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Hanoi supports Luang Prabang in the fight against Covid-19
With love and sharing, Vietnam’s capital city Hanoi has presented US$20,000 to Luang Prabang province of Laos to help it fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.
06:49, 2021/10/05
Hanoi to inspect OCOP products made by 50 local companies
The interdisciplinary inspection team will coordinate with relevant agencies to analyze and evaluate product quality and safety in accordance with regulations.
12:35, 2021/10/02
Renovation of old apartment buildings must keep social cohesion: experts
The old apartment buildings represent one of the architectural landmarks in Hanoi's history, telling people the historical story of the capital city.
17:53, 2021/10/01
Hanoi posts GRDP growth of 1.28% in Jan-Sep
Hanoi will speed up the vaccination program hat is seen as the platform to boost growth in the remaining period of the year.
16:16, 2021/09/30
QR code is key in fight against Covid-19: Hanoi
QR code is one of the technology solutions to ensure safety for local residents after Hanoi relaxed its social distancing rules.
14:45, 2021/09/30
High credit growth shows signs of Hanoi economic recovery
During the January-September period, banks and credit institutions in Hanoi have restructured the payment schedule of debt worth VND75 trillion ($3.3 billion) for 57,700 customers.
05:42, 2021/09/30
Bridges make up "Miracle of the Red River"
The bridges play a very important role in expanding Hanoi’s urbanization to the East.
15:22, 2021/09/29
Hanoi removes lockdown in biggest Covid-19 cluster in Thanh Xuan District
After the order to lift the lockdown is released, the functional forces removed the barricades and no trespassing signs.
21:37, 2021/09/27
Gov't should consider pros and cons of air and rail transport resumption: Hanoi
Hanoi would enforce Covid-19 regulations in a stricter manner to prevent the spread of the pandemic.
10:47, 2021/09/26
Free computers for thousands of needy students in Hanoi
It is estimated that there are around 10,000 students in Hanoi lacking studying equipment.
10:46, 2021/09/26
Covid-19 outbreak accelerates renovation of old buildings in Hanoi
The use of shared utilities in old apartment buildings is among the main reasons leading to Covid-19 infection in the community.
09:42, 2021/09/24
Hanoi seeks further support from Russia in vaccine supplies
The Covi-19 pandemic has not prevented the rise in the bilateral relationship, which has been fortified with a focus on mutual support in pandemic response and economic cooperation.
20:55, 2021/09/23
Hanoi pushes for GRDP growth of 4.54% in 2021: Mayor
Hanoi is committed to constantly improving the business/investment environment to attract investment capital into the city.
15:35, 2021/09/23
Hanoi earmarks US$28.4 billion for capital expenditure over next five years
Hanoi will focus on major and urgent public projects in the fields of transportation, socio-economic development, culture, and education.
19:56, 2021/09/22
Hanoi targets 7-7.5% GRDP growth in 2021-25 period
By 2025, Hanoi envisions becoming a highly competitive city in the region by restructuring the growth model based on technological advancement and innovation.
16:47, 2021/09/21
Hanoi relaxes restrictions, allowing takeaway after two months of shelter-in-place
Hanoi allows the resumption of some essential services and the gathering of fewer than 10 people in the public.
20:29, 2021/09/20
Mooncake heats up in Hanoi’s supermarket amid pandemic
Supermarkets have cooperated with businesses and distributors to run promotions and discounts during the Mid-Autumn Festival.
15:24, 2021/09/19
Skillful hands: get-rich-quick secret of Ha Thai lacquer craftsmen
The village is famous for a variety of lively and sophisticated lacquer products, which have met the requirements of customers in and out of the country.
16:00, 2021/09/18
City dwellers return to normal life on first reopening days
Hanoi's residents show their eagerness to revisit street food stalls and pick up their favorite dishes.
17:15, 2021/09/17
Eateries in Hanoi required to scan customers’ QR codes
To be generated a QR code, business owners have to register at the website qr.tokhaiyte.vn.
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