31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Lively Black Friday atmosphere on the streets of Hanoi
As Black Friday this year falls on November 25, many clothing and electronic stores in the city have run their discount campaigns in advance.
15:25, 2022/11/24
Young people eagerly enjoy marvelous tithonia diversifolia in Hanoi
Tithonia diversifolia, the flower that gives a sense of warmth to passersby, is said to have been brought to Ba Vi Mountain by the French in the 1930s.
11:29, 2022/11/21
Hanoians admire Euro currency set for World Cup 2022
The collection was created to promote the World Cup 2022 underway in Qatar.
09:38, 2022/11/15
Young Hanoians fascinated by Gomphrena globosa
Gomphrena globosa flowers are grown on hillsides with extravagant and impressive colors that make visitors think of somewhere in Europe.
10:00, 2022/11/14
Olaf Scholz in Hanoi streets at night
The German Chancellor was offered calligraphy which reads “Peace, friendship, and mutual development.”
15:01, 2022/10/31
Ox-eye daisy garden in Hanoi attract hordes of young people
The tiny pure white flower with yellow stamen representing innocence and purity has become the most preferred flowers of Hanoians over the past few years.
23:08, 2022/10/28
Hanoi plans to build more tunnels to ease traffic congestion
Tunnels along a ring road will both ease congestion and smooth traffic flow from outside to the capital city.
14:37, 2022/10/28
Vietnamese students with Korean calligraphy: Cultures connected
The contest aims to enhance ties between Vietnam and South Korea while disseminating President Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts.
14:38, 2022/10/24
Hanoi's Old Quarter comes alive ahead of Halloween
This year, the most popular Halloween decorations for sale at Hang Ma Street are pumpkins, skeletons, skulls and ghost costumes.
06:33, 2022/10/20
Bustling Quang Ba Flower Market before Vietnamese Women’s Day
The beautiful flowers are ready to be handed-over as gift for the upcoming Vietnamese Women’s Day.
15:34, 2022/10/19
Romantic Aster amellus flower adorns Hanoi's autumn
The Aster amellus flower was brought to Vietnam in the early twentieth century and has become one of the typical flowers in Hanoi's autumn.
09:01, 2022/10/17
Ten thousands of passengers ride Hanoi’s Skytrain per day
The ridership of the Hanoi Metro line had increased 2.5 times compared to when the service opened last November.
21:21, 2022/10/09
Unique garden of Thymophylla attracts numerous Hanoians
This flower gives people a feeling of relaxation and stress relief because its scent is gentle and mild.
13:18, 2022/10/09
Hanoi autumn captivates people
Autumn in Hanoi always captivates people with its poetic natural scenery and pleasant weather.
10:07, 2022/09/24
Romantic West Lake in the fall
West Lake, Hanoi is more charming with spectacular sunset scenes in autumn.
11:02, 2022/09/22
Ripening rice season in Mu Cang Chai
The yellow of ripe paddy fields tinges the space in the mountainous area of Mu Cang Chai in autumn, drawing a wonderful picture of nature.
20:42, 2022/09/07
Hanoi artisan revives traditional toys
Exquisite animal toys made of colorful powder may help light up Hang Ma street on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival.
11:41, 2022/09/02
Joyful rhythm of life is back in Hanoi
As the Covid-19 pandemic is well contained, pace of life in Hanoi is once again joyful and bustling.
08:03, 2022/09/02
Hanoian woman makes traditional mooncakes in unique ways
Breathing new life into traditional mooncakes is the way that a Hanoian woman keeps the city’s traditional culture and cuisine alive.
07:41, 2022/09/02
Flag-raising ceremony in Hanoi marks National Independence Day
The flag-raising ceremony at Ba Dinh Square becomes one of the symbols that every Vietnamese expects to witness once in their life.
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