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Hanoi honors 10 outstanding citizens
A recent event honored outstanding citizens in order to step up the “Good Persons, Good Deeds” movement among the community in the capital city.
16:15, 2022/10/11
Hanoi commits to creating utmost favorable conditions for businesses: Mayor
The city’s authorities would continue to accompany the business community in its development process, with the ultimate goal of contributing to the prosperity of Hanoi.
10:53, 2022/10/11
Hanoi focuses on improving road infrastructure
Hanoi is taking steps to realize Politburo’s resolution No/15 on objectives for the development of Hanoi until 2030, with a vision to 2045, with investment in road infrastructure seen as a breakthrough solution.
21:24, 2022/10/10
Hanoi gradually eliminates landfill concerns
The Soc Son waste-to-energy plant in Hanoi has realized the dream of turning waste into a resource, creating a premise to promote the circular economy.
16:47, 2022/10/10
Hanoi positions itself for regional stature
Today, the capital city of Vietnam celebrates the 68th anniversary of liberation day (October 10, 1954 – October 10, 2022). This milestone has transformed Hanoi into a national hub and a vital metropolis in Southeast Asia, rich in culture and long-lasting characteristics.
13:22, 2022/10/09
Hanoi’s 10th sport congress opens
The sports congress is among the landmark events celebrating the 68th anniversary of the Liberation of Hanoi, which falls on October 10.
10:05, 2022/10/09
New tourism model educating students on Hanoi launched
The tourism model aims to promote Hanoi’s traditional values, especially the French architecture legacy in the Old Quarter.
17:03, 2022/10/08
Hanoi applies digital technology in road traffic control
Hanoi city will put the Intelligent Transport Center (ITS) into operation.
09:14, 2022/10/07
International passengers having monkeypox symptoms to be transfered to hospitals from Noi Bai Airport
The medical quarantine area at the Hanoi-based airport has been equipped with billboards and communication leaflets on epidemic prevention instructions are distributed.
17:46, 2022/10/06
Golf tournament expected to boost tourism in capital city
The combination of golf and tourism may be a solid boost to the tourism sector that has suffered adversities of the Covid-19 pandemic.
15:06, 2022/10/06
Hanoi discusses solutions to make public transport attractive
The public transport system in Hanoi has been upgraded, meeting the travel demand of locals.
14:37, 2022/10/06
Hanoi kicks off US$32.6 million underpass construction at busy intersection
The underground passageway project helps to complete Hanoi city’s transport infrastructure.
12:09, 2022/10/06
Hanoi creates more than 179,000 jobs in nine months
The labor market in Hanoi in the first nine months of 2022 has regained its pulse, recording a recovery and substantial growth since March 2022.
12:04, 2022/10/06
400 golfers to compete at Hanoi Golf & Cultural Exchange Week 2022
The event is expected to become an annual capital activity to create a foundation for Hanoi tourism to attract international luxury travellers.
07:14, 2022/10/06
Hanoi a top destination for ASEAN investors
Many ASEAN companies in recent years have found Hanoi a top choice for investment as the city is in good shape in terms of manpower, political stability, and business environment.
07:10, 2022/10/06
Hanoi opens underpass at busy intersection
The underpass is a key project to deal with congestion at one of the busiest intersections in Hanoi.
20:48, 2022/10/05
Capital city promises efficient use of donations for poor families
Hanoi is committed to effectively using donations from businesses, entrepreneurs, and organizations to help reduce poverty and improve the living conditions of local people.
20:24, 2022/10/05
Hanoi sidewalks: More meaningful than just space
Nowhere in the world does the sidewalk offer such bustling social spaces as in Hanoi that contribute in part to Hanoi's culture.
15:20, 2022/10/05
Hanoi to see cold weather this weekend
This year's winter would be earlier and colder than last year.
17:25, 2022/10/04
CNN continues to promote Hanoi tourism: Robert Bradley
Resuming collaboration with CNN will allow Hanoi to bring in more foreign tourists to the city described by the US network as “a world of wonder and intrigue.”
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