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Hanoi coated with charming vibrancy of brilliant yellow flowers
Yellow flowers (Tabebuia aurea) thrill Hanoi residents in a profuse display of color amid partly cloudy weather during the seasonal change.

As the "fever" of taking photos with white Sua flowers (Dalbergia tonkinensis) cools down, Hanoi's flower lovers get excited about "hunting" for beautiful snapshots of the blooming Caribbean trumpet flowers, which dress the capital's roads with magnificent yellow color.

Thanks to Hanoi's 2021-2025 tree-planting strategy, the capital's landscape has become brighter and more romantic. Replacing the well-known plants such as the Flamboyant tree, the Crape-myrtle, and the Khaya senegalensis, many other colorful flowering tropical trees are along the city's new roads.

Caribbean Trumpets (Tabebuia aurea) or "Phong Linh" bloom spectacularly from February to May, enriching the natural landscape of the capital in late spring and early summer.

Its trumpet-shaped flowers have made some places on the outskirts of Hanoi the most photogenic in recent years, as it blooms profusely.

People can enjoy the romantically beautiful Caribbean trumpet flowers along the streets of Le Trong Tan, the residential areas of Park City Hanoi and Duong Noi in Ha Dong District, the area surrounding Big C in Long Bien District, and have their photos taken with the bright yellow flowers.

The yellow flowers excite Hanoians in a profuse display of color amid partly cloudy weather during the seasonal change.

It is a famous ornamental tree in subtropical and tropical regions, grown for its spectacular display of flowers on leafless buds in late spring.
The particularity of the Caribbean trumpet tree is that all the leaves fall off during the flowering season, and the most spectacular flowering occurs when its branches are bare.

The flowers are bright yellow, up to 6.5 cm in diameter. Given their magnificent beauty, many people thought they were artificial.

The spectacular display of yellow beautifies the residential area. 

The trumpet-shaped flowers are native to South America.

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