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Hanoi's tourism shows strong recovery since March 2022
Eight months after the reopening of international travel, Hanoi has seen substantial development in the tourism sector.
16:08, 2022/11/27
International children draw Hanoi
The painting contest helps nurture the love for peace and strengthen friendship among children.
11:43, 2022/11/26
It's imperative for Hanoi to develop public transport: Experts
Experts stress the importance of changing travel habits among residents.
10:17, 2022/11/26
Democracy key for Hanoi to address the bottleneck in public investment
Transparency, publicity, and constructive discussion between the authorities and people would help ensure greater efficiency in the site clearance.
22:15, 2022/11/25
Hanoi expects to work with South Korea’s partners in smart city projects
The recent establishment of the Vietnam-South Korea center for smart city cooperation would lay the foundation for a more substantial partnership in this field between the two countries.
16:35, 2022/11/25
Hanoi to kick start Ring Road No.4 construction next June: City Party chief
The project, once completed, will have a great impact on the social development not only of Hanoi but also of the provinces and cities in the Capital Zone.
19:13, 2022/11/24
Nhon – Hanoi Station metro line ready for test run in December
The elevated section of the Nhon-Hanoi Station metro line will officially undergo a test run in early December.
15:04, 2022/11/24
Hanoi promises support for world peace, prosperity
The Hanoi government meets with international delegates attending the 22nd Assembly of the World Peace Council, which is underway in Hanoi and Quang Ninh province from November 22-26.
12:18, 2022/11/24
Beautiful water lily season in the Hanoi suburb
Late Autumn and early Winter are the most beautiful times of the year to enjoy the water lily stream on the outskirts of Hanoi.
11:57, 2022/11/24
Expert digs out Thang Long Imperial Citadel to affirm value of UNESCO heritage site
In the middle of the excavation pit at Thang Long Imperial Citadel, experts have recently found artifacts and valuable findings related to Kinh Thien Palace, a sacred symbol of Thang Long-Hanoi's millennia-old history.
11:18, 2022/11/24
Trophy copies for winning World Cup dreamers
Bat Trang craft village is known for its pottery, and now it is for making ceramic World Cup trophies.
20:32, 2022/11/23
New findings about Thang Long Imperial Citadel revealed
The latest excavations at the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long revealed the remains of the Kinh Thien Palace and hinted at the relocation of the military headquarters outside the relic.
19:31, 2022/11/23
Hanoi fosters close ties with Havana
Both cities are scheduled to sign a memorandum of understanding for cooperation during the next development phase in 2023.
14:58, 2022/11/23
Hanoi expected to disburse 90% of public investment plan in 2022
In 2023, the Government allocated VND47 trillion (US$1.9 billion) for public investment projects in Hanoi.
14:26, 2022/11/23
Hanoi eyes raising planning quality via digitalization
Digital solutions would help the city address existing problems during the urban planning and management process.
21:15, 2022/11/22
Hanoi-based PCA office marks new era for city's legislation
The Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) and the Government of Vietnam, on October 27, 2021, announced the establishment of a representative office in Hanoi.
21:07, 2022/11/22
Hanoi eyes “city-within-city” model
The city wants to keep population growth in urban areas at a sustainable pace and address downtown overcrowding.
21:05, 2022/11/22
World Cup: A time of pleasure for Hanoi football fans
While watching a game at home is fine, being at a café or restaurant is a great way to socialize with other fans.
20:41, 2022/11/22
Digitalization: urgent task for Hanoi’s socio-economic development: Experts
Hanoi plans to issue a resolution on digitalization and smart city development in Hanoi until 2025, serving as a basis to accelerate digital transformation.
16:07, 2022/11/22
Hanoi’s new walking space to offer visitors unique culinary and cultural experience
The area aims to bolster cultural and architectural values and enhance urban aesthetics.
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