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First cab drivers in Hanoi vaccinated against Covid-19
These drivers will participate in emergency situations, including hospitalization, hospital discharge, and airport transfer.
15:27, 2021/08/02
Zero-VND store alleviates ordeal for needy residents in Hanoi
Rice, eggs, noodles and other supplies are sold for zero-VND at a newly-opened store in Hanoi.
17:38, 2021/07/30
Hanoi industrial production rises 8% in Jan-Jul
Strong efforts from the city helped avoid disruption to industrial production amid the Covid-19 outbreak.
16:22, 2021/07/30
Hanoi issues "green cards" for 13,290 vehicles
The Hanoi Department of Transport has mobilized staff to work 24 hours per day and seven days per week to speed up the process of approving means of transport eligible to travel through Hanoi.
16:07, 2021/07/30
Hanoi to assess quality of old apartment buildings
Many apartment buildings in Hanoi are more than 60 years old and pose a threat of collapse.
17:25, 2021/07/29
Vietnam’s largest waste-to-energy plant to begin operation next month
When the waste-to-energy plant is in service, it will help Hanoi reduce pollution from waste.
16:47, 2021/07/29
Hanoi stands ready to avoid disruption of production chains amid outbreak
Close cooperation between the authorities and the business community would help ensure the economic operation is unaffected by the pandemic.
16:53, 2021/07/28
Hanoi fines people for breaking Covid-19 protocols
The fines became effective last weekend after the capital city entered a two-week social distancing order starting July 24 amid rising coronavirus concerns.
18:14, 2021/07/26
Heat index in Hanoi reaches hazardous levels
People exposed to this high temperature for a long time or engage in physical activity may suffer heatstroke, cramps, and heat exhaustion.
13:57, 2021/07/26
Hanoi sterilizes streets in downtown amid concerns of coronavirus outbreak
The Hanoi authorities will put all resources into the fight against the coronavirus.
12:19, 2021/07/25
180 SOEs privatized in 2016-2020 period
A legal framework for restructuring state-owned enterprises (SOEs) in the 2021-25 period is expected to speed up the process.
09:40, 2021/07/24
Hanoi imposes stricter social distancing from today
The move is in line with the highest levels of restrictions in Vietnam including shelter-in-place order.
16:39, 2021/07/21
Hanoi ready to vaccinate its local residents: Mayor Chu Ngoc Anh
About 600,000 people from other provinces and cities, including taxi drivers, street vendors, and porters, will be injected.
15:33, 2021/07/20
Hanoi’s supermarkets full of groceries and essentials to calm hoarding frenzy
The supply of goods in Hanoi is abundant, and people should not stock up goods, causing instability in the market.
18:15, 2021/07/19
Hanoi ready for largest-ever Covid-19 vaccination campaign
The campaign targets all people aged between 18-65, with more than 5.1 million doses to be used.
17:30, 2021/07/19
Hanoians’ life turns quiet after authorities tighten Covid-19 restrictions
The latest restrictions were applied after the capital city detected nearly 40 new Covid-19 cases on July 18.
16:05, 2021/07/19
Protecting Hanoi against pandemic at all cost: PM
The city should continue raising public awareness on the necessity of restriction measures to create a positive response from the society in the Covid-19 fight.
20:33, 2021/07/18
Hanoi suspends passenger transport to and from virus-hit localities
Leased vehicles carrying experts, officials, employees, and workers of agencies, industrial parks, and export processing zones will be allowed to operate between these localities.
18:31, 2021/07/17
Hanoi targets GRDP growth up to 7.5% in 2021
Hanoi will take advantage of a shift in investment capital worldwide to attract foreign direct investment into the city.
15:14, 2021/07/14
Hanoi deploys checkpoints at major roads to prevent import of disease threats
Covid-19 suspected people and those coming from the pandemic-hit areas must turn around.
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