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Vietnam emerges as most attractive destination for US semi-conductor investors
The US is experiencing a shortage of semiconductor talent, and since the outbreak of Covid-19, Vietnamese human resources have played a crucial role in alleviating this deficit.
16:17, 2023/12/08
Vietnam launches first-ever digitalization toolkit for manufacturing and supporting industries
This toolkit is unique in Vietnam, featuring a pillar dedicated to assessing enterprises' digitalization of their green transition and adopting environmentally friendly business practices.
22:26, 2023/12/06
Vietnam’s economy demonstrates improved adaptability to new situation
The Government is expected to continue promoting the new pillars of the green economy and sustainable growth for a rapid and sustainable recovery.
13:38, 2023/12/05
Vietnam, Cambodia launch QR code payment system
The move is aimed at facilitating cashless payments in both countries.
19:47, 2023/10/15
Hanoi Key Industrial Products Exhibition to be held next week
Hanoi has focused on developing industrial products vital for rapid and sustainable growth.
23:31, 2023/10/13
US and Vietnam launch $3.25 million activity to boost digital trade
USAID’s Vietnam Digital Trade activity advances the US Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity.
18:06, 2023/10/13
Techfest Hanoi 2023: Capital Region seeks policies to attract global logistics providers
It is essential to implement digital and green transformation in the capital region's logistics sector.
14:05, 2023/10/13
Hanoi's startup ecosystem thrives: Techfest Hanoi 2023 highlights connectivity
Hanoi has put in place mechanisms and policies for supporting start-ups and innovation, thereby promoting the development of its ecosystem.
16:56, 2023/10/12
Protected Trademark Recognition Exhibition opens in Hanoi
The exhibition features over 500 products and their counterfeit versions in various fields.
11:43, 2023/10/12
[Infographic] Vietnam - Cuba special relations
The economic aspect will help tighten the special friendship and cooperation between Vietnam and Cuba.
07:17, 2023/10/12
Hanoi's best traditional craft products to be awarded in November
More than 300 handicrafts participated in the Hanoi Craft Village 2023 Product Competition.
10:44, 2023/10/11
Vietnam’s economy to emerge as world’s top performer next year: HSBC
When considering factors such as political stability, cost-efficiency, a hardworking workforce, adaptability, and stable exchange rates, Vietnam stands out as an attractive destination for investment.
22:01, 2023/10/10
Hanoi breaks ground on Thang Long Boulevard
The project is expected to be completed by 2026.
14:35, 2023/10/10
Exciting activities await visitors to Hanoi on Liberation Day
The city is attractive and appealing to tourists during the Autumn days of October.
11:39, 2023/10/10
Hanoi public transport ridership up over 50% in 9 months
The public passenger transport system is becoming increasingly popular as it is convenient, time-saving, and helps reduce the number of private vehicles on the road.
08:02, 2023/10/10
First Information Technology and Communication Map of Vietnam announced
The Information Technology and Communications Map is a tool that supports management, forecasting, and decision-making in technology research and development.
07:56, 2023/10/10
Human resources: Key for Vietnam's digital economy
To meet the growing demand, Vietnam needs to train around 150,000 digital professionals at universities every year.
07:19, 2023/10/10
Hanoi businesses recruit large workforce to meet production demands
At this time, many businesses in Hanoi are recruiting a large number of workers to serve their production and business activities.
22:49, 2023/10/08
The Fruit and Safe Farm Produce Fair opens in Hanoi
The fair opens at the Cultural, Information, and Sports Center of Thanh Tri District from October 6 to 11.
22:45, 2023/10/08
Vietnamese excellent brands in 2022-2023 honored
The Vietnam Excellent Brands program has created and developed a community of excellent Vietnamese brands, numbering in the thousands across all sectors of the economy.
17:59, 2023/10/08
Promotional events in Hanoi spread the value of craft villages
Hanoi, in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, will host the Vietnam Craft Village Festival 2023 (October-November) to help promote the value of traditional crafts.
18:38, 2023/10/07
Hanoi Cashless Streets to foster digital transactions
It is expected that there will be cashless streets in every district of the capital.
08:02, 2023/10/07
Vietnamese Government considers extending VAT reduction to mid-2024
The extension will result in individuals' savings in spending and living expenses, potentially stimulating demand and boosting consumption.
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