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More South Korean firms wish to invest in Hanoi
Hanoi will seek measures to facilitate South Korean investments and address problems in compliance with legislation.
23:07, 2022/11/18
Businesses central to take Vietnam-Thailand trade revenue to US$30 billion by 2025
The cross-border interoperable QR code payment linkage between the two countries would promote trade, tourism, and the use of the local currencies of each country.
15:14, 2022/11/18
Hanoi speeds up construction of nine new parks
Park development is one of the critical tasks of local authorities to make Hanoi a worth-living city.
22:33, 2022/11/17
“Dien Bien Phu in the air” – the depiction of faith and resolution to victory
The victory inspired the Vietnamese to achieve complete independence and unification.
17:03, 2022/11/17
Hanoi needs creative ways to turn old places into attractive sites
The train street, a spontaneous activity, may provide a hint for Hanoi authorities to develop new tourism products and services for international visitors.
13:50, 2022/11/17
Hanoi promotes brand-building for agricultural products
Products with brands and clear origin are 15-20% more expensive than those without brand protection.
20:37, 2022/11/16
Hanoi to open 4th pedestrian zone
The new walking area is subject to entertainment and cultural activities, promoting Hanoi tourism, especially in the downtown district of Hai Ba Trung.
16:53, 2022/11/16
Hanoi's 1st urban railway sees increasing ridership
After a year of operation, the US$730-million project saw increased ridership and expects a growing number of passengers.
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