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Hanoi sets up 22 checkpoints to curb Covid-19 spread
The checkpoints will control the flow of all vehicles, and people between Hanoi and other provinces and cities.
15:05, 2021/07/13
Hanoi's enterprises set to use e-invoices for tax declaration in late 2021
The application of e-invoices will help businesses promote their access to the 4.0 Industry.
16:30, 2021/07/12
Hanoi closes again restaurants, coffee bars, barbershops
Hanoi doubles home quarantine time to returnees from pandemic-stricken areas to two weeks.
16:58, 2021/07/09
Hanoi streets turn verdant thanks to numerous trees
The tree-growing program has made Hanoi greener and fresher, contributing to shading the streets and curbing the harmful effects of radiation on people.
17:29, 2021/07/07
Hanoi mayor checks national high school exams
Around 101,000 Hanoi students sit the Literature and Mathematic exam on July 7, the first in a series of higher education admission tests.
08:59, 2021/07/07
S.Korea firms keen on infrastructure projects in Hanoi
There should be major projects that could become symbols for bilateral relations between South Korea and Hanoi, stated a city’s leader.
18:05, 2021/07/06
Hanoi seeks private investment in innovation projects
Hanoi will develop specific policies in promoting technology transfer, mastering new technologies, and supporting innovation activities of enterprises.
16:09, 2021/07/06
Van Lake - part of Temple of Literature Complex to undergo renovation
Van Lake area is expected to be a community space for locals and visitors to enjoy cultural activities.
15:06, 2021/07/05
Hanoi climbs 19 ranks in 2020 Satisfaction Index of Public Administration Services
Hanoi is now ranked 33rd out of 63 provinces/cities, a significant improvement from 52nd in 2019.
19:49, 2021/07/03
Hanoi takes on administrative reform online
This year, Hanoi aims to keep the satisfaction rate of people, organizations, and businesses on public administration services at a minimum of 85%.
11:44, 2021/07/02
Hanoi’s second metro line tested
Hanoi’s second metro line project’s elevated section is now 90% complete and the trains ran 8.5 kilometers on elevated tracks through eight stations.
14:06, 2021/07/01
Hanoi launches phase 2 of 2021 national economic census
Hanoi is set to publish the survey result in December 2021 and the official figure in February 2022.
18:18, 2021/06/30
Workshop seeks ways to improve air quality in Hanoi
Hanoi needs to tighten control over transportation activities to minimize the emissions of vehicles and ban the ones that do not meet emission standards.
05:59, 2021/06/30
Revenue of cultural industry set to reach 7% of GDP
Vietnam is willing to selectively absorb and refine cultural traits from other countries while embracing national cultural heritages.
11:44, 2021/06/29
Hanoi expected to achieve economic growth of 8.87% in H2
Hanoi’s economic performance is dependent on its success in containing the Covid-19 pandemic.
21:28, 2021/06/28
Hanoi ready to pilot urban administration model since July 1
Mechanisms are in place to ensure democratic and supervisory rights of the people as ward-level people’s councils are set to be abolished under the pilot urban administration model.
15:53, 2021/06/28
Violations in Hanoi’s news industry become rampant
The violations include publishing and disseminating media works without the consent of authors and running news websites without a license.
14:26, 2021/06/25
Online Symphony Concert to support Vietnam Covid-19 vaccine fund
The special online symphony concert will be organized at 8pm on June 27 and broadcast live on VTV1, aiming at raising money from individuals and organizations in Vietnam and abroad.
20:51, 2021/06/24
Hanoi posts GRDP growth of 5.91% in six-month period
The city remains firm on the 7.5% growth target in 2021.
17:25, 2021/06/24
About 200,000 Hanoians to get Covid-19 vaccines per day
The vaccination campaign is aimed at expanding the vaccination coverage in the capital city.
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