Hanoi sets up makeshift hospital as local coronavirus infections surge
The makeshift hospital is among a host of contingency plans dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic.
17:23, 2021/07/27
Hanoi distributes shopping stamps to avoid gathering in wet market
The move aims to minimize the number of people going to the market at one time, avoid crowd, and prevent the Covid-19 pandemic.
10:59, 2021/07/27
Hanoi's desolate Old Quarter amidst social distancing period
Hanoi's streets are soulless, a heartbreaking scene for any city lover.
20:50, 2021/07/21
Vietnamese photographers win International Photography Award
Two other certificates were presented to photo collections themed ‘Traditional Crafts’ and ‘Vietnam Viewed from Above’.
08:48, 2021/07/20
UPDATED Covid-19 in Vietnam on July 20
Vietnam has confirmed 2,154 more Covid-19 cases on Tuesday morning.
21:21, 2021/07/19
UPDATED Covid-19 in Vietnam on July 19
Vietnam reports additional 4,175 local coronavirus infections on July 19.
08:48, 2021/07/19
Picturesque bougainvilleas brilliantly bloom on Hanoi's streets
Bougainvillea is called hoa Giay (paper flower) because its bracts are thin and papery.
21:40, 2021/07/14
Shippers in Hanoi are busier as sit-down table service is banned
Online food orders in Hanoi have skyrocketed in recent days, helping shippers raise their income.
21:01, 2021/07/10
The Diplomat describes salt harvesting scene in Vietnam
The Diplomat, an international online news magazine, praised the beauty of Vietnamese salt fields and salt farmers at work.
12:23, 2021/06/28
Hong Duong Lotus Ponds – a new destination for Lotus photographing
Hong Duong, a formerly underdeveloped commune in Hanoi’s outskirt, has become a tourist attraction thanks to switching from rice cultivation to lotus growing.
21:33, 2021/06/24
International Photography Award prize given to Vietnam's waterlily harvest photos
The photo entitled ‘Harvesting Waterlilies’ by female photographer Khanh Phan ranked third at the Malta International Photography Award (MIPA) 2021.
16:19, 2021/06/22
Hanoi's farmers work at night to avoid extreme heat
In order to avoid the scorching heat in the daytime, Hanoi's farmers turn to work at night. The fields sparkle with light bulbs on.
06:41, 2021/06/09
Vietnam’s beauty revealed through lens of Japanese photographer
The stunning photo collection by Ryosuke Kosuge gives a glimpse of beautiful landscapes and people of Vietnam.
09:34, 2021/06/07
Transformer booths in Hanoi decorated with anti-Covid-19 paintings
The pictures aim to encourage people to wear face masks, wash their hands and comply with other social distancing measures.
05:58, 2021/05/27
Second makeshift hospital in Bac Giang ready to receive Covid-19 patients
This is the largest makeshift hospital in northern Vietnam to help shoulder the rising number of Covid-19 patients.
18:14, 2021/05/25
Osaka blossom adds vibrancy of Hanoi streets
Flowers are like mirrors to the seasons, reflecting the passage of time, alongside with the red of flamboyant, the purple of Lagerstroemia, Osaka tree are dressing up Hanoi street with their brilliant yellow in the summer.
11:37, 2021/05/25
Hanoi: Men rushed to have hair-cut before barbershops close
Hair salons and sidewalk barbershop were over-crowded after Hanoi issued an order on the business suspension to curb coronavirus spread.
16:25, 2021/05/23
General election day at Dong Tam ward
Voters voiced their expectation that those elected will contribute to the country’s development.
11:42, 2021/05/22
Hanoi streets and alleys tinged with red flag to celebrate the national election
Small alley, streets and old residential buildings in Hanoi are tinted red by national flags, banners and posters to celebrate the big festival of the nation: the Election Day.
14:26, 2021/05/21
Public buildings in Hanoi brightly colored in red
Preparations in Hanoi for the upcoming national elections have undergone smoothly.
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