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Hanoi expands cooperation with UK in priority fields
Cultural exchange and economic cooperation are expected to take bilateral relations to a new height.
17:11, 2022/09/20
Hanoi seeks closer ties with Ireland in all spheres
The two cities would strengthen cooperation in urban management, waste treatment, environmental protection, promotion of heritage value, and administrative reform.
16:57, 2022/09/20
Hanoi eyes cooperation with Italy in heritage preservation
The Italian Ambassador to Vietnam said that Italy wants to contribute to cultural diversification in Hanoi.
14:50, 2022/09/20
Residents want best solution for "Train Street" cafes
After Hoan Kiem district authorities shut down all businesses on the "train street," local coffee shop owners are complaining about the hard times ahead and hoping for a satisfactory solution.
07:08, 2022/09/20
Ring roads to revolutionize urban landscape in Hanoi Capital Zone
The completion of ring roads No.3.5 and 4 would open up a new development space, driving the formation of large-scale polycentric urban areas to ease overloaded infrastructure in Hanoi’s downtown.
13:43, 2022/09/19
Hanoi strengthens cooperation with Israel in urban management
Cooperation between Hanoi and Israel’s cities would serve as the foundation for each side to further promote socio-economic development in the coming time.
15:42, 2022/09/17
Hanoi urged to soon realize underground planning
The planning would open up a new phase in urban construction and development, helping the city better utilize the land resources for socio-economic growth.
17:12, 2022/09/16
Hanoi announces action plan on Ring-road No.4 implementation
The action plan set the timeline until the end of September 2022 for the authorities of three provinces/cities of Hanoi, Hung Yen, and Bac Ninh to set up a Steering Committee to oversee the project implementation.
18:27, 2022/09/15
Hanoi stops all businesses on the railway: Officials
The city is set to close all shops and prohibit tourism activities along the railway until further notice to assure traffic safety and the lives of people.
19:54, 2022/09/14
Work on Hanoi’s second metro line to drag on for another 5 years
Hanoi’s second metro line is expected to operate at 35 kilometers per hour on average and 80 kilometers per hour at maximum.
15:46, 2022/09/14
Hanoi's budget revenue hits 70% of target
Rising budget revenue helps the city ensure effective implementation of social policies and socio-economic development.
13:12, 2022/09/14
Addressing transportation gap in Hanoi’s western gateway
The Thang Long Boulevard extension project is considered a priority for Hanoi in the 2022-2026 period.
13:01, 2022/09/14
Hanoi pledges favorable conditions for South Korean investors
Auxiliary and high-tech companies from South Korea eye to establish their operations in Hanoi as the city is considered one of the most potential markets.
17:40, 2022/09/12
Hanoi to celebrate “Dien Bien Phu in the Air” victory
Multiple activities are set to be held to honor the people and soldiers sacrificing for the air defense campaign in late December 1972.
17:19, 2022/09/12
Hanoi builds a safe city for women and girls
The program aims to solve the issues that lead to the insecurity for women and girls.
12:39, 2022/09/12
People’s council meets to talk socio-economic development
Five major topics related to the changes of management apparatus and financial support for medical staff, students and teachers will be discussed at the two-day session of the Hanoi People’s Council.
16:18, 2022/09/11
Hanoi maps out major tasks in Q4 to keep propelling growth
Hanoi plans several major to-do tasks in the fourth quarter of the year as local authorities seek stronger socio-economic recovery.
12:16, 2022/09/10
Should Hanoi pilot bicycle-only lanes?
Hanoi should collect opinions from the public, experts and relevant units for the plan of piloting bicycle-only lanes to ensure consensus.
20:08, 2022/09/09
Hidden values remain for study and discovery
Most experts have said that Hanoi's authorities need to further study the preservation of the site to promote its historical values.
17:24, 2022/09/08
Kinh Thien Palace’s restoration may take 10 years: specialists
Recent archaeological findings at the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long in Hanoi may help restore the Kinh Thien Palace, the main building in the central sector of the citadel.
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