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Panoramic view of US$101 million military museum in Hanoi
The museum will be a place for learning, research, cultural enjoyment, and tourism for the people, the armed forces, and international tourists with various artifacts and information.
15:37, 2024/02/22
Hanoi in the midst of Spring festival season
The Sai Temple Festival is a unique celebration of the capital.
16:57, 2024/02/22
Hanoi: Unique fire-finding ritual for luck
Finding a lucky fire and bringing it home unquenched is said to be an ancient ritual of An Dinh villagers in Yen Nghia Ward, Ha Dong District.
10:30, 2024/02/17
Hanoi's Saint Giong Festival underway
One of Hanoi's most fascinating and historic events, the festival is a tribute to Saint Giong, one of Vietnam's four immortals.
22:44, 2024/01/23
Vietnam's northern mountainous area frozen in white frost
The ice blanket covered the entire northeastern mountainous region, creating a spectacular landscape.
18:10, 2024/01/18
Giant dragon-shaped kumquat bonsais amaze passers-by in Hanoi
The kumquat bonsais in the shape of the sacred dragon zodiac are well received by customers for their impressive and unique style.
23:55, 2024/01/17
Vu Dai braised fish - unrivalled northern speciality
With the Tet holiday knocking on the door, the funky flavor of the speciality reminds people of their homeland.
15:40, 2024/01/16
Buddha's hand citron village ready for Lunar New Year
Buddha's hand fruits with beautiful shapes and unique aromas bring fortunes to Hanoi's farmers.
16:52, 2024/01/10
Hanoi's largest park gets facelift
Thousands of roses bloom in Hanoi's Thong Nhat Park to herald the new lunar year.
21:54, 2024/01/08
Hanoi's Old Quarter turns red as Tet nears
Colorful decorations with a dominant shade of red brighten Hanoi's downtown street.
16:00, 2024/01/02
Dreamy garden of Amaratoide flower attracts numerous Hanoians
This flower makes people feel relaxed and relieved of tension because it has certain health benefits for humans.
00:01, 2024/01/01
Hanoi at moments of countdown to 2024
Every street in the heart of Hanoi is filled with people who are there to celebrate the new year.
22:45, 2023/12/31
Hanoi crowded in New Year Eve
The central parts of Hanoi become crowded with flows of people coming for the countdown to the new year.
08:44, 2023/12/25
Bustling atmosphere in Hanoi for Christmas Eve
Every year on this occasion, both Catholic followers and non-Catholics flock to the well-known church in the heart of Hanoi to celebrate Christmas Eve.
07:12, 2023/12/25
Gorgeous blooming of water lilies on the outskirts of Hanoi
Early Winter is the most scenic time of the year for sightseeing at the water lily stream on the outskirts of Hanoi.
15:27, 2023/12/09
Bustling atmosphere in Hanoi ahead of Christmas
As Christmas approaches, the streets of central Hanoi become colorful.
14:03, 2023/12/07
Buckwheat flowers attract visitors to Ha Giang
Buckwheat is the mountain flower that blooms at the onset of winter between October and November.
17:01, 2023/11/25
Essence of Vietnamese craft villages on display at Hanoi Museum
With the fresh approach of young designers, Vietnamese handicrafts have a contemporary perspective suitable for today's interior design tastes.
17:42, 2023/11/23
Hanoi Museum fossils exhibition reveals prehistoric life on Earth
The exhibition tells the story of how species evolved using fossil artifacts.
15:30, 2023/11/17
Red River's millennial communal house features unique architecture
The Chem Communal House in Hanoi has been designated a National Special Relic for its exceptional architecture and history.
07:33, 2023/11/17
Restoration of the only remaining steam locomotive in Hanoi
The Tu Luc steam locomotive will be transformed into an exhibition space for the Hanoi Creative Design Festival 2023.
14:30, 2023/11/16
Hanoi's 129-year-old architecture opens to public
The interior of the Hang Dau Water Tower (Hanoi) will be renovated and open to the public from November 17 to December 31.
08:11, 2023/11/11
Selfies with the beautiful Tithonia diversifolia in Hanoi
Tithonia diversifolia is said to have been brought to Ba Vi Mountain in Hanoi by the French in the 1930s.
17:26, 2023/11/10
Artisans gather at Vietnam Craft Village Conservation and Development Festival 2023
The event aims to acquaint residents and tourists with traditional craft villages in Hanoi and other provinces and to honor famous traditional artisans with outstanding achievements.
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