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Hanoi to remove trees in poor conditions
The capital city will carry out tree replacement to ensure traffic safety and landscape and environmental protection.
11:49, 2022/10/27
Some 245 million e-invoices issued in Hanoi in nine months
The Lucky bills program helps protect the rights and interests of buyers following tax-related regulations.
10:42, 2022/10/27
Hanoi’s delegations visit Turkey, Greece, and UAE
The visit aims at promoting people-to-people diplomacy between Hanoi and international cities.
21:08, 2022/10/26
Hanoi accelerates urbanization in suburban districts
Many core districts in Hanoi have been enhancing cooperation with outskirt districts to exploit their potentials and advantages.
20:59, 2022/10/26
Hanoi to ensure sufficient supplies of necessities ahead of the New Year Festival
Efforts would be made to ensure locals in the city, especially socially vulnerable groups, poor households, and war veterans, have a safe and happy holiday.
20:19, 2022/10/26
Hanoi requires investors to make a plan for fire prevention
Hanoi's authorities have called for action due to recent fires in the city, which have caused billions of Vietnamese dongs in property losses and resulted in many deaths.
14:34, 2022/10/26
Green corridor as solution for Hanoi’s sustainable urban development
Hanoi needs green corridors to keep urban development under control and ensure sustainable growth.
20:06, 2022/10/25
Hanoi's Party leader receives President of the Cambodian Senate
The capital city of Hanoi expects tighter relationship with Phnom Penh on the 55th anniversary of the diplomatic relationship between Vietnam and Cambodia.
17:32, 2022/10/25
Hanoi pedestrians find underground passages inconvenient
Measures are required to make underground passages more useful for pedestrians.
16:23, 2022/10/25
Covid-19 Weekly News: Hanoi’s infections lowest in more than 2 months
Hanoi's authorities are requested to closely monitor the Covid-19 pandemic situation, especially the new variants of coronavirus.
14:12, 2022/10/25
[Infographic] Hanoi promotes hi-tech agriculture
Hanoi plans to establish 44 hi-tech agricultural businesses and a hi-tech agricultural center by 2025.
07:42, 2022/10/25
Hanoi strengthens economic partnership with Dubai
Both cities share the same vision for economic development and hold huge cooperation potential in the fields of investment, trade, and tourism.
20:53, 2022/10/24
Vietnam National University - Hanoi's first academic year opens at Hoa Lac campus
The new campus will allow the university to save hundreds of billions of dong each year on building rents, and expand scientific research.
15:12, 2022/10/24
Hanoi speeds up Ring road No.4 project
Hanoi's authorities expect to complete the delimitation of the project area before November 15, paving the way for the site clearance.
17:50, 2022/10/22
Hanoi promises support to boost Can Tho tourism
Hanoi and Can Tho signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the two cities’ cooperation to develop the tourism sector.
17:19, 2022/10/21
Hanoi International Guitar Festival 2022 to take place in November 2022
Classic guitar has become a cultural trait that displays the elegance of the people of Hanoi.
17:17, 2022/10/21
Hanoi, Athens discuss bilateral relation development
Athens is known as the European Capital of Culture with a long history of more than 3,400 years.
15:26, 2022/10/21
Hanoi honors 90 best craft designs
The contest aims to encourage individuals and organizations in the city who creatively bring their designs into life in order to diversify the city's catalogue of handicrafts.
20:43, 2022/10/20
Hanoi monitors new strain of Covid-19
Hanoi's health sector has requested all relevant units to quickly prepare plans on vaccines, drugs and anti-pandemic measures in response to the new strain of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
14:39, 2022/10/20
Hanoi's voters expect high quality in law building
Voters hold high hopes that the National Assembly deputies will fulfil their responsibilities and meet people's expectations.
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