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Opera House to be a focal point for Hanoi
The Hanoi Opera House will not only preserve cultural values ​​that have survived over time in the capital city but also build an advanced culture, approaching the quintessential values of the world.
21:01, 2022/07/22
INFOGRAPHIC: Biography of Hanoi's new mayor
The new chairman stressed his focus on three fields namely infrastructure, institutions, and human resources.
17:46, 2022/07/22
Hanoi has new Mayor for 2021-2026 term
The newly-elected Chairman of the Hanoi People’s Committee, Tran Sy Thanh, stressed his commitment to continue pushing for administrative reform and enhance efficiency in the operation of the public apparatus.
21:05, 2022/07/20
Hanoi addresses bottlenecks in public investment
Hanoi’s authorities are working with related parties to ensure the completion of public projects as scheduled.
16:24, 2022/07/19
Japan's Fast Retailing to boost production in Vietnam
With Uniqlo as a pillar brand, the Japanese group expects to expand distribution channels nationwide and promote talent training in the country.
11:55, 2022/07/18
Hanoi stands firm on GDP growth target of 7-7.5% in 2022
The local economy has seen a strong recovery during the second quarter of 2022 with the GRDP expanding by 9.49%, beating the expectation of 6.4-6.9% set in early 2022.
18:49, 2022/07/15
State Auditor General nominated as Hanoi’s mayor
The Hanoi People’s Council is scheduled to hold a meeting to elect the city’s Chairman for the 2021-2026 period on July 22.
16:24, 2022/07/14
Vietnam’s largest waste-to-power plant to begin operation tomorrow
The plant will help improve the Hanoians' living standards and tackle environmental pollution in the capital city.
14:14, 2022/07/14
Hanoi seeks public consultation on new opera house project
The opera house, designed with a seating capacity of around 3,500, is expected to become a new cultural symbol of the capital city.
22:09, 2022/07/13
Online public service for accommodation is most popular in Hanoi
Hanoi has provided 21 out of 25 public services through the city's public service portal with a total of 500,000 applications processed online.
16:33, 2022/07/13
New resolution to map out vision for Red River delta development
Hanoi, as a hub of the Red River delta, should become a modern and smart city when the region is set to take a pioneering role in science, technology, and innovation.
13:12, 2022/07/13
Hanoi fines taxi driver US$580 for overcharging Polish tourist
The driver's license will be suspended for two months.
18:36, 2022/07/12
Hanoi serves as a bridge linking Quang Binh with investors
The capital city will promote cooperation with the central province in trade, investment, and urban planning and development.
20:23, 2022/07/11
Hanoi targets to improve PAR Index performance in 2022
Hanoi expects to improve its performance in the Public Administration Reform Index (Par Index) and the Satisfaction Index of Public Administration Services (SIPAS) in 2022.
17:13, 2022/07/11
Hanoi puts people’s benefits at core of administrative reform efforts
Hanoi has been stepping up its efforts to bring more public services online, as for the city's authorities, the benefits of the people remain at the core of any administrative reform efforts.
09:52, 2022/07/11
“For a worth living Hanoi” Award kicked off
Awardees are those having creative works and ability to inspire others and influence people's lives.
23:10, 2022/07/08
Hanoi People’s Council successfully wraps up 7th session
The municipal People’s Council approved 16 reports and 15 resolutions, which serve as the legal basis for the authorities to timely resolve social issues and accelerate economic growth.
22:16, 2022/07/07
Nearly one million Vietnamese students sit national graduation exam
The results of the national exam will be considered for both high school graduation and university admissions.
18:11, 2022/07/06
Hanoi approves 33 projects worth US$250 million in 2021-2025
The majority of projects are in transport and technical infrastructure, culture-education-sports, and irrigation.
14:58, 2022/07/06
Hanoi People’s Council ratifies resolution on speeding up socio-economic development
Hanoi would focus on accelerating disbursement of public investment funds and enhancing the quality of state governance in various fields.
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