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Hanoi focuses on fostering unique ties with Laos localities: City Party chief
Hanoi will continue to contribute to bilateral relations and explore new fields to tap into the potential of each side.
20:35, 2021/08/25
Hanoi provides supports to transport companies
The move is welcomed by transportation firms as it helps them keep business afloat throughout this difficult period.
18:11, 2021/08/23
“Millions of meals” campaign shows Hanoi businesses’ devotion to charity
Every day, thousands of free meals are sent to poor patients and unemployed workers, poor students, disadvantaged households and people.
09:13, 2021/08/23
Hanoi takes steps to ensure public satisfaction with public services
The city makes sure that the pandemic and subsequent restriction measures would have a minimum impact on people’s lives.
11:49, 2021/08/21
Hanoi rejects rumors about banning people from going out for seven days
Authorities are investigating the sources of misinformation.
20:39, 2021/08/20
Hanoi to extend strict social distancing until September 6
The shelter-in-place order is hoped to curb the spread of Covid-19 in the capital city.
18:14, 2021/08/20
Hanoi accelerates progress of major projects under “three on-site principles”
All people entering and exiting the construction sites of of major projects in Hanoi must be strictly supervised.
15:37, 2021/08/20
Whether Hanoi continues to distance itself or not?
Hanoi has made initial success in the fight against the Covid-19 outbreak, but the city may not fully reopen in the coming time.
14:49, 2021/08/19
Great hearts of "blue-shirt volunteers" amid pandemic
The functional forces in the Covid-19 fight have received valuable support from the so-called "blue-shirt volunteers" from the Hanoi Youth Union.
14:26, 2021/08/16
Hanoi makes plan to supply medical oxygen for 40,000 Covid-19 patients
There will be 3,120 patients requiring medical oxygen (9.4%) if the number of coronavirus infections is up to 40,000 in Hanoi.
17:36, 2021/08/15
Hanoi’s craft villages strive to survive amid pandemic
Some businesses and production facilities in Hanoi’s craft villages have started selling their products on social networks and obtaining encouraging results.
06:13, 2021/08/13
Hanoi's environmental workers brave outdoors to keep city clean amid pandemic
Although not directly participating in the frontline force in the fight against the Covid-19, environmental workers are silent warriors.
21:44, 2021/08/12
Hanoi ensures sufficient basic necessities amid social distancing
The city is able to guarantee the locals a three-month supply with a volume of goods worth up to VND194 trillion (US$8.52 billion).
19:50, 2021/08/11
Hanoi to test more than 3 million people for Covid-19
Hanoi's health authorities must take advantage of the 15 days under the extended social distancing phase to isolate infection cases from the community.
17:23, 2021/08/11
Hanoi brightens up to celebrate the National Day
Hanoi is adorning its streets in the lead-up to the 76th anniversary of the August Revolution and the National Day (September 2, 1945 – September 2, 2021).
16:31, 2021/08/08
Hanoi appoints new leaders of education and culture sectors
The newly-appointed heads of departments are expected to make a great contribution to the city's socio-economic development.
17:27, 2021/08/07
Illustration contest themed “Hanoi is..." calls for participants
The contest is open to young artists nationwide to promote the image of Hanoi.
17:20, 2021/08/06
Hanoi extends social distancing for two more weeks
The shelter-in-place and stay-at-home orders are believed to help stamp out the Covid-19 outbreak in the capital city.
15:38, 2021/08/06
Hanoi prioritizes administering Covid-19 vaccine for ethnic minorities
Currently, vaccination is still the basic solution to prevent the Covid-19 disease.
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