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Hanoi needs flexible solution to deliver aid to tour guides
The city’s tourism industry plan this month to issue preferential policies to support Covid-19-hit people.
21:47, 2021/08/13
Hanoi's tourism firms get creative to survive during the pandemic
The retention of high-quality human resources to prepare for tourism recovery is a problem that needs to be handled in many ways.
15:52, 2021/05/26
Travel agents promote Covid-19 vaccine tours abroad
Some experts have said that it is not the right time to launch an outbound vaccine tour for Vietnamese travelers.
11:37, 2021/05/05
‘Made in Vietnam’ app facilitates tour operator connection
The new cellphone’s app for online flight and hotel bookings aims to improve labor productivity and competitiveness of Vietnamese tourism industry.
10:07, 2021/04/25
Quang Nam to reopen door to foreign tourists
If the “vaccine passport” initiative were approved by the government, Quang Nam would be the first province in Vietnam to reopen to foreign tourists in July.
09:48, 2021/04/16
Remarkable tour packages offered Reunification Day and Labor Day holidays
Hospitality businesses and localities nationwide are offering great promotions with high hopes to attracts domestic tourists on the holiday of Reunification Day (April 30) and Labor Day (May 1).
17:31, 2021/04/01
Domestic tourism heats up as major Vietnamese holidays approaching
Domestic tourism places high hopes on the upcoming holidays of the Reunification Day (April 30) and Labor Day (May 1) will be bustling with travel activities.
17:09, 2021/03/26
“Joint- sale Alliance”- an initiative to foster Vietnamese tourism
Being established for the first time in Vietnam, the “Joint-sale Alliance” in tourism sector promises to bring a new breakthrough to the industry.
15:00, 2021/03/11
Voting for Vietnam's golfs
The Vietnam National Tourism Administration is urging people to vote for the country in the World Golf Awards.
20:41, 2021/03/06
Domestic tourism stimulation: March promotions launched
There are a variety of options for travelers to choose from for International Women's Day retreats.
17:04, 2021/02/13
Vietnam tourism industry to reach US$16.4 billion in 2021
The domestic segment is still the main driving force for the tourism growth this year.
03:48, 2021/02/13
Vietnam people commit to sustainable tourism in 2021: Survey
Travel companies need to develop unique products that are responsible for the local community and eco-friendly to meet the requirements of tourists.
13:49, 2021/01/27
Hanoi launches VGreen Sustainable Tourism Club to improve travel efficiency
The city’s travel businesses should strengthen and reform their operations to boost the development of the tourism industry.
06:22, 2021/01/19
Vietnam tourism develops unique, unusual tours to lure visitors in 2021
The tourism industry identifies domestic travelers as the key segment for its development this year.
07:59, 2021/01/13
New Vietnamese platform of vacation exchange debuts
VPASS will help travelers in Vietnam to exchange their vacations with other travelers around the world.
08:14, 2021/01/11
Vietnam tourism sector to “Link, Act and Develop” in 2021
In 2020, total revenue from tourists was estimated at VND321.2 trillion (US$13.8 billion), down about 58.7% from a year earlier.
15:13, 2021/01/08
Four tourism ideas for winter
Despite of freezing cold weather in the northern part of Vietnam, four types of travels listed below could be ideal choices for short trips at the weekend.
16:01, 2021/01/05
Tourism and cuisine of the eastern Mekong River Delta showcased in Binh Phuoc Province
The display is part of tourism promotion campaigns for the Mekong River Delta in eastern Vietnam.
22:31, 2021/01/03
Hanoi welcomes first domestic tourists on first day of 2021
The Temple of Literature is chosen as the first destination for a group of domestic tourists on the occasion of the 2021 New Year Day.
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