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About 200,000 Hanoians to get Covid-19 vaccines per day
The vaccination campaign is aimed at expanding the vaccination coverage in the capital city.
18:11, 2021/06/23
Hanoi Party Chief urges elected representatives to act on people’s will
As a legislative body at the provincial level, the People’s Council is set to make key decisions for the city in the next five years.
12:59, 2021/06/23
Hanoi Mayor Chu Ngoc Anh re-elected for term 2021-2026
Chairman of the Hanoi People’s Committee Chu Ngoc Anh has been re-elected with high endorsement.
11:27, 2021/06/23
Hanoi People’s Council term 2021-2026 convenes first session
At the first session of the municipal People’s Council, the delegates will vote for key positions of the municipal administration.
21:30, 2021/06/22
Hanoi seeks Singapore's support in smart city development
Hanoi is home to 434 projects financed by Singaporean investors with a combined registered capital of US$7.43 billion, the amount which is second only to Japan's.
15:22, 2021/06/22
Hanoi to support 1,500 enterprises improving labor productivity by 2025
For the 2021-2025 period, Hanoi plans to continue promoting measures for enterprises to improve their productivity and food safety in supply chains, organic/smart production, and origin tracing.
17:43, 2021/06/21
Scorching heat at its peak in Hanoi
As Hanoi is forecast to endure a hot spell with temperatures reaching up to 41 degrees Celsius, workers struggle to make a living under harsh weather.
22:37, 2021/06/19
Hanoi calls for public support to aid Covid-19 vaccination drive: Mayor
Hanoi targets to ensure that most local people have vaccinated as soon as possible and to bring social life back to normal.
18:44, 2021/06/19
Hanoi Vice Pary Chief visits Kinh te & Do thi Newspaper
The local authorities would continue to map out favorable policies for the newspaper to realize its growth vision, the Vice Secretary of the Hanoi Party Committee Nguyen Van Phong has said.
11:36, 2021/06/18
Media outlets help build social trust and consensus
Hanoi aims to realize economic growth of 7.5% this year, for which the support and contribution from the press are essential, the Hanoi Party chief has said.
17:21, 2021/06/17
Successful general election demonstrates people’s solidarity: Hanoi Party chief
Hanoi is among the top provinces and cities in terms of electoral participation.
15:10, 2021/06/17
Hanoi pushes disbursement of ODA projects
The Covid-19 pandemic was among main reasons causing a stagnation in the construction progress.
07:50, 2021/06/17
EU expects to build university in Hanoi
Hanoi said it will facilitate the plan of establishing an academy, which will mark the participation of nearly 30 European educational institutes.
12:00, 2021/06/12
Hanoi to offer free Covid-19 vaccinations to local residents aged 18-65
Hanoi sets the target of inoculating 95% of local residents against Covid-19 this year.
11:49, 2021/06/12
Thousands of students sit high school entrance exams in Hanoi amid pandemic
This is the second year Hanoi has held the exams amid the Covid-19 pandemic.
20:48, 2021/06/10
Hanoi identifies priorities to assist businesses in overcoming Covid-19 impacts
Administrative reform is seen as a necessary step to improve the business environment and enhance enterprises’ competitiveness.
06:52, 2021/06/09
Hanoi eyes public satisfaction rate on public services by 95% in 2025
The city strives to simplify an additional 20% of obsolete administrative procedures while calling for all localities to maintain the 100% of administrative applications being processed on time.
16:08, 2021/06/08
Hanoi accelerates disbursement of public funds
Due to the city’s budget constraints, it is essential for local authorities to ensure the utmost efficiency in the spending of public money, the Hanoi’s mayor has said.
09:10, 2021/06/08
Hanoi: Big offers on online book exhibition and fair
Until June 30, visitors can buy books with special discounts of up to 80% and free delivery.
20:28, 2021/06/06
Hanoi spends US$43.6 million to buy Covid-19 vaccines
Chairman of the Hanoi People's Committee Chu Ngoc Anh handed over the sum to the Ministry of Finance.
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