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Hanoi expected to disburse 90% of public investment plan in 2022
In 2023, the Government allocated VND47 trillion (US$1.9 billion) for public investment projects in Hanoi.
14:26, 2022/11/23
Hanoi eyes raising planning quality via digitalization
Digital solutions would help the city address existing problems during the urban planning and management process.
21:15, 2022/11/22
Hanoi-based PCA office marks new era for city's legislation
The Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) and the Government of Vietnam, on October 27, 2021, announced the establishment of a representative office in Hanoi.
21:07, 2022/11/22
Hanoi eyes “city-within-city” model
The city wants to keep population growth in urban areas at a sustainable pace and address downtown overcrowding.
21:05, 2022/11/22
World Cup: A time of pleasure for Hanoi football fans
While watching a game at home is fine, being at a café or restaurant is a great way to socialize with other fans.
20:41, 2022/11/22
Digitalization: urgent task for Hanoi’s socio-economic development: Experts
Hanoi plans to issue a resolution on digitalization and smart city development in Hanoi until 2025, serving as a basis to accelerate digital transformation.
16:07, 2022/11/22
Hanoi’s new walking space to offer visitors unique culinary and cultural experience
The area aims to bolster cultural and architectural values and enhance urban aesthetics.
15:40, 2022/11/22
Revising the Capital Law: further step for Hanoi to harness untapped potential
Refining the Law is essential for Hanoi to remain the engine of the Capital Zone, the Red River Delta, and realize its potential for sustainable and rapid development.
14:33, 2022/11/22
Hanoi undertakes communication training to enhance community tourism
Communication is believed to be important in improving tourist satisfaction and increasing the influx of visitors.
21:36, 2022/11/21
Hanoi encourages development of high-quality rice
In the future, Hanoi will promote the value chain of high-quality rice varieties.
20:59, 2022/11/21
Hanoi retailers step up year-end shopping promotion
Over 500 businesses have participated in the Hanoi Promotion Month, with 2,000 products subject to discounts of up to 70%.
15:40, 2022/11/21
Hanoi to compete elevated Ring road No.2 in December
The US$400-million road project, among the key infrastructure projects in Hanoi, is scheduled for completion after four years of construction.
15:28, 2022/11/21
Hanoi’s GRDP growth set to expand by 8.8% in 2022
A timely shift in the Covid-19 response to safe and flexible adaptation to the Covid-19 pandemic helped the city attain positive results in socioeconomic development.
17:15, 2022/11/20
Hanoi opens more OCOP showroom in suburb
With OCOP agricultural, food, and specialty products on display and sale, the store will be a trustworthy place for local consumers.
17:06, 2022/11/20
Experts put forth solutions for bike-sharing services in Hanoi
Bicycle riders and transportation researchers outline some solutions for Hanoi authorities to foster bike-sharing services.
16:03, 2022/11/20
Hanoi Rethink Youth Creative Photography contest explores Hanoi from different perspectives
The contest calls for youth participation to promote the designation of Hanoi as a Creative City of Design.
09:37, 2022/11/20
Hanoi honors 98 valedictorians in 2022
A focus on cultural and human development would be decisive for Hanoi’s sustainable development.
17:46, 2022/11/19
Kanagawa governor hails relationship with Hanoi
Chairman of the Hanoi People's Committee Tran Sy Thanh meets Governor of Japan's Kanagawa Prefecture Kuroiwa Yuji on November 18.
13:07, 2022/11/19
Product design – crucial for Hanoi’s craft villages
Hanoi is striving to give its traditional craft villages a greater role in the city’s economy and socio-culture with handicrafts being the most sought-after souvenirs for tourists.
23:24, 2022/11/18
World Peace Council to organize 22nd Assembly in Vietnam next week
The event will show Vietnam’s positive efforts and contributions to enforce peaceful activities of the World Peace Council and enhance the nation’s stature in the world
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