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Hanoi's 1st urban railway sees increasing ridership
After a year of operation, the US$730-million project saw increased ridership and expects a growing number of passengers.
15:17, 2022/11/16
Hanoi proposes investment of US$18-million bridge crossing Day River
The investment capital for the project would come from the city's budget, and the bridge's construction is planned for 2023-2026.
14:28, 2022/11/16
Hanoi promotes sustainable farming models
A developed agricultural economy based on land consolidation contributes to sustainable agricultural development, creates jobs and increases farmers' incomes.
13:20, 2022/11/16
Singer Vu Thang Loi to release vinyl record about Hanoi
The Friendship Palace of Culture will host a live concert on December 3 in which artist Vu Thang Loi will release his vinyl album Ha Noi Rieng Toi (My Hanoi).
17:32, 2022/11/15
Hanoi retailers step up preparation ahead of year-end shopping season
The Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade is expected to stockpile VND39.5 trillion ($1.6 billion) worth of basic necessities for the upcoming festive period, up 15% from last year's holiday.
16:32, 2022/11/15
Hanoi details bike sharing plan
According to the Hanoi Department of Transport, the bike sharing service will enhance the quality of public transport and reduce environmental pollution.
12:02, 2022/11/15
Hanoi to invite foreign consultants to make planning
Hanoi is committed to further enhancing urban planning and management quality, ensuring effective utilization of natural resources and environmental protection.
21:25, 2022/11/14
Hanoian deputies make great contribution to NA's decision-making process
Opinions from National Assembly deputies of Hanoi would be incorporated into the draft laws and resolutions.
21:17, 2022/11/14
Weekly update on Covid-19: New infections in Hanoi keep decreasing
The Covid-19 pandemic in Hanoi remains under control, with no fatalities reported.
21:13, 2022/11/14
Hanoi steps up agricultural production to meet domestic demand
Higher production is needed to anticipate rising demand during the New Year festive period.
21:08, 2022/11/14
Vietnam gives priority to cooperation with Oregon: State President
Oregon, as one of the US’s economic, industrial, and science-technology hubs, is a key partner of Vietnam.
16:20, 2022/11/14
Hanoi shortens processing time for land-related administrative procedures
The processing time for issuing the land use rights certificate, one of the most common administrative procedures, would be reduced to seven days.
15:08, 2022/11/14
Hanoi FC wins V-League 2022 title
Hanoi FC were crowned champions of the V-League 2022 following a two-goal margin victory against Hong Linh Ha Tinh on November 13.
13:29, 2022/11/14
Hanoi's corporate revenues to rise 20-30% in promotion month
The Hanoi Promotion Month 2022 is among the best solutions that help local enterprises paddle through the rough waves and recover in the post-pandemic.
14:15, 2022/11/13
Son Tay Town celebrates the establishment of the ancient citadel
As one of the four major outposts of ancient Thang Long, the ancient citadel of Son Tay helped defend the capital from attack.
13:47, 2022/11/13
Director Dang Nhat Minh honored with film on Hanoi lives
Hoa Nhai (Jasmine) movie shows the lives of the people that leave their hometowns to work in Hanoi to seek a better future.
20:56, 2022/11/12
Hanoi 2022 Creative Design Festival opens
The event includes 25 cultural creative spaces and 50 activities of exhibitions, installation arts, conferences, and art performances.
11:36, 2022/11/12
Administrative reforms key for Hanoi's better management work
The one-stop-shop model has been one of the key solutions to improve efficiency in the operation of local apparatus.
10:26, 2022/11/12
Hanoi facilitates agricultural cooperatives
The Hanoi authorities will create conditions for cooperatives to form value chains for agricultural products.
06:35, 2022/11/12
Hanoi suggests all-day operation for fuel trucks
Fuel trucks may get permits to move in and out of the city all day and night for the next three months to meet the demand for fuel.
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