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Vietnam emerges as most attractive destination for US semi-conductor investors
The US is experiencing a shortage of semiconductor talent, and since the outbreak of Covid-19, Vietnamese human resources have played a crucial role in alleviating this deficit.
21:37, 2023/12/11
Vietnam, Cambodia target US$20 billion bilateral trade turnover
Currently, Vietnam leads ASEAN in direct investment in Cambodia, with over 200 valid projects.
13:54, 2023/12/11
Shopping and exchanging experiences: Ba Vi Trade Fair 2023
The opening ceremony of the Ba Vi District’s Agricultural Product Promotion and Consumption Trade Fair 2023 took place on December 9 in Hanoi’s suburb.
16:17, 2023/12/08
Vietnam launches first-ever digitalization toolkit for manufacturing and supporting industries
This toolkit is unique in Vietnam, featuring a pillar dedicated to assessing enterprises' digitalization of their green transition and adopting environmentally friendly business practices.
16:12, 2023/11/10
Activities scheduled for 23rd Vietnam – China International Trade Fair
This event, part of the National Trade Promotion Program, marks the 23rd installment of the fair, alternating annually between Lao Cai, Vietnam, and Yunnan, China.
15:31, 2023/11/10
Digital solutions key to sustainable agriculture
Digital transformation in the agricultural sector will be one of the key factors in helping farmers, farms, cooperatives and businesses improve productivity and product quality.
14:32, 2023/11/10
Vietnamese Craft Village Festival 2023 opens in Hanoi
Crafts villages not only preserve cultural and historical values, but also contribute to people's material and spiritual well-being by serving as a resource for local socio-economic development
13:30, 2023/11/10
Uniqlo opens another store in downtown Hanoi
It's Uniqlo's 10th store in the capital city.
22:18, 2023/11/09
Vietnam National Assembly sets 6-6.5% GDP growth target for 2024
The target underscores the Government's commitment to fostering sustainable economic and social development.
14:35, 2023/11/09
“Pioneer the Possible”: Swedish expertise for Vietnam’s engagement in co-innovation
The model from Sweden with support from leading Swedish companies helps foster collaboration to inspire the next generation in Vietnam who will pioneer positive change.
09:55, 2023/11/09
New visa policy opens doors for longer and more interesting tours in Hanoi
Hanoi, the country's main tourist hub, is developing several attractive cultural and tourism activities to draw visitors, building on the relaxed visa policy.
08:52, 2023/11/09
Vietnam’s ambitious offshore wind targets magnetic to foreign investors
An ambitious target with support from the government would help channel foreign investment, including investors with experience and technologies in renewables like world-class energy developer Equinor.
07:48, 2023/11/09
Investment and infrastructure: key to revitalizing Hanoi rural tourism
Rural areas are likened to a "gold mine" for Hanoi's tourism industry to extract diverse products and draw tourists, provided policies encourage people and businesses to invest in rural tourism.
07:42, 2023/11/09
Hanoi team wins at Hack A Day 2023
Vietnam successfully occupied seven positions in the top 10 out of 61 teams participating in Hack A Day 2023 with the Capture The Flag competition, which aims to raise cybersecurity awareness and nurture young Vietnamese tech talent.
21:41, 2023/11/08
Vietnam strives to achieve over 5% GDP growth in 2023: Prime Minister
The Government is prioritizing solutions to boost three main sources of growth: investment, consumption, and exports.
17:51, 2023/11/08
Vietnam not a currency manipulator, says US Treasury
However, Vietnam was placed back on a US Treasury currency "watch list".
15:28, 2023/11/08
Vietnam-Korea IT Cooperation Alliance promotes cooperation in digital transformation
A partnership representing information technology companies in Vietnam and South Korea has been formed to help companies access and penetrate each other's markets.
11:46, 2023/11/08
Opportunities for Hanoi businesses to join Boeing’s global supply chains
Vietnam's aviation sector is experiencing the world's fifth-highest growth and ranks first in Southeast Asia.
15:49, 2023/11/07
Hanoi among cities driving Vietnam's digital economy growth
Vietnam continues to be the fastest growing digital economy in Southeast Asia for the second year in a row (2022 & 2023).
16:34, 2023/11/06
Vietnam ready to build cooperative model for green transformation
Vietnam, as one of the three nations committed to implementing the Just Energy Transition Agreement (JETP), is actively promoting mechanisms for green finance mobilization.
07:50, 2023/11/06
Preserving heritage: Artisans thrive in Hanoi's rural villages
Some periods are characterized by the birth of unique and high-quality artistic works that have gained fame.
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