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Administrative reforms key for Hanoi's better management work
The one-stop-shop model has been one of the key solutions to improve efficiency in the operation of local apparatus.
10:26, 2022/11/12
Hanoi facilitates agricultural cooperatives
The Hanoi authorities will create conditions for cooperatives to form value chains for agricultural products.
06:35, 2022/11/12
Hanoi suggests all-day operation for fuel trucks
Fuel trucks may get permits to move in and out of the city all day and night for the next three months to meet the demand for fuel.
06:19, 2022/11/12
Danish book launched for Hanoian children
A Danish picture book was introduced to Hanoi's children on November 11 as part of serial activities celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Denmark-Vietnam diplomatic relationship.
18:53, 2022/11/11
Hanoi urged to take drastic measures to protect public parks
Park development is one of the critical tasks of local authorities to make Hanoi a "city worth living."
16:02, 2022/11/11
Vietnamese Gov’t identifies public investment key for high economic growth
Public investment continues to be a pivotal factor in supporting macroeconomic stability, containing inflation, and boosting economic growth.
15:04, 2022/11/11
Hanoi honors outstanding businesses in 2022
The local business community has served as the driving force for economic growth and contributed to the policy-making process toward socioeconomic development and global integration.
21:10, 2022/11/10
Hanoi finds solutions to preserve the city's green lungs
It becomes more necessary for Hanoi to keep trees amid rapid urbanization.
20:38, 2022/11/10
Militia competition 2022 opens in Hanoi
The two-day event will select outstanding individuals and organizations for further training in the army.
17:35, 2022/11/10
Three parks in Hanoi offer free entrance
The parks are public leisure destinations for Hanoi's residents.
11:58, 2022/11/10
Hanoi willing to assist Laos in party building
Party building is regarded as one of the key missions of the parties of the two neighboring countries.
16:54, 2022/11/08
Construction of Ring Road No.4 must advance daily: Hanoi Mayor
The mayor called on all city units to speed up the preparation of projects, especially site clearance and land compensation for affected households.
15:29, 2022/11/08
No more partial petrol shortage in Hanoi: Trade Department
As of November 7, the city has received an additional supply of over 1,000 cubic meters of petrol and oil.
11:20, 2022/11/08
Hanoi Flow art performance to kick-off Hanoi Creative Designs Festival 2022
The outdoor art show will be open to the public at 8 pm on November 11 at the Ly Thai To monument, Hanoi’s pedestrian zone around Hoan Kiem Lake.
14:46, 2022/11/07
Hanoi-funded Vientiane Justice and Prosecutor's office construction begins
The two projects worth a combined US$3 million are granted by the Hanoi Party, Government, and people.
11:59, 2022/11/07
Hanoi leaders lay wreaths at V.I. Lenin memorial
This is an annual activity of the Hanoi leaders to express gratitude to Lenin, a world politician and leader of the working class.
19:40, 2022/11/05
Hanoi rehab center treasures education
Communication and education are believed to be the most effective measures for people with substance use disorder
07:47, 2022/11/05
Long-term vision in planning required for more green urban space in Vietnam
Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and other major cities in Vietnam should mobilize more resources for green space development.
21:40, 2022/11/04
Hanoi to promote comprehensive relations with Vientiane
Hanoi and Vientiane have made outstanding results in their cooperation to celebrate the Year of Vietnam-Laos Friendship 2022.
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