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Hanoi, Vientiane cooperation should be model for both sides: Vietnamese top leader
The two cities are boosting cooperation in high-ranking exchange visits, investment, trade, tourism, education, agriculture, and people-to-people links.
20:53, 2022/08/10
Hanoi VCFA eyes stronger Vietnam-Cambodia ties
The Hanoi chapter of the Vietnam - Cambodia Friendship Association will boost communications to raise awareness of the public of the bilateral friendship.
15:36, 2022/08/10
Hanoi accompanies Vientiane on road toward prosperity: Mayor
Comprehensive cooperation between the two sides remains a core pillar in the relations of both Parties, States, and capitals.
21:07, 2022/08/09
Hanoi, Vientiane to set example in inter-provincial cooperation
The two capital cities will implement new projects in agriculture and education, and raise public awareness of the special Vietnam-Laos relations.
14:06, 2022/08/09
Hanoi-Vientiane trade and investment conference to take place on August 10
The conference underlines the unique and significant friendship between Vietnam and Laos, as well as the long-standing Hanoi-Vientiane relations.
19:01, 2022/08/07
PM expects Nhon – Hanoi station metro line to be completed by late 2022
The work so far has advanced by 75%, whose elevated section (Nhon – Cau Giay) has been completed by 95%.
22:36, 2022/08/06
Hanoi, Seoul to promote trade unions' cooperation
The Federation of Trade Unions of Seoul and the Hanoi Confederation of Labor are set to strengthen cooperation in the coming time.
21:56, 2022/08/05
Hanoi eyes effective cooperation with neighboring provinces in Ring road No.4 project
Once completed, the project will bolster connectivity between Hanoi and the northern provinces in the Hanoi Capital Region.
20:45, 2022/08/04
Vietnam targets 10,000 OCOP products by 2025
The National OCOP program for 2021-2025 has been approved by the Standing Deputy Prime Minister Pham Binh Minh.
20:24, 2022/08/04
Hanoi promotes Vietnam-India relations
Members of the Vietnam-India Friendship Association in Hanoi are those who hold high positions in different sectors, including venerable, officials, scholars, lecturers, businesspersons, and artist.
11:16, 2022/08/03
S.Korea businesses seek investment opportunities in Hanoi
Hanoi welcomes the South Korean company's plans to participate in environmental and urban projects in the city.
17:06, 2022/08/02
Hanoi's leaders extend condolences to families of deceased firefighters
The fire police died after saving eight people and attempting to control the fire at a six-story karaoke lounge.
14:35, 2022/08/01
Hanoi eyes further improvements in public services quality
This year, Hanoi targets the PAR Index score to reach 92.55, four points higher than the 88.54 points recorded last year and moving up one or two places in the ranking.
21:26, 2022/07/28
Hanoi standardizes farm produce quality analysis and certification
Hanoi's agricultural sector will focus on analyzing and certifying products in accordance with international standards.
11:47, 2022/07/28
Vietnam's disbursement of public funds reaches 35% in a 7-month period
Government agencies need to step up efforts in disbursing public funds in the last months of the year.
18:03, 2022/07/27
Hanoi to host VietnamArtificial Intelligence Day 2022
The event aims to help people understand what AI is and what contributions it makes in life.
21:48, 2022/07/26
Hanoi's greenery underpass cool down the heat of Summer
The eye-catching greenery is made of creeper plants, making numerous layers overlapping the walls.
20:55, 2022/07/26
Hanoi to improve capacity for local information staff
The city will develop a modern, synchronous grassroots information network by 2025.
20:22, 2022/07/26
State and Hanoi leaders commemorate Heroes and Martyrs
The leaders expressed their deep gratitude for the great sacrifice of the heroic martyrs to the nation’s glorious revolutionary cause and national freedom.
14:30, 2022/07/26
Hanoi's US$300-million waste-to-energy plant hooks up to national grid
The plant will help manage waste treatment, which has been regarded as a very frustrating problem for local residents.
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