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Vietnam tourism industry takes strong hit from cororavirus
According to media reports, many hotels in Vietnam have been forced to shut temporarily to mitigate losses while a number of tour guides are seeking new jobs.
15:44, 2020/03/01
Vietnam’s two biggest airports stop receiving arrivals from South Korea
The Vietnamese government has required all people arriving from South Korea to stay in mandatory quarantine for 14 days as a measure to curb the spread of Covid-19.
16:24, 2020/02/26
Vietnam launches stimulus program for inbound and domestic tours
The program is an initiative by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism and Vietnam Airlines to cope with the impacts of the Covid-19 epidemic.
08:05, 2020/02/20
Vietnam's first int'l tourism office opened in UK
The office aims to introduce and update new Vietnamese tourism products to travel businesses in the UK.
10:10, 2020/02/12
Three scenarios for Vietnam’s tourism revival proposed
As the epidemic emerges, a series of travel companies have suffered heavy losses in a short time due to cancellations of inbound tours.
19:24, 2020/02/06
Tourism revenue in Hanoi in Jan rises despite epidemic outbreak
Statistics showed that some travel companies in the city suffered losses due to the pandemic.
17:53, 2020/02/05
Closure of tourist sites due to epidemic in Hanoi grieves tour operators
According to recent statistics from the Hanoi Department of Tourism, the number of arrivals to the city was 2.4 million in January, slightly down 3.5% year-on-year.
15:23, 2020/02/02
Chinese arrivals to Vietnam hit record high in January
Vietnam is expected to witness a strong fluctuation in the number of inbound arrivals due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus.
14:34, 2020/01/09
Hanoi is cheapest destination for backpacking escape in Asia: Insurer
If the budget is key, Hanoi is a must-see in Asia offering the best value.
17:10, 2020/01/08
Vietnam Airlines reroutes flights amid Middle East unrest
The move came after Iran fired missiles at US targets in Iraq.
12:12, 2020/01/02
Hanoi welcomes first foreign visitor in 2020
According to Vietnamese traditional custom, the first foreign visitor to Hanoi is considered the first-foot, who brings luck and expectation of a smooth start for the new year.
17:07, 2019/12/19
Vietnam upbeat about 18 million international tourists in 2019
The tourism industry, especially inbound tourism, is considered the "gold mine" for Vietnam.
12:22, 2019/12/08
Helicopter tour launched in Hanoi for spectacular Red River sightseeing
Visitors of the tour will enjoy the unique scenery with a bird's-eye-view of bridges and the eastern area of Hanoi city.
00:27, 2019/12/06
“Vietnam Tourism in the 21st century” held in Hanoi this week
The event marks the participation of researchers and experts from Vietnam and other countries to create an open space to discuss the practicalities, opportunities, etc.
18:04, 2019/12/04
Vietnam still faces hurdles in tourism promotion
In 2018, the government approved to establish a public tourism development fund with an initial annual budget of US$4.3 million.
16:27, 2019/11/21
South Korea tightens visa application requirements for Vietnamese travelers
For a trouble-free verification of the financial situation, Vietnamese visa applicants must submit proof of their savings of at least US$5,000.
16:19, 2019/11/04
Vietnam urged to simplify its visa process to lure more visitors
Visa policy is the most improved indicator in the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness ranking of Vietnam, announced by the World Economic Forum (WEF) in 2019.
17:17, 2019/07/10
Vietnam's set to catch up with Singapore soon in foreign tourist attraction
For the rest of 2019, Vietnam aims to lure more domestic and foreign holidaymakers to realize the year`s target of catering to 17.5 - 18 million foreign visitors and 85 million domestic tourists.
07:35, 2019/07/03
Japan stops issuing visas for clients of eight Vietnamese travel firms
In recent years, Japan is one of the destinations that attract a large number of Vietnamese visitors.
15:02, 2019/06/28
Vietnam welcomes 8.5 million foreign visitors in H1/2019
In June alone, Vietnam received 1.18 million foreign holidaymakers, down 10.6% from the previous year.
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