, 2023/02/18
Japanese cherry blossoms in the heart of Hanoi
No need to wait until March to attend Japan's annual Cherry Blossom Festival, residents of Hanoi can already admire the beautiful flower in the heart of the capital.
21:56, 2023/02/14
Dreamy beauty of Hanoi in leaf-changing season
Hanoi is dressed in dazzling yellow and red, giving rise to poetic scenes.
13:26, 2023/02/03
Hanoians decorate stunning wild pear flowers after Tet
Wild pear tree flowers gain preference from Hanoians for their soft white color, which makes their home space more beautiful.
07:17, 2023/02/01
Exciting dance of ‘girls playing drums’
Boys in colorful dresses pretend to be girls at Trieu Khuc Festival in Hanoi to entertain visitors.
14:43, 2023/01/31
Bung Village Wrestling Festival held in fanfare
Despite the rare spring heat, villagers in Bung Village, Phung Xa Commune, Thach That District, Hanoi, are excited about the traditional wrestling competition.
18:09, 2023/01/30
Exploring unique Thi Cam Rice Cooking Contest in Hanoi
This ancient contest demonstrates gratitude for rice among people in Hanoi.
00:47, 2023/01/22
New Year's Eve fireworks light up Hanoi's sky
Fireworks are an indispensable part of the Lunar New Year celebrations in Vietnam.
17:10, 2023/01/21
Security tightened for fireworks in Hanoi on New Year’s Eve
Hanoi’s iconic Hoan Kiem Lake will feature two aerial fireworks venues this evening.
11:25, 2023/01/21
Hanoi splendid in Tet 2023
Hanoi is colorful on the last days of the Lunar year ahead of the biggest traditional holiday – Tet.
10:32, 2023/01/21
Admiring 2,023 feline statuettes made by Hanoi artist
The collection took the artist two years of work and has no analogs.
15:25, 2023/01/19
Numerous people descend upon “Moc Chau persimmon orchard” in Hanoi
The ripened orchard in chilly winter weather is full of charm, as orange-red persimmons color the garden.
20:55, 2023/01/15
Spring Calligraphy Festival 2023 opened in Hanoi
This year's calligraphy festival will uphold the Vietnamese tradition of study and respect for educators.
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